Day out of Time – 25 July 2022 – Space between Worlds

Each year on 25 July, we celebrate our Day out of Time, the last day of the 13 Moon Mayan Galactic Calendar.  July 25th marks the end of a cycle past, and July 26th is a celebration of new beginnings, a new 13 Moon Galactic Solar year. Gregorian Calendar There are many Calendar Systems in […]

Kitchari Recipe + Grow the KEY ingredient in 3 days!

Kitchari is the Ayurvedic version of Chicken Soul for the Soul, and it is absolutely delicious.   Whether on a cold Winters night, part of a Spring/Summer detox, or simply when you feel like comfort food— Kitchari is your go to! During today’s LIVE Stream within our new Flourish Membership Portal, I shared how to grow […]

We are here to Witness the Beauty

We’re in an infinite game, playing a finite moment. As eternal souls, we exist in singularity with the universe. When you’re in singularity, temporal relationships do not exist. Everything is connected, everything is infinite, nothing is destroyed. Everything is cycling. Everything is yin and yang, everything is light and dark, everything is always balanced. So […]

COVID-19 Treatment Protocols – Preventative, Illness & Pre-Post-Jab

Sharing with you a range of COVID Protocols to support your health & wellbeing.  These protocols are NOT a replacement for professional medical advice and are provided for educational purposes only.  We highly recommend you seek the advice of your health practitioner BEFORE embarking on any protocols. Over the last 2 years I have been sharing […]

Cultivating your New Earth Garden

In filming this weeks Humanity Rising Prepping Videos, I was joined by gardening extraordinaire Leonie Shanahan. Leonie has an extensive background/qualifications in creating home gardens that yield nutrient dense food, are easy to manage, and that feed your body, mind & soul.   Our conversation together was so joyful and informative, I felt guided share our […]

Harmonic Chai Tea – BioResonance with COVID Spike Proteins – Home Recipe

In recent posts, I have spoken at length about the damaging effects of Spike Proteins from the COVID Jabs.  See my Spike Proteins – We made a Mistake aticle and my More on Spike Proteins article.   It’s the Spike Proteins from the jabs that are causing vascular damage leading to growing numbers of people experiencing […]

Wisdom of HoneyBees – Their Song & Prayer

With integrity & sacred reverence toward a world more beautiful, where we place our attention of body, mind & soul has the power to unleash a healing force within the world that impregnates a kind, generous & unified future for generations to come. It has been interesting to observe our world over the last 12 […]

Keep Going, Keep Going on 🎶

How are you?  No really, how are you?   In recent weeks I have been feeling a deep grief within my Heart.   My initial reaction to this welling of sorrow was to keep busy, think happy, do light, and not focus on the hurt.  But then that wouldn’t make me human would it?   I […]

Angels walk among us

I’ve been spending a lot of time dreaming of late.  By dreaming, I don’t mean escaping from the ravages of this world in 2020, but rather choosing to place my energy in the direction of a world that oozes Love from every pore.  Nourishing my heart, my mind, my body, my soul with people who […]

What the world needs now…

Last night I watched the movie ‘My Octopus Teacher‘, a beautiful tale of our inter-relationship with the natural world.  An understanding that we don’t exist on this Earth, in fact we are a part of this Earth.  A woven synergy of life itself.  With all the upheaval happening in the world at this moment, I […]

What is your Umwelt ?

German Biologist Jakob von Uexkull coined the term Umwelt to describe our ‘self-centered world’.  Umwelt describes our unique sensory perception of the world, and how this models how we perceive or experience our lives within the world. With all that is happening in the world at this moment, I think reflecting on your Umwelt is […]

Life is a Miracle

I was lying in bed this morning, rain pit-pattering on our roof, birds chirping exuberantly, grateful for my warm cozy bed… and reflecting on the MIRACLE of Life as we come into our 25 July 2020 – Day out of Time. I just looked up the definition of MIRACLE ‘an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention’. […]

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Day out of Time – 25 July 2022 – Space between Worlds

Each year on 25 July, we celebrate our Day out of Time, the last day of the 13 Moon Mayan Galactic Calendar.  ...
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