Heart of the Earth


Heart of the Earth

Take your shoes off right at this moment and stand on the bare Earth.  Allow yourself to be intuitively guided to a place that is perfect for you such as your backyard, the beach, a mountain top or maybe even a rainforest.  Better still tear of all your clothes with reckless abandon (I dare you !) and allow your vulnerable nudity to bask in the sheer delight of naked Earth.  How does this feel ?

At first you may become aware of the chirping of birds around you, butterfly’s fluttering on the wind or maybe even a brisk breeze caressing the leaves on the trees.  Now take a deep breathe and exhale, what do you feel now ?

As you relax more into the moment you may feel the release of tension from your body, the coolness of the Earth, and you may even become aware of your own heartbeat.   The more you succumb to the experience a wave of sweet joy and pleasure may even begin to bubble up inside.  Now take an even deeper breath, on the inhalation breathing deep into your heart, holding the breath for a short moment and then releasing on the exhalation.  Now how to you feel ?

You now may notice that your heart rate has slowed, each further breath is becoming slower, deeper and more rhythmic, and a profound sense of relaxation is trickling through every cell of your being.  Most likely those bubbles of sweet pleasure have turned to ecstatic bliss, as the sensuality of the experience becomes all-consuming.   Lets now expand this experience to embrace the divine magik of the Heart of Earth.

On your next breath, breathe into your Heart taking the energy through your Heart and melding with the Heart inside the core of Earth.   Picture your breath moving into your Heart, then through your Heart and into the Earth beneath you.  Visualise your breath literally penetrating through the layers of Earth into the centre of Earth, into the Heart of Gaia.  Hold this breath for a moment and gently exhale by bringing the energy back up from the Heart of the Earth, through your Heart and releasing the breath fully through your lungs.  You may like to repeat this process a few times to completely surrender every level of your beingness to Earth’s Heart energy.  Now how do you feel ?

My guess is you are in a place of oneness, a place of stillness and infinite serenity.  A place of deep wisdom and eternal strength, but a strength that emanates from a position of grace and surrender.  As you consciously take each breath, you are flowing with the rhythm of your Heart and the rhythm of the Earth’s Heart.  Your Heart and the Earth’s Heart begin to breath and beat together as one.

Through your breath you are embodying the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy of Mother Earth.  You are the feminine in all its magnificence and glory, you acknowledge your role as a creator and through you life is birthed in infinite levels of octaves.   You are matter, you are the space between the matter, you are energy, you are the all.   Nothing stands between you and all creation, for you are all creation and all of creation is you.  Now how does this feel ?

You have just experienced your heavenly connection with the Heart of Earth, a connection with the Divine Mother that is within you.   The indigenous and ancient civilisations of our Earth have embraced through the millennia a rich understanding of how our breath is the key to access the Heart of Earth, the doorway into the divine Goddess of all creation.  Now you too have just experienced the wisdom of the breath of creation.

The word BREATH even hints at its meaning when we break it down as follows.   When we move the letter ‘r’ to sit after the letter ‘a’ then breath shows us to ‘Be the Earth’  or  ‘B-EARTH’.     Also if we were to move the letter ‘h’ to sit before the letter ‘e’ then breath shows us to  ‘Be the Heart’  or  ‘B-HEART’.

When each of us embraces through our breath our own Heart and the Earth’s Heart, we are honouring the Divine Feminine and actively healing, restoring and transitioning Earth into its next phase of conscious evolution.   We are awakening the life within our Earth, and through restoring the full emanations of the Divine Feminine we are envisioning and facilitating heart based global consciousness in unity and enduring peace.    Collectively let’s breathe through our Hearts and Souls, and give the breath of life back to Gaia.

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Simone’s Article also appears in the current issue of Goddess Magazine:
Issue 1, 2010

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