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The Golden Quantum Essence – is a high vibrational essence that assists your ‘quantum leap’ into the next cycle of evolutionary consciousness of our Milky Way Galaxy….our next 225 million year galactic cycle…


The Golden Quantum Essence – is a high vibrational essence that assists your ‘quantum leap’ into the next cycle of evolutionary consciousness of our Milky Way Galaxy.  The essence connects your ‘Heart’ with the ‘Heart of the Earth’ and the ‘Heart of the Galaxy’.

When this ‘Tripple Heart’ beat/breathes together as one, the one COSMIC BREATH, we are free to transcend the old paradigm of Earth and emerge as co-creators of a universal humanity coming together in LOVE, Unity and enduring Peace.  We embrace our full soul potential as we consciously enter the next 225 million year cycle of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Inviting you to learn more about our Golden Quantum Essence via our International Practitioner Certification Courses Essence of Angels® and Crystal Light Healing®.  Learn how to use the Essence for personal, client & planetary healing.  You can attend theses Courses as a live events with one of our certified Teachers, or study via our on-line eCourses.

Our Golden Quantum Essence is FREE with any purchase of our Boxed Set of 12 Essence of Angels®.

Key Uses:

Golden Quantum Essence is the ideal Essence to support:


The Golden Quantum Essence Stock Bottle maybe used to prepare dosage bottles or used directly as a stock essence for healing.

Dosage Bottle Preparation/Application: Add 1-2 drops of your Golden Quantum Essence Bottle(s) to a dosage bottle (filled with 1/3 brandy or apple cider vinegar and then 2/3 water). Add to your dosage bottle any other vibrational remedies that you are intuitively guided to include. Administer 13 drops of the dosage bottle as required (usually 13 drops morning & night).

Stock Bottle Application: Administer 1-2 drops direct from the Golden Quantum Stock Bottles as follows:

  • Topically – for energy work/subtle body healing & meditation
  • Massage Blends & Baths
  • Making your own vibrational products eg Mist Sprays & Moisturisers
  • Use with FengShui principles for abundance and harmony
  • Add to Crystal Light Healing DNA Activation & Attunement Essence (refer to Crystal Light Healing Level III)
  • Add to Essence of Angels® Remedy bottle (refer to Essence of Angels®)

Post 21 December 2012:  Prior to the 21 Dec 2012 this Essence was referred to as the ‘Golden Age Essence’.  On the 21 December 2012 (Summer/Winter Solstice) this Essence became fully activated, and as such was renamed the ‘Golden Quantum Essence’.  Post 21 December 2012, one drop of the Golden Quantum Essence is now included in the making of each of the 13 Bottles of essences within the Essence of Angels range (Box set of 12 Essences plus Ancient Healers Essence).  Golden Quantum Essence potentiates the resonance of the Essence of Angels as we embark on a new 225 million year galactic cycle.  The Golden Quantum Essence also extends the expiry date of all 13 Essences to the expiry date of the Golden Quantum Essence (currently December 2018).

Whilst the Golden Quantum Essence synergistically potentiates each of the 13 Essence of Angels Essences, it also a valuable tool to use on its own for healing (as discussed above).

If you purchased a Box set of 12 Essences and/or Ancient Healers Essence prior to the 21 December 2012 (either through this on-line store or at a workshop or event), it is now time to add to each of the 13 Essences one drop of the ‘Golden Quantum Essence’ to quantum shift your Essences into the next cycle of galactic evolution.

All Essences sold within our on-line store post 21 December 2012 already have the ‘Golden Quantum Essence’ included in their production.


  • Sacred Light Language
  • Ancient Sound/Colour Codes
  • Crystalline Vibrations
  • Blessed Water
  • Brandy (preservative)
  • LOVE





Additional information

Weight 45 g


Sacred Light Language, Ancient Sound/Colour Codes, Crystalline Vibrations, Blessed Water, Brandy (preservative), LOVE ♥

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