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Crystal Light Healing® Courses: 2003 to 2014

Past Crystal Light Healing Workshop

I have been feeling rather nostalgic coming into 2015… and decided to collate together a summary of photos highlight our Crystal Light Healing® workshops & course between 2003 – 2014 ♥

There were way too many to choose from.. so have just shared a selection of my favourite few !

Please read more about our courses here –  Crystal Light Healing >

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Crystal Healing: Ajoite


Crystal Spirit Energy – Ajoite

Phonetically Ajoite is pronounced ‘Ah-Hoe-Ite’. It is named after the locality in which it was originally found; ‘Ajo’ in Pima County, Arizona in 1941. However, it wasn’t until 1958 that it was officially declared a new mineral find.

Ajoite is blue-green in colour and is a hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral with the chemical formula K2.25NA1.75 Cu20Al3Si29O76(OH)16·8(H2O) (wow that is a mouthful) ! In addition, minor traces of Iron, Calcium & Manganese may also be included. The hardness of the structure of these crystals vary, with Ajoite having a hardness of 3.5 on the Mohs scale (Diamond is 10).

Ajoite may form in veins, vugs or as fracture coatings and is often found along side other rare and vibrantly coloured minerals such as Shattuckite, Papagoite and Plancheite. Primary deposits of Ajoite are found in Arizona within the United States and the Messina District in Zimbabwe and South Africa (though the later deposits are now depleted).

Personally, I feel the most beautiful specimens of Ajoite are its formations within Quartz. This combination gives a vibrant hue and ethereal feel to Ajoite as it appears to glow from within the quartz, as you may see from the picture above.

ajoite-energyMetaphysically, Ajoite emits a divine crystalline vibration that makes it a high frequency stone for awakening and transformation. It is soft, gentle, nurturing and so very tender. I adore this crystal and the uplifting joyous potential it offers clients through Crystal Light Healing® sessions.

Ajoite exudes the vibration of the Goddess, the sacred feminine qualities of nurturing, creativity and compassion. When you hold Ajoite, it is like the Earth Mother opens her arms to you and holds you close to her Earth-Mumma Bosom… such that no matter what hardship or challenges you may be going through, Ajoite reminds you that everything will be ok… just breathe and this too shall pass.

When Ajoite is in your presence, your heart-n-mind open to the imaginal realm, the mystical and magickal field of creative intelligence. Ajoite reminds you that ANYTHING is possible when you align your thoughts, words, feelings & emotions with the Earth-Heart and step into the realm of infinite possibility.

One of my favourite uses for Ajoite is its profound support it offers for clients experiencing grief, PTSD, emotional body trauma. Ajoite has this innate ability to cleanse the Auric field of pain/suffering in a gentle, loving and compassionate way. Clients emerge from the process invigorated and feeling ‘alive’ as if a weight has been lifted from them. Often a renewed sense of peace, understanding and purpose is found within clients and the world takes on a different hue, as if colours are now ‘seen’ in an ever more beautiful way.

A loving union of your Heart & Throat chakras is amplified through Ajoite. When the Heart & Throat chakra’s are aligned, the power of Divine Word emanates from your Heart and your words are expressed from a place of authentic and loving truth. In addition, Ajoite releases the tendency to accept the words of others as truths, or the egoic need to listen to or participate in gossip. Thus Ajoite guides your thoughts and all your communications from a place of kindness, compassion & love… in the knowing that harsh-cruel-hurtful words toward another, are really harsh-cruel-hurtful words toward yourself.

When wearing Ajoite, you will attract people of like mind or spirit into your life – people that illuminate your innate beauty, warm your heart and support your unique ways of being in this world. Life takes on enhanced meaning and becomes more spiritually fulfilling through Ajoite Spirit Energy Medicine.

Ajoite is your wakeup call to simply live, breathe & LOVE via the Angelic presence from within ♡

gold-6 AJOITE – Number 6:
In Numerology the number ‘6’ is the HEART number. The number of nurturing for self, family, home and all relationships. It represents harmony, healing, beauty and service. Through the number 6 we have the power to make the world a more kind, gentle and loving place. Compassion, empathy & grace weave the energy of the number 6.Interestingly, when you have Ajoite present in Quartz, the numerology is 55 which reduces to 10. The numerology of 2017 is also a 10 in numerology… so maybe this crystal will be a source of solace for us all during the year ahead.
cancer AJOITE – Cancer:
In Astrology, Ajoite resonates with the Astrological sign of Cancer. If you have Cancer strongly aspected in your Natal Chart… then you will resonate so very deeply with the energy of Ajoite.Grid a piece of Ajoite in the Heart Centre of your Home to facilitate a harmonious home/family life, calm sensitive children, develop psyhic/intuitive skills as a natural part of beingness. I will be taking me personal piece of Ajoite to the beach with me on this Cancer Full Moon.
higher-heart-sky-star AJOITE – Heart & Throat Chakra’s:
The Heart Chakra is your connection to the Universal Cosmic Heart (Cosmic Gateway), the ONE HEART of Creation. The Throat Chakra facilitates your creative expression of all your artistic endeavors – including teaching, writing, speaking and channeling.The Higher Heart sits between the Heart & the Throat Chakras and is the 4D bridge to the Divine. Our Higher Heart energy center relates to compassion for oneself, the Earth and all densities within/on the Earth. It opens us up to the deeper states of love and gives us a sense of connectedness to everything, an inner knowing that we are all One.In Crystal Light Healing® we work with Heart & Throat Chakra Crystal Grids through the Emotional Template to weave a double infinity number in order to ‘awaken’ the Higher Heart energy centre. Ultimately this facilitates the merging of the three Hearts into the One Heart (Cosmic Heart, Earth Heart, with our Heart). Ajoite gridded on the Higher Heart would support this sacred template of Higher Heart Awakening.
EoA Module All sq lr AJOITE – Archangel Chamuel:
In Essence of Angels®, Archangel Chamuel is the quintessential ‘One Heart’ energy, the energy that embodies Mother, Father & Spirit.Archangel Chamuel opens our heart to Divine love to assist us in having a rich and loving experience here on Earth – fulfilling careers, committed relationships and hence lead meaningful and rewarding lives. A blissful life in service to ourselves and hence humanity.Place a piece of Ajoite under your pillow at night (or on your beside table) and place a couple of drops of Archangel Chamuel Essence over your Heart. During your Imaginal Dreaming ‘sleep hours’ this combination of Ajoite + Essence will release deep-seated grief and help you to embrace Quantum Forgiveness of yourself/others in all directions of time and space.
Crystal Light Healing eCourse AJOITE – DNA Light Codes 6 & 7:
In Crystal Light Healing® Ajoite supports the awakening & attunement of DNA Lights Codes 6 & 7. DNA Lights Codes 6 & 7 + Ajoite Spirit Medicine supports our blessed ‘receiving’ of the LOVE to creation from within. We open ourselves to experience loving relationships, fulfilling careers and hence lead meaningful and rewarding lives in service.
Aetheric Healing Master Practitioner Sq Shop AJOITE – Galactic Evolutionary Triangle
During an Aetheric Healing™ Session Galactic Evolutionary Triangle (GET) connection, place a piece of Ajoite over the clients heart, to anchor the ‘top point’ of the GET. You could also do the same when working with a clients Soul Evolutionary Triangle (SET) – placing Ajoite over the clients individual ‘top point’.
clh-saw-sq-logo AJOITE – The Law of Love
Through the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation, Ajoite resonates to the 13th Sacred Key – The Law of LOVE.

  • LOVE is your ‘I AM’
  • ‘I am’ = awareness, consciousness
  • Your beliefs, self-identities, labels come and go
  • However, Awareness is eternal & without boundary
  • When all limiting beliefs & self-imposed boundaries of your Story fall away… the only thing left is your I AM LOVE

© Simone M. Matthews

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Earth’s Birth – Love, Peace & Unity

I actually have tears in my eyes as I reach into my heart and try to find the words to express the joy, beauty and immense LOVE that is ripening and oozing from our hearts.

Here we find ourselves approaching 21 December 2012, aligning on the Galactic Equator and emerging into a whole new conscious evolutionary cycle of humanity, the birthday of a new Earth.

When I envisioned and created our Universal Life Tools school over a decade ago, I was inspired to empower people to embrace this time on Earth, to be the change we want to see in the world toward and beyond 2012.

So here we sit, December 2012, on the cusp of a whole new cycle;  an awakening consciousness with infinite potential.  Whilst there is still much change needed as we navigate this transition into a new world, I see the world being transformed day by day through our inherent soul beauty, our deepest and most sacred compassion and our radiant hearts shining brightly illuminating the hearts of many.

To celebrate, connect and be this potential change from the inside-out, I have created this ‘Earths Birth – Love, Peace & Unity’ webpage.   This page contains a little more info about the Solstice on the 21 Dec 2012, gives a glimpse of 13:13:13  and then a number of links to  21 December 2012 events around the world… as well as a few gifts from some of the Practitioners & Teachers through our school.

Thank you to all our friends for walking this path together in truth and authentic LOVE ….. I look forward to riding the Waves of Love into 2013 with you all.

xx Simone M. Matthews


NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!

Our beautiful Crystal Light Healing Teacher Jan Kindred, last night on the eve of the solstice, presented Gregg Braden with a personally autographed copy of my book Shealla-Dreaming.

Love the connection of ONENESS around the globe and looking forward to personally catching up with Gregg in January 2013 !

Thank you Jan for being such a divine bridge of LIGHT.
I know you will have a big smile on your face as you read the word ‘bridge’  as this has such a deep meaning for you.  xx Simone



Summer/Winter Solstice – 21 December 2012

The December solstice occurs when the sun reaches its most southerly declination of -23.5 degrees. In other words, it is when the North Pole is tilted 23.5 degrees away from the sun. Depending on the Gregorian calendar, the December solstice occurs annually on a day between December 20 and December 23 (please see dates and times below for the December 2012 Solstice). On this date, all places above a latitude of 66.5 degrees north (Arctic Polar Circle) are now in darkness, while locations below a latitude of 66.5 degrees south (Antarctic Polar Circle) receive 24 hours of daylight.

In the Southern Hemisphere: The sun is directly overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere during the December solstice. It also marks the longest day of the year in terms of daylight hours for those living south of the equator. Those living or travelling south from the Antarctic Circle towards the South Pole will see the midnight sun during this time of the year.  Energetically – as we commenced our journey from the last Winter Solstice we have been energised from the Sun in our Heart through to the Divine Heart of all creation.  We now reach the peak of growth – and it is a time of celebration for all.  As the days then become shorter, it is a time of inner reflection/review as we move toward the next cycle.

In the Northern  Hemisphere: The December solstice marks the day of the year with the least hours of daylight. Those living or traveling north of the Arctic Circle towards the North Pole will not be able to see the sun during this time of the year.  Energetically – it is a time of inner reflection, turning to the Sun within, our solar selves.  It is a time to gain strength from within, and get ready to embark on the  new journey as our days of daylight get longer, and we are being energised from within.

Solstice Times:

21 December 2012
UTC – 11:11 am
Australia – AEST – 9:11 pm
Australia – AEDST- 10:11 pm
Canada (CT) – 5:10 am
USA (CT) – 5:10 am

22 December 2012
New Zealand –  12:10 am


The majority of people on Earth experience the Solstice on the 21 December 2012 – an ’11’ vibrational day in numerology.

The number ‘11’ is a master number. It is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious. It is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths.  It leads us on a quest to finding our authentic selves and achieving/being enlightened.

The number 11 ( or double 11 represented as ‘11:11’) is the wake-up signal encoded within human DNA that reminds you to transcend the illusion and awaken to your soul purpose; to be an active participants in birthing Earth into the Golden Age

13:13:13 Gateway – 2013

The November 2012 Eclipses, the Pleiades Alignment, the 12:12:12 portal (12 Dec 2012) and the Solstice (21 Dec 2012) are the activators or primers in birthing Earth into an awakened state of consciousness toward 2040.

As discussed within my book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘ – we are coming to the end of a 225 million year cycle, 225,000 year cycle, 26,000 year cycle and 5,125 year cycle.. as we birth ‘The Golden Age’ 2013 and beyond.

Please visit my 13:13:13 webpage throughout 2013 to find out more about how we can individually (and hence collectively) be active drivers of this cherished and most sacred time on Earth.

13:13:13 – Conscious Evolution Webpage >



Galactic Heart Meditation – 13:13:13

Meditation by Simone M. Matthews  –

This 13 minute meditation connects your breath through the 3 Hearts of Creation – Earths Heart, your own Heart and the Galaxy’s Heart – to support your awakening, attunement and conscious evolutionary journey into the Golden Age… 21 December 2012 and beyond.

To embrace the energy of this meditation you may first like to watch this video..… but then as you bring this meditation into your day to day life I highly recommend listening to the audio out in nature, with your feet or entire body immersed in the beauty of Mother Earth.

Please visit our 13-13-13 webpage to find our how you can obtain the audio to this meditation for FREE.


Pledge – 3 Days of LOVE

Make your pledge today to be 3 days of LOVE on the 20,21 & 22 December 2012





Birth 2012 – Global Birthday

Join Barbara Marx Hubbard and a team of inspiring leaders in birthing Earth into a new age of conscious evolution.


Uplift 2012 Festival – 21 to 23 December 2012

Planned for 4 days and nights in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW, UPLIFT 2012 will bring together some of the world’s most inspirational artists and innovative thinkers to explore, inquire, share and discover together our role in the creation of this new paradigm. More than a symposium, UPLIFT 2012 is a participatory event that supports our deep understanding that each of us is the change, – it is within us, it connects us, and it begins now. The event will include perspectives from many disciplines including science, wellness, art, ecology, new economics, indigenous culture and the wisdom of youth.

UPLIFT 2012 will be broadcast to an international audience via live streaming and will also serve as one of the anchor hubs for the global event Birth2012, founded by leading evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, and will unite a massive global audience on December 22nd.

Presenters / Artists include…

Babara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Jonathon Goldman, Dr Patch Adams, Deva Premal & Miten, Sacred Earth and many more…


Film – 2012 Crossing Over – FREE to View

‘A World of Love is Coming!’ This is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the Full Length Documentary film ‘2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning’ Now available for free to view!

Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone’s mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? Brave Archer Films presents ‘2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning.’ The feature doco explores a positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who’s behind it, love vs fear and much more.

Thanks to our CLH Teacher Kittea Kelsey for forwarding the link to this movie !

Shift of the Ages –  The Movie


The Shift of the Ages film is a true and authentic story of the Maya, the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and the turbulent times in which we are living.

Watch this movie for FREE (before 21 Dec 2012)


Drunvalo –  3 Days of Video

We are approaching the very moment in Precession of Equinox. The day of ending nearly 13,000 years old Male Conciseness cycle and the birth of new Female Conciseness cycle is here.  During this transitional time we share this experience with you by broadcasting 3 days series dedicated to answer arisen questions, guiding you in meditation, and accompanying you to the new cycle of Feminine Conciseness.

Drunvalo is answering viewers questions related to transition day. He is talking about time frames of the shift in Conciseness and expected changes that would take place in the world.

Details of how to watch/participate  http://drunvalo.net/videostore/live/

The Wave of Love –  The Movie

The Wave of Love the Movie (created by Simone M. Matthews) supports people in their conscious evolution.

Simply by viewing the movie and its symbolic representation of creation, activation and ascension through Sacred Symbols, we awaken our DNA, awaken to our divine beauty, embrace the purpose of our beingness on Earth and resonate and fulfill the highest level of our souls potential.

That is the purpose of all souls in this momentous time here on Earth, to re-remember who we are and simply Be Love.

The Wave of Love Song

‘The Wave of Love – The Song’ was created and performed by the talented Shawn Gallaway (of ‘I Choose Love’ ) with the help of a few friends…. Lance & Larry Hoppen from Orleans & Jonell Mosser & Charlie Morgan.

The song was created as a celebration song for our Universal Life Tools Community.. an opportunity to rejoice in the birthing of a new world in 2012 and beyond.

Shawn & friends riding ‘The Wave’

© Shawn Gallaway

© Shawn Gallaway

Details of how to download/listen to the song for FREE:

Global Call to Prayer

Join in prayer with others on facebook.  The choices are yours … the issues are yours.  What we do each day can make a difference.  Change the Human Experience by active participation, education, awareness and prayer … it can be done.

Feel free to share with others your perspective about Dec 21 2012.  What does this opportunity for “transformation” mean for you?
Share a “Prayer” ~ “Poem” ~ “Song” … express yourself ♥






Earth’s Birthday – Canada

Sat, December 22, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Care from the Core
2054 Broad Street
Regina, SK, Canada

Facilitated by our Essence of Angels Teacher:
Bonnie Bogner

Happy Birthday Mother Earth! (would that be Happy B-earth Day??)

Please join us at Care From The Core to Celebrate the Birthing of A New Earth.
This is a free event for the community to celebrate the Winter Solstice and welcome in the new earth with a Birth 2012 celebration in cooperation with the vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard.


Earth’s Birthday – Melbourne, Australia


Friday 21 December 2012
Mt Martha
Victoria, Australia

Facilitated by our Essence of Angels & CLH Teacher:
Suzie Joy Coombes

A day to celebrate the end of a cycle and the doorway to the potential of the new Golden Age on Earth.  People around the world will be gathering to send their dreams and visions into the Ethers and anchor these into the land and water, sending their ideas out into the Universe to weave their future manifestations.

We will open this day at Mt Martha Estuary, where we begin the creation of our Golden Age Waters, each adding our blessings and wishes to this alchemical blend. Then a stroll along the beach to work in front of Mt Martha House and bring in the water of the bay.

Then to Mt Martha House  to welcome this new frequency to Earth. We will do this with Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath Meditation bathing you in the vibrations of crystal bowls, chimes and the combined voices of Garry Coombes, Jan Winslade and I.  We will end our day at the beach all working with our own sounds, voice or instruments as we gift a portion of our Sacred Water holding our visions, to meld with the waters of the bay – sending blessings out around the world.  We will all take home a Golden Age Spray holding the alchemy and magic of the day.

Details & Bookings:  http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=8550a10414395fbab7547f6cb&id=38532e7673&e=1a1f6cec11

Gateway to the Golden Age – Sydney, Australia


Friday 21 December 2012
Oxford Falls Peace Park
Sydney’s Northern Beachers

co-Facilitated by our Essence of Angels & CLH Teacher:
Rebecca Brown

co-Facilitated by our Essence of Angels & CLH Practitioner:
Kyla Tustin

A special & sacred event to assist your transition into the New Earth Followed by a celebratory dinner to welcome the New Age.

We have been waiting for this day for 225 Million years!! This is the reason you are here on Earth at this time. The Ancient cultures have predicted a huge shift at this time as Earth completes many cycles and aligns with the Suns & Galactic Core.

How would you like to spend this monumental occasion? Join us along with the angelic, earthly and celestial realms, for a very special event that will allow you to connect with the energies of this remarkable day, join with like minded souls and honour yourself as a spiritual being here on this Earth. We are creating a beautiful sacred space in an amazing natural setting to assist us in our quantum leap from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension.


Local Sunshine Coast Events – Qld, Australia






Kundalini Sadhana 21/12/12 at 4.45am:  The Lilyponds, Mapleton

Come and join us and please bring your yoga mat, a pillow for comfort and some light breakfast finger foods to share afterwards. We wear White clothing for Kundlaini yoga and we appreciate it if you could come in white to our Sadhana on this special day.
Can you rsvp Dominique Finnney to confirm attendance please. Text 0409 765 033 – this is a free event.


22nd December at 11:30am – Stargate Alignment Meditation – Dulong (near Maleny)

Kate Tempests invites you to join her at her Yoga & Crystal Awareness Centre for a meditation to welcome in the 2012 stargate alignment.
If you would like to come please email Kate:  info@yogacrystalawareness.com.au
No charge, just bring some food to share. xxxx


21 December at 7pm – “Music, Havan & Meditation”  – Mangalam 32 Country Road Palmwoods

Awakening to higher vibrations: Coming together as a group of souls calling in love and light is a powerful thing to do especially at Auspicious times. 21-12-12 is Summer Solstice & The end of a cycle – the end of the Mayan Calender.
This heralds a time Great Growth and Expansion into Love for those who wish to tune into it and live their Soul’s Purpose without fear or restriction.
Event Details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/211414432327495/



FREE – The 2012 Celestial Attunement Transmission

Gifted by our Essence of Angels & CLH Practitioner:
Kyrona Unity Hope

How will you benefit from this transmission:  This is a powerfully transformative Celestial Resonance Transmission that will support to fully embody the incoming frequencies throughout December 2012. The technology and light language weaved into this transmission is supported by Master Thoth, Lord Melchizadek and my Celestial Temple.

Journey with this transmission regularly to help you clear & open to receive the celestial frequencies bathing you during this powerful time, it will support you to align with and integrate them, allowing you to make the most of their potential, while minimizing challenges and struggle.

To make it easy for you to work with this most sacred and precious transmission – you can download the MP3 audio file FREE, allowing you to listen to it wherever, however and whenever you are guided!

Please click here to receive your gift:   http://www.kyrona.com/portfolio/2012-free-gift/

FREE – Inner-Reflection Game

Gifted by our CLH Teacher:
Jan Kindred

It is my sincere pleasure to offer you an exclusive mini-version of the ‘Inner Reflection game’ to help support you on your soul’s journey!

I created ‘Inner Reflection’ as a non-competitive game to focus on deep soul-provoking questions that I have used for years as a personal development tool on my own spiritual journey.

My current vocation as a Crystal Light Healing® Certified Teacher inspired me to display a different crystal photo on each card to bring in the crystalline energies to support reflection.

I created a similar game in 1993 called ‘Lets Talk’, and after the profound insights the cards brought to the lives of many over the years, it is now my pleasure to have created an exclusive version in 2012.

To Receive your FREE Gift:   http://www.crystallighthealing.ca/Inner_Reflection_Game.php

FREE – Feeling the Shift + Self Love Meditation

Gifted by our Essence of Angels Teacher:
Bonnie Bogner

Gifting you all two high resonant gifts: Feeling the Shift article + Self Love Meditation.

Feeling the Shift is a brief article to assist people to understand some of the physical experiences that maybe ‘shift’ related, as well as some advice on taking care of themselves at this time.

Self Love Meditation, was recorded live at a Spiritual Communication workshop and released at the request of the participants. Bonnie will lead you through the delightful experience of loving and thanking each part of your body, bringing a sense of peace and well being.

To access Feeling the Shift:   http://www.soulvibrations.ca/blog/blog/feeling-the-shift/

To download Meditation:  https://www.yousendit.com/download/WUJZeFlVNkdHa08wYjhUQw
(expires 5 March 2013 – email Bonnie after this date)

FREE – Crystal Bowl ‘Angels Blessing’ Song

Song by a beautiful supporter of Universal Life Tools
White Feather – Israel

A beautiful sound resonance and crystal bowl song from White Feathers Album ‘Language of Soul’.

To listen the song:


To find out more about White Feather:

FREE – Light Constellation & Healing Meditation

Gifted by Essence of Angels Practitioner:
Grace Ambrook

20 Minute Audio Meditation: Come play in the heart chambers of acceptance, chrysalis, and coherence, guided by Light Constellations Naradima and Alivanea.
Weave your Solar plexus with threads of Love to attune to the new formation of self empowerment.
Run your aligned life force from the Centre of Gaia through your own being as one with mother Earth. This is our Reality now. That’s gotta be Love.

To Receive your FREE Gift:   http://lightconstellationsreality.com/2012/12/10/lightconstellationhealing/


Healthy Pets Consultation – 20% off

Gifted by CLH Practitioner:
Angela Anderson

Our pets may be taking on our energy and trying to make us aware of where we need healing or where we need to create more balance in our lives by their behaviour, diseases or illnesses. By healing them, we may also heal ourselves but we can make it easier for ourselves and our pets by being proactive and doing it with awareness. Take advantage of our 20% off in January and find out how you can help you and your pet to be happier and healthier.
To View Consultation Services:   http://www.healthypeoplehavehealthypets.com/services.htm

Email Angela to receive 20% off:    info@angelaanderson.com.au

Galactic Heart Change Essence

Gifted by Essence of Angels Teacher:
Fiona Falzon

A very loving, gentle, nurturing angelic essence which subtly yet deliberately reweaves your whole energy field to facilitate change on a deeper level for your highest good. Also releases mental & emotional fatigue, supports going with the flow & consolidates past energy work.  Galactic Heart Change essence is FREE with the purchase of any two Galactic Heart products.

To View Galactic Heart Products:    www.galacticheart.com.au

Please mention Universal Life Tools in the comments box during checkout to receive your free ‘Change’ essence.

Zenki Good Vibes Bottle

Gifted by Essence of Angels Teacher:
Fiona Falzon

The power of positive words on water, Dr Masaru Emoto believed that by projecting these, water took on a different, more beautiful structure. Our Good Vibes turquoise bottle is adorned with positive, loving words, in the belief that by drinking from the bottle, we can absorb that beauty. The 750ml capacity is suitable for water, juices, milk and isotonic sports drinks and the hiking style clip is perfect for people on the go. No chemicals, no leaching. Just healthy living.  Receive this ‘Good Vibes’ bottle for free with any Zenki order over $50.

To View Zenki Products:    www.zenki.com.au

Please mention Universal Life Tools in the comments box during checkout to receive your free ‘Good Vibes’ bottle.


25% off all Guidance Readings from psychic Erin Furner

Gifted by Essence of Angels Practitioner:
Erin Furner

Receive 25% off all guidance readings from psychic Erin Furner. A guidance reading by Erin can do a number of things; it can explore upcoming physical and spiritual events, provide insight into emotional blockages that may be holding you back from experiencing positive health, and, it can show you the outcome of difficult situations you may be faced with. Erin understands that life can be an emotional roller coaster, so she approaches each reading with empathy and compassion, ensuring that by the end of the reading, you have a clear awareness of your future with a sense of peace and love.

Expiry date of Gift: The guidance reading discount is valid until 31 January 2013.

URL of the Gift: To obtain the 25% off all guidance readings discount, please go to http://www.bmholistictherapies.com.au/#!therapies/vstc10=guidance-readings and select the type of reading you are drawn to. Payment is through paypal or direct debit.

Please contact Erin Furner by emailing info@bmholistictherapies.com.au if you require more information.

FREE ‘Power Nap’ CD

Gifted by Essence of Angels & CLH Practitioner:
Jan Winslade

The Power Nap Cd is a fantastic way to align your energy and to bring balance to the mind and body.
It increases your energy and releases tension and stress creating a feeling of peace and Love.

To receive your FREE CD please email Jan Winslade at:   jan@yogabythebay.com.au

30% off – My Really big Book of Transformation

Gifted by Essence of Angels & CLH Practitioner:
Tanya Winter

An e-book powerfully packed full of terrific Transformation tools, to help you: learn more about your awesomeness, reaching and setting glorious goals, releasing of the past and much more.  With over 35 pages of worksheets and ideas for you to work through.  A kind gentle and subtle way of working and for you to be who you want to be.

Expiry date of Gift:   30% off until midnight 31st December 2012.

To view/purchase Gift:   http://enlightenedwomanwithin.com/super-shop/


 FREE – 3 Card Oracle Reading

Gifted by Essence of Angels Teacher & CLH Practitioner:
Vicki Anderson

I am pleased to offer this Gift of LOVE PEACE and UNITY on behalf of Angelite Healing and Universal Life Tools.  Oracle Card Readings are designed to support the receiver with messages of love, light, guidance and support to envision a brighter future and to let you know the Angels, Ascended Masters, the Animals, Fairies, Mermaids, Goddesses, Unicorns, Elementals and Nature beings are all here supporting you all the way. You may wish to receive guidance on a pressing issue or major decision you are currently faced with.
To receive your FREE 3 Card Oracle Reading : http://www.angelitehealing.com.au/oracle-reading-gift.html


10% Off Fields of Light Healing System

Gifted by Essence of Angels Practitioner:
Grace Ambrook

Move beyond resistance to change, procrastination, and disconnection, with Fields of Light Transformational Healing System. Three part on line series, with audio and detailed manual in pdf format. PLUS, there is a Bonus …… free teleclass for people placing their order by February28. Teleclass will be held early February for those who order between now and end of January, and Early March for those who order in February, Class will include additional sequence for alignment to new frequencies.

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FREE – Divine Guidance Angelic Channeled Meditation.


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April Ficek

This meditation is to invoke more Love and Light into your heart and soul, and allow your body to heal.



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FREE – Crystal Bowl Meditation.

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Kristina Cecco

‘Crystal Bowl Meditation’ in honour of the birthing of our New Earth & to help us connect with the energies of Love, Peace & Unity within ourselves and in the world around us.
No expiry date.

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10% off all crystals & integrated healing work

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Emily Kisvarda

Through my website or facebook, 10% off all crystals and integrated healing work will be offered when you mention you saw this ‘Earth’s Birth – Love, Peace & Unity Webpage’.
What better way to share in this time of change and vibrational shifts with one of  Mother Earths creations. I am also offering 10% off an integrated healingsession, whether it be physical or via grid and creation of an essence.
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12:12:12 Global Events

12:12:12 Global Events

The 12 December 2012 (12-12-12) marks the 9 day count down to the 21 December 2012 – the threshold of a new conscious evolutionary cycle of humanity, the birthday of a new Earth.

Today is  a time to surrender and open your heart in service to self and the greater good of all.

On this day, lets take the time to share the oneness of all creation.. one Earth, one Humanity, one Heart.

Through intention, our global coherence / inter-connection on this day has the potential to transform / shift / quantum leap our world into a state of beingness that our hearts-n-souls are yearning to fully express from the inside-out.


I invite you also to visit our 21 December 2012 webpage to download/access a number of free gifts to celebrate, connect and be this potential change from the inside-out.



You may also like to visit our 13-13-13 webpage... and keep up to date with gifts, free tools and magical happenings 2013 and beyond…




The Messengers Event
Global Event 12-12-12

The Messengers Event endeavors to inspire global awakening and spiritual transformation through a powerfully rich art and entertainment experience.

Dedicating our creative fortes in a unified fashion, our goal with The Messengers Event is to create a powerful experience that reawakens the spiritually rich archetype of “angel” renewed again in the light of modern-day awareness, whereby we hope to convey the richness and depth of living an inspired life. Agape.





Global Events Celebration
Global Event

Wherever you are, whoever you are, take some time on December 12, 2012 – perhaps at 12:12 or throughout the day – to celebrate the simple yet transformative understanding that we are all interconnected in the living system called Planet Earth. Let us together share one dream, one heart and one intention with an infinite variety of expressions.

12:12:12 Celebration



12:12:12 – World Puja Meditation
Global Event

Join us for World Meditation and Planetary Transmission.  Coming together as One Soul Group, on this day, will have a powerful impact on our Beloved Planet Earths Ascension, and on our day to walk onto Our New Earth with a lifted vibration, and a renewed recalibrated Life!  On this day, endings and beginnings merge. Please bring your open hearts and prepare for transformation!

12:12:12 World Puja Network >



12:12:12 Ascension Gateway Activation

The 12:12 2012 Ascension Gateway is an amazing & powerfully transformative moment in Earth history.   A moment to be celebrated by all and honoured through ceremony!
ACCESS AN INDIVIDUAL 20 MINUTE SESSION ON THE DAY OF THIS EVENT with Kyrona –  to catapult your spiritual growth & evolution!

12:12:12 Ascension Gateway Activation >


12:12:12 Crystalline Activation
Canada – SK

We will be creating a crystalline grid/vortex to synchronize with the 12-12-12 Activation occurring in Arkansas, USA with the  Crystallus Maximus (MAX) energy, to activate and anchor the new 12-12-12 crystalline vibrations here in Saskatchewan. You are welcome to bring along your favorite crystal to participate in the activation, or just bring yourself and your good energy.

12:12:12 Crystalline Activation >





12:12:12 Ceremony – Fate or Destiny
Maroochydore, Qld, Australia

Join Raelene Byrne and Jeremy Donovan in a ceremony  as they create the light, the support for your choice and the liberation of your decision on an island setting. As we gather in a community to honour ourselves and the combined journey towards a new world that is evolving as we watch it, we all have the chance to see what else is required of us to align with the energy that is offereing us safe passage into a world we are creating.

Define your intentions, embrace your destiny, own your inner world, and set yourself free.

12:12:12 Ceremony – Fate or Destiny >


Blossom Goodchild Channelling
Cooroibah, Qld, Australia

White Cloud channelling on 12.12.12. out at cooroibah 11.45am
phone: 011- 61 – 7 – 5474 3358
Be great if you could bring a plate to share for afterwards .
Please could you let me know if you are coming and also please pass on to anyone you think would be interested .
Many thanks

12:12:12 WhiteCloud Channelling >



by Simone M. Matthews

Shealla-Dreaming (pronouced ‘SHE-ARH-LARH), brings together over 20 years study of metaphysics, quantum physics, crystalline energy, indigenous wisdoms and the divine teachings of the ancient civilisations of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the Maya.

Learn how to navigate new frequency Earth 2013…as we move into the Golden Age 2040.

Read More about Shealla-Dreaming >>

Crystal Healing: Danburite Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Danburite crystals are calcium boric silicate crystals that are coated with silver and platinum, creating an opalescent sheen.  The chemical composition of Danburite Angel Aura is represented as: CaB2(SiO4)2  + Ag + Pt. The hardness of Danburite is 7 to 7.5 on the mohs scale (Diamond, the hardest structure has a mohs rating of 10).

Danburite was first discovered in 1839 by Charles Upham Shephard in Danbury, Connecticut, USA; hence its named is derived from its original source location.

The structure of Danburite is classified as both orthorhombic and prismatic, thus the crystals display linear striations along each of the four sides of its length, and a main face that is triangular in formation. Interestingly, Danburite can be so lustrous at times, that it can easily be mistaken for white sapphire or even diamond!

The most exquisite pieces of Danburite are found in Mexico and range in colour from pale yellow, pale green and pale pink. Danburite deposits are also found in Japan, Madagascar, Burma, USA and Switzerland.

Angel Aura Danburite is formed by coating natural pieces of Danburite with metals in a vacuum chamber.  Danburite is heated to temperatures of around 871°C

(1600°F), and then silver and platinum vapour is added to the chamber. The atoms of the minerals fuse to the surface of the Danburite creating a permanent coating. It is this coating that gives Angel Aura Danburite its opalescent sheen.

Whilst this man-made process at first thought may appear to hinder or even deplete the energy of the crystal, in actual fact this ‘alchemical’ synergy of elements creates a very high frequency crystal, much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

On a metaphysical level, Angel Aura Danburite is one of the premier crystals for awakening to your higher-self (your Soul Star Energy Centre), and bringing this awareness into your conscious every day life. The crystal ‘reflects’ the light, the beauty of who you are, and then supports you in shining your light brightly to the world.

As the light of who you are shines brightly into your heart, your awareness opens to the fact that you are but a spark, a fractal of the light of all of creation. As you embrace this higher wisdom deep within your heart your auric field expands such that you experience the joy of unity, the love and divine grace of the infinite all from the inside-out.

Angel Aura Danburite is a great tool to use in meditation and all channelling work, as it facilitates a connection with higher-dimensional vibrations. The crystal supports a clear channel of energy as a means of lucidly and succinctly bringing the wisdoms into the physical world.

When working with Angel Aura Danburite during meditation or healing work, many people physically experience the sensation of an expanded auric field and sense of glowing luminescence from within. These physical symptoms may include a tingling sensation over the skin, goose-bumps or body hair standing on end, and an overall sensation of feeling lighter and less dense.  Some people also experience visual sensations such as ‘seeing’ energy waves/particles around them vibrating, or if their eyes are closed experiencing a flickering of the eyelids in response to the heightened energy.

In times of great change, Angel Aura Danburite can help soothe the emotional body, and helps ease the experience of anxiety and fear. Angel Aura Danburite helps you open to the divine truth of who you are and hence guides you in transcending FEAR (False, Expectations, Appearing, Real).

My favourite way of using Angel Aura Danburite is to wear a piece around my neck, laying over my heart. The crystal potentiates a feeling of confidence, inner-strength and a desire to embrace your full potential in service to the greater good of humanity.

Often when I take a bath, I will add a piece of Angel Aura Danburite and a piece of Smokey Quartz to the water. The combination of these crystals helps to not only connect to universal high frequency wisdoms, but also helps to ground and anchor those vibrations into the present. It is from this place that we can take our dreams, our highest aspirations and make them manifest in our life through conscious design.


© Simone M. Matthews 2012

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


If you would like to learn how to work with Crystals for Healing (for your own personal developement or as part of a Practitioner Course), then you maybe interested in our Crystal Healing Workshops >>>

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The Divine Feminine

During 2012 we will experience here on Earth a number of astrological events that are weaving the birthing of ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls.

1 to 4 April 2012 – Venus Conjunct Alcyone

Venus represents the Divine Feminine, the inner vibration of the heart through harmony, pleasure and beauty.

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation.  It represents the feminine, silver, creative lunar ray of creation.   Alcyone is the 6th Dimensional portal that we birth through when we come to Earth, where we make a choice of the evolutionary journey of our soul.  It is also the portal that we move into when we die where we undertake a soul review within the Akashics.

When Venus & Alcyone conjunct (sit together on an astrological chart within 2O ), we are awakening to the memory within the Akashics of the ‘The Divine Feminine’.

20/21 May 2012 – Solar Eclipse, Sun & Moon Conjunct Pleiades

A Solar eclipse is where the moon moves between the Earth & Sun, obscuring Earths view of the Sun.

The energy of a Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ the now or potential future, and allows one to reflect on the past.  Not to drag up old energy, or relive painful events, but rather positively to reassess where you have been and use this knowledge to re-adjust your path moving forward.

During this solar eclipse we will have the potential to connect with the Akashics and to understand more deeply in our hearts the suppression of the Divine Feminine throughout history.  It is an opportunity to embrace compassion and forgiveness, such that we can move forward with Grace and ease.

5/6 June 2012 – Venus Transit Sun

A transit of Venus is where Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth, making the path of Venus visible from Earth against the backdrop of the Sun.  Venus crossed the face of your Sun on the 8/9 June 2004 and will do so again on the 5/6 June 2012.   The transit of Venus always occurs in pairs 8 years apart, every 121.5 and 105.5 years, creating repeating cycles of 243 years.

Venus represents the Divine Feminine, the inner vibration of the heart through harmony, pleasure and beauty.  Whilst the Sun represents our masculinity, the outer expression in the world.  As Venus transits the Sun, it is also in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communications with self, and our relationships with others.

The eight year period between transits represents a doorway, a gestational period of creativity, feminine intuitive vision, and fosters greater clarity and truth to our inner most desires and feelings.   The transits then represent an awakening of the Divine Feminine, a return to communicating through our hearts, from a place of love, compassion and reverence for self and others.

14 Nov 2012 – Solar Eclipse, 14 to 21 Nov –  Sun in opposition Alcyone

As discussed above, a Solar eclipse is where the moon moves between the Earth & Sun, obscuring Earths view of the Sun.

The energy of a Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ the now or potential future, and allows one to reflect on the past.  Not to drag up old energy, or relive painful events, but rather positively to reassess where you have been and use this knowledge to re-adjust your path moving forward.

During/after this solar eclipse,  the Sun in Scorpio is in opposition to Alcyone in Taurus.  Scorpio is the serpent (Asclepius in vedic astrology), the birth canal for channelling and anchoring of the Divine Feminine.  This eclipse and subsequent Alcyone alignment is the catalyst, accelerator and divine bridge for the birthing the Divine Feminine into collective hearts and conscious minds of humanity.

As discussed in my new book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘… ‘You are here to rebirth into the collective consciousness the timeless presence of The Divine Feminine.  You are here to ‘dream the dream of the Goddess’, the mystical and magickal aspects of both men and  women that open the doors of self-discovery, transformation and inner peace.  You are here to reweave The Divine Feminine into the psyche of humanity, so that people may receive her nourishment through joy, laughter, playfulness, dance, song and eternal grace.’


What these astrological events mean over the coming months ?

It is a time to release the egoic need of power struggles, destruction of life and pain and suffering.   It represents a return of the feminine, in order to balance the male and female polarity in humanity and foster oneness.  Oneness in our hearts and minds, oneness in our physical and spiritual selves, and oneness of our selves with all creation.

These astrological events are providing a doorway for each and everyone of us to rebirth into the collective consciousness the power of the Divine Feminine within.   We each have the potential to ‘Dream the Dream’ of the Goddess, and create harmony and loving union of the Masculine and Feminine breath of LOVE.

©  Simone M. Matthews 2012

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