Full Moon in Aquarius {Sun in Leo} – August 15, 2019
Guiding you into Right Relationship

By Simone Matthews

This week our Full Moon is in Aquarius as she radiates the light of our Sun in Leo. This Full Moon is about moving beyond the ‘stuff’ that fosters separation in our lives, and instead taking our selves to a higherplace- a place that seeks connection, that moves into a loving relationship with the immense […]

Becoming Light 8:8 – Lion’s Gateway – Sun Semi-sextile Sirius

By Simone Matthews

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 23 July 2019, and is transiting through Leo until 22 August 2019.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8), when the Sun & Sirius form a semi-sextile aspect, or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth.  This alignment is often referred to […]

Full Moon {partitial} Lunar Eclipse – July 16/17, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our July 2019 FULL MOON {partial} Lunar Eclipse opens a window into yourself, the part that you don’t show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of your psyche.   The word ECLIPSE comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” meaning “to abandon, to leave, to vanish” – and that’s exactly what we may experience […]

New Moon {TOTAL} Solar Eclipse – July 2/3, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our July 2019 NEW MOON Solar Eclipse offers a deep portal into your heart. An emotional wave of nurturing, some tender ‘mothering’ and a gentle soft respite into ourselves. This fierce yet tender Solar Eclipse (love that paradox), offers a reverently truthful & honest insight into the deepest aspects of you, and how your present […]

Summer/Winter Solstice – The Light – 2019

By Simone Matthews

This year our Summer/Winter Solstice falls on Saturday June 22, 2019 at 1:54 am AEST – a time of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice) and a time of deep inward reflection in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice). Above Image Credit:  Melanie Magdalena Energy & Meaning of the Solstice The world Solstice comes from […]

Warrior Spirit – Full Moon in Libra – March 20/21, 2019

By Simone Matthews

There is something rather beguiling and indelibly powerful about this weeks Full Moon… you could even say a Moon of divine timing, a reverently potent cosmic message for us all. There is power in the collective.   There is power when when we come together in reverence of one another, letting go of the fear/darkness […]

New Moon in Pisces – March 6/7, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our March 2019 New Moon is ushering in a deeply sensual month of feeling, intuitive downloads and rapturous new beginnings. The energy of our March New Moon is being bolstered with Uranus moving into Taurus for the next 7 years, both Neptune & Vesta conjunct the Sun, Mercury transiting retrograde and at the end of […]

LARGEST Full Moon of 2019 – 19 / 20, February
Keeping the flames of our Passions alight!

By Simone Matthews

This week we have the LARGEST (Super) Full Moon of the year, when the Moon makes it’s closest approach to Earth for 2019.  The Moon will look a little larger this week and up to 30% brighter too! The theme of our February Full Moon is vibrantly delicious with the flames of our greatest passions […]

2019 – Year of the GOLDEN Yin Earth Pig

By Simone Matthews

2019 Year of the Golden Yin Earth Pig.  Pigs are a symbol of wealth, good luck and enjoyment of Earthly riches.  And this will be taken to a whole new level this year, as GOLDEN Pig only comes around once every 60 years.  Our NEW MOON in Aquarius on February 5, marks the beginning of […]

3 Kings – January 2019 – Ceremonial Alchemy

By Simone Matthews

I love my home… my little sanctuary where I write, cook with lightrition & spend time just being with family & friends.    Whilst I also love travelling, there is something magical about coming home back to your ‘space’, your little piece of paradise on Earth. For me, keeping my home vibing with good JuJu is […]

SUPER Full Moon {total} Lunar Eclipse – January 20/21, 2019

By Simone Matthews

This weeks January 20-21 FULL MOON, is both a SUPERMOON + TOTAL Lunar Eclipse.  Hold onto your horses this week (or maybe I should say ‘hang on to your Leo the Lion manes’) as this is sure to be one expansive & exhilarating ride! The theme that has been playing over & over in my […]

New Moon {partial} Solar Eclipse – January 5/6, 2019

By Simone Matthews

Our January 2019 NEW MOON is all about diving deep into your Heart, unveiling your greatest desires and making a plan to unleash them with wild abandon during 2019.   The energy of the New Moon is being amplified through a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – an opportunity to transform the remnants of a year just passed […]

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