Lions Gateway 8:8 Portal – Becoming LIGHT

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 23 July 2021, and is transiting through Leo until 24 August 2020.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8) with the rising Sun forming a semi-sextile aspect with Sirius Sun or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth. This alignment is often […]

Full Moon in Aquarius – 24 July 2021 – Higher Wisdom

Our July 24 Full Moon happens to be the first of two back-to-back Aquarian Full Moons – the second taking place next month on August 22.    When two Full Moons in the same sign are back-to-back, the energy is amplified and creates a space/window for us to deeply embody the wisdom of that sign – […]

Capricorn [Super] Full Moon – June 2021 – Knowledge & Wisdom

With our Full Moon in Capricorn, reflecting the light of the Sun in Cancer, expect many HEARTFUL REALISATIONS about your life, the universe & everything this Full Moon! You may find the story of your life or the world is seen through a completely different lens this Full Moon.   All that you thought you knew […]

Day out of Time – 25 July 2021 – Galactic Calendar

Every year on the 25 July, we come into our Day out of Time on the Galactic Calendar.  A space between worlds, a rainbow bridge that connects the past with the potential future in the present moment. The 13 Moon Galactic Calendar (unlike today’s Gregorian Calendar) calibrates our energy field with the rhythmic cycles of […]

June Solstice 2021 – enLIGHTenment

This year our Summer/Winter Solstice falls on Saturday June 21, 2021 at 1:32 pm AEST – a time of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice) and a time of deep inward reflection in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice). Our June Solstice marks exactly six-months since The Great Conjunction on 21/22 December 2020, where a […]

Gemini New Moon – Annular Solar Eclipse – June 2021

This is a profoundly insightful Gemini Solar Eclipse that follows on from last months Immeasurable Heaven Total Lunar Eclipse.  Our Gemini Solar Eclipse will take you deeply inwards (due to Mercury Retrograde), but also awaken a grander vision of purpose & possibility (due to North Node in Gemini).    The visions, insights & awareness that enters […]

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Are you a Wave or a Particle ?

Sending you all oodles of Love WAVES on the eve of our Full Moon TOTAL Lunar Eclipse, our Goodwill Full Moon.   Sharing some thoughts this Full Moon on being a WAVE within a sea of particles.       Wave/Particle Theory If you haven’t heard of Wave or Particle theory, here is a short snippet […]

Immeasurable Heaven – TOTAL Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021

Sharing with you the profound energy of our May 2021 TOTAL Lunar Eclipse which leads us into next months Annular Solar Eclipse.  I also highly recommend reading my Sun transits Pleiades article (before reading this post), to understand the profound energetics of our Lunar Eclipse. And please also read my Lunar Eclipse Wave/Particle post, on […]

Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 21 May 2021 – Inherent Feminine Wisdom

You may recall in April 2020, Venus transited directly across Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleaides.  This transit takes place every 8 years and represents a surrender to the Divine Feminine through us.   This pass of Venus weaves threads of softness, gentleness, compassion, caring & healing in our world.  And then in May of […]

Wesak Full Moon – April 2021 – Free Yourself

As the perceived veil between worlds dissolves on the Wesak Full Moon, our inner-sight bursts wide open with Sacred Wonderment & Possibility.  Wesak is a time to make space for silence, and free yourself to receive the LOVE of Creation. This Full Moon is also a SuperMoon, meaning it will appear bigger in the sky, […]

Aries New Moon – April 2021 – New Beginnings

I captured the above photo this morning, a few days out from our Aries New Moon.  I love how it existentially expresses our lunar energy.   Whilst New Moons are all about new beginnings, Aries New Moons (Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac) takes that energy even greater heights. The firey energy of this […]

Libra Full Moon – March 2021 – Your Event Horizon Moment

Our April Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries and marks the first Full Moon of a new Astrological year.  I feel this Full Moon, which is the FIRST of three Powerful Full Moons is like an Event Horizon moment in our lives.  How far are we willing to be […]

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