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Crystal Healing: Angel Wings Selenite

Over 15 years ago now, I remember holding my first piece of Selenite and literally being in awe of the energy contained within the crystal. As I held it in my hand during meditation, I felt a ‘homecoming’, a sense of peace, love and contentment at a soul level. And as you may have already guessed, the special piece I was holding was Angel Wings Selenite.

On a physical level, Selenite is composed of calcium sulfate, a form of gypsum. It is found at various locations throughout the world, including Australia, USA, and Greece. However the most beautiful pieces (both aesthetically and metaphysically) are found in Mexico.

Selenite is often found in rod formations, and due to its softness often leaves ‘selenite splinters’ or small powdery fragments on your hands after handling. My favourite formations however are Angel Wings Selenite (also called fishtail selenite) both for their implicit beauty and high energetic qualities.

Angel Wings Selenite is quite distinctive as its shaft extends out in a christmas tree formation forming ‘feathery wings’. So quite befitting with the doctrine of signatures, Angel Wings Selenite maybe used for connecting with the Angelic Realm, invoking guardian Angels and communicating with your spirit guides. This form of selenite raises your vibratory field to see, hear, feel and commune with the spirit world, and I can assure you the experience is breathtaking.


Angel Wings Selenite – Crystal Healing

In crystal healing, Angel Wings Selenite is the ideal crystal to place on the Soul Star, an energy centre that sits above the Crown Chakra. The Soul Star is your quintessential integration point between the Cosmos and your Crystalline Matrix (Energetic Body’s & Physical Body). Your gifts, talents, past life memory’s and potential future reality’s are all held within this energy centre, and it is here that your life review takes place when you die and your soul leaves the physical body.

When placed on your Soul Star during a healing or personal meditation session, Angel Wings Selenite opens and expands this energy centre, assisting you to bring forward your soul memory’s into your conscious mind. Selenite facilitates access to these memory’s not only to assist your own growth toward your soul’s highest potential in this lifetime, but also for the highest good of all humanity.

As your Soul Star expands, Angel Wings Selenite facilitates the movement of energy along your Hara Line, the vertical line of energy that connects your Crystalline Matrix into the electromagnectic ley-lines and portals of planet Earth. Selenite strengthens your Hara Line connection, thus assists you in bringing your goals and dreams from our Soul into a physical reality here on Earth.

If you are feeling lost, having difficulty with manifestation, or undergoing any major life transitions, Angels Wings Selenite is the ideal crystal to bring about major transformation and abundance on all levels.

Try placing a piece of Angel Wings Selenite under your pillow at night, to facilitate connecting with your higher self during the dream state. Selenite reminds you that you are only limited by our own perceptions and beliefs. Thus once you allow yourself to move beyond the threshold of your believed limitations, you have access to an unlimited source of potentialities.

Angel Wings Selenite – Numerology

In numerology, Angel Wings Selenite resonates to the number 11, the master number. It is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious. It is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths. ‘Jesus’ in numerology breaks down to the number 11, and ‘Angels’ is the number 22 (11 + 11).
The 11 and 11:11 symbols remind us of the illusion we live in. It is the memory code implanted in us to help us to wake up, release our fears and bring humanity together as one again. It is the symbol waking up Lightworkers all over the world, no matter what religion, race or colour, as we are all one.

The number 11 reminds us of ‘self-responsibility’ and to acknowledge that we are an integral part of the whole. The whole sits within each and everyone one of us, and united we are capable of creating a Heaven here on Earth.

Thus the ‘11’ Angel Wings Selenite energy is facilitating a mass awakening and opening of hearts to the creator within. To assist people to wake up and become conscious of their role in creation, and work collectively toward a new Earth, a place of peace, harmony and Love.

© Simone Matthews 2008

This article can also be read, in the Art of Healing Magazine :: Issue 25, Vol 4, Dec/Feb 2009

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