Essence of Angels - Essences

The Essence of Angels® range of vibrational products, are the support tools used by qualified Essence of Angels® Practitioners, and are also used throughout our Essence of Angels® Workshops.

The product range has been loving created by Simone M. Matthews, Universal Life Tools Founder and Principal of the Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing.

Each product can be used intuitively, or used as part of the ancient wisdoms learnt through Essence of Angels  – Angel Workshops and Angel Courses.

The Essence of Angels® product range includes Angel Essences, Angel Oils, Angel CD and Angel Posters.

Find out more about Essence of Angels:

Essence of Angels Simone M MatthewsSharing with you an article by the founder of Essence of Angels® – Simone M. Matthews.

In her ‘Earth’s Consciousness’ Article, Simone discusses the energy of the Essence of Angels®, outlines a basic understanding of how to use the Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences and shares the benefits of working with the Essence of Angels® Stock Essences / Remedy Bottles.