The Sontara Portal


The Sontara Portal

Photo: Belinda Cashel, Qld, Australia

This update will discuss the ‘Sontara Portal’ and the impact this is having on us energetically.


The 7th July 2007 marked the opening of an energetic portal named ‘Sontara’. This portal is allowing a high frequency energy wave or ‘The Wave of Love’ to be transmitted to Earth and our entire solar system.
The Wave of Love is being emitted from our Galactic Centre (centre of our Milky Way Galaxy), and is gradually increasing in intensity as we near 2012.

Since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence, Earth has been receiving great waves of divine energy or Love Waves from the Galactic Centre. Now with the opening of the Sontara Portal in July 2007, we are being subject to energies that are transforming consciousness at an increasing rate.


The Sontara Portal is an energetic opening within the Milky Way Galaxy, which allows the transmission of certain energies to Earth, which previously were not available to our current dimensionality.

The portal is like a doorway, or opening, which is giving our entire solar system access to energies from a higher dimension or reality to our own.
Portals are created by the fusion/displacement of electro-magnetic energy which gives rise to an energetic link between worlds. The Love Waves which have been emitted from the Galactic Core since 1987 have built up to such a frequency, that they have entwined in space to create a sort of ‘vortex’ or spiral of vibration which allows the movement of energy from one ‘reality’ to another ‘reality’.

The Sontara portal spirals outward in a fibonacci spiral formation, and is pulling forth The Wave of Love vibration from the Galactic Core, drawing the energies through its own central core and releasing the energy transmission in a continual flow/spiral which emanates throughout our entire Solar System.


The portal is made of spiral movements of the L.O.V.E Grid (see Updates 4 & 5), thus are not visible to the naked eye. What we can see however are the physical matter changes that are the result of the energetic emissions.
Forinstance, you cannot actually see a tornado or the movement of wind, but you do feel the breeze brushing past you or see dirt/leaves/debris being spun in its spiral movements.

This is the same for the Sontara Portal but on a much larger scale. Whilst we cannot visually see the energetic movements, we can sense / feel the vibrations and see physical matter altering as a consequence of the vibrations.

The above picture was taken by Belinda Cashel here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia just prior to the 7 July 2007. In the goddess sky you can see the first energetic emissions from the Sontara Portal making itself visible to us here on Earth.

Crop circles which appeared on the 7 July 2007 in UK (the first day marking the opening of The Sontara Portal) displayed the same sacred symbol elements from the Wave of Love the Movie – ‘I Choose to Awaken’ and ‘I am awakening’ (picture shown in The Wave of Love Update 6).


As we have looked at in previous updates we are experiencing a shift in vibrations which is changing rapidly consciousness as we know it.

Many of you having been feeling quite dis-placed of late, everything is moving so fast and things are falling away from your life…some people are left feeling a little lost as they are sitting in this perceived ‘state of limbo’.

In our next update 7 we are going to discuss these shifts in much greater detail and talk about what we can do individually and collectively to make the shift to 2012 a peaceful and loving journey.

— end of article —

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