We’re Wired to Heal each other


We’re Wired to Heal each other

Humans are a family of interconnected beings— our individual electro-magnetic fields intimately connect with each other, with the Earth and the entire bioresonance field of life.   When we become conscious of our inter-connections, we create space to become channels of compassion that augment the healing process.  We discover we are wired to not only feel each other, but to heal each other too.

That is one of the heartfelt reasons that I started our Flourish Community, to create a warm space of interconnection, a place to become conscious of our connections with each other and the biofield— and be instruments of compassionate healing.  Healing ourselves, the Earth, generations emerging.

Consciousness & Healing

This morning I listened to this inspiring TEDx talk by Dr Shamani Jain, a psychologist, scientist & integrative medicine specialist.  As the Founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), Shamani believes that when we move beyond the dogma of materialistic science, we open the flood gates for deep regenerative healing through the bioresonance field.

Biofield science is the study of the electromagnetic energy of our bodies, and the fields of energy of information that guide our health.  We can access these fields consciously through meditation, prayer, and we don’t even need to engage in touch or talk therapy to access the field.  Though of course our physical/emotional bodies do also thrive through physical touch and being seen/heard.

Shamani’s own research, including collation of a wide range of peer reviewed scientific studies, indicate that when we engage in practices that connect us with the biofield we have the capacity to medicate pain, anxiety, trauma & behavioural symptoms.  We can even alter the voltage radiance across cell membranes to grow new neural tissue.   Basically… we HEAL.

The ‘System’ is lagging 

Listening to Dr Shamani Jain’s talk you cannot help but be inspired for our future, the future of medicine, the future of healing.  However it is disappointing that Shamani’s work has been shunned even in the face of fully referenced/research information that corroborated EVERYTHING she spoke of.

Despite this talk’s strong evidence base, TED flagged Shamani’s talk, citing that it is based on Dr. Jain’s “personal research approach.” This was after Dr. Jain was admonished not to use the words “reiki” or “chi” because TED forbade it. Dr. Jain provided a list of scientific references to TED for content referred to in her talk, which include 29 peer-reviewed, published scientific references (only 3 of these were Dr. Jain’s studies). After receiving this list, TED did not contact Dr. Jain stating any concerns that led them to flag the talk.

TED also deleted over 100 comments from their YouTube channel about Dr. Jain’s talk. The comments were from community leaders and healthcare providers, as well as patients, noting the evidence base behind biofield science and Dr. Jain’s talk.

Whilst the system of materialistic science lags behind the evidence of an awakened field of human potential, I do believe that a great shift is happening.  Open mind/hearted scientists & healers such as Shamani are leading the way.  

Here is another TEDx talk by Dr Jain from 2014 – What is Healing?   It’s an oldie, but the wisdom contained within her words is eternal.

Connection, Healing & Transformation

Today I went LIVE in Flourish Community, sharing my experience with Connection, Healing & Transformation through the BioField.   The power of letting go of the mind, and moving our Heart/Energy Fields into harmonic resonance with an intelligence greater than us.

Inviting you to JOIN our Flourish Community, and watch the replay of today’s Video + our entire back catalogue.

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