Numerology – The Sacred Number 3

Numerology – The Sacred Number 3

Have you ever wondered why things in life often happen in threes ?  

Why when good or even bad luck strikes we anticipate the event to happen three fold ?   

Are we creating these situations with our superstitious natures, or is there an explanation behind the power of three ?

Number 3 in Everyday life

We see the number three through our every day lives in movies, literature, biology, science, sport, religion and in our every day vernacular. 

For instance, to name just a few off the top of my head, we have the:

  • ‘three Wise Men’
  • ‘three strikes and your out’
  • ‘the three wise monkeys’
  • ‘father, son & holy ghost’
  • ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe’
  • ‘the three little pigs’
  • ‘hat-trick’
  • ‘rain, hail or shine’
  • ‘three coins in a fountain’
  • ‘three blind mice’
  • ‘three trimesters in pregnancy’
  • ‘three parts of an atom’
  • ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth’
  • ‘ready, aim, fire’
  • ‘Paper, Rock, Scissors’
  • ‘On Your mark, Get Set, Go’
  • ‘plant, animal or mineral’
  • ‘three great pyramids of Giza’

Even our physical body’s are made up of the number three: 

  • ‘three parts of an arm – hand, forearm, upper arm’
  • ‘three parts of a leg – foot, ‘three layers of skin’
  • ‘lower-body, torso and head’
  • ‘3 layers of the eye’
  • ‘3 ear bones’
  • ‘three parts of the spine’
  • ‘three layers of teeth’
  • ‘three base pairs in a codon (DNA)’, and the list goes into the thousands

This reflection of the number three is also seen throughout nature. 

  • plants have a ‘trunk, branches and leaves’
  • there are ‘oceans, land and sky’
  • ‘waxing, full and waning moon’
  • ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’


We are Made of the Number 3

From a metaphysical / spiritual standpoint, we are created in the vision of the number three, as we are made of:

  • ‘body, mind and spirit’

In the creation story through many bibles around the world, God said

  • let there be light, and there was light‘  
  • Thus it was Gods ‘Word’, that created ‘Light’ that creates ‘Matter’.
  • And through the GRACE of BREATH of God, we were then BREATHED into existence through the three Hearts of Creation – ‘Galactic Heart, Earth Heart, our own Hearts



And Wo-Man came into form in the mirror image of God through our Galactic Evolutionary Triangle – a Tetrahedron of energy formed by ‘Galactic Centre (unity), Sirius (archetypal masculine) & Alcyone (archetypal feminine)’.  

As taught in Aetheric Healing™, this Tetrahedron of energy enables us to access universal wisdom, in order to understand ourselves deeply,  transform subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love and ultimately supports our flourishing through balance our Masculine/Feminine selves through the Unified Field of LOVE.



And our personal Soul Blueprint, or Soul Evolutionary Triangle – the charting of Galactic Centre, Sirius & Alcyone on your Birth Chart – reveals the following about our Soul Journey here on Earth through the Power of 3:

  • Your Souls Greater Evolutionary Purpose
  • Soul Blueprint Strengths, Gifts & Talents
  • Soul Blueprint Challenges

And helps to you to Access Past Lives / Future Potentials in the NOW, connects you with the Aetheric Field of infinite solutions & awakens the brain to a Higher Intelligence, in all directions of time & space.


So the number three is an integral part of the foundations of life as we know it, as it is reflected through our physical life, is part of our mental psyche, and forms the basis of our spiritual creation.

How then can we work with the number three to embody its full power and potential through us, and not fall into the trap of being a victim to it’s inner workings ?  

The answers of course lies within…


Embracing the Power of 3

As a Goddess, we naturally imbue the power of three within us.   We experience three phases in our lives, ‘maiden, mother and matriarch (crone)’ and during each of these phases we each have the power to work consciously with the number three to co-create fulfilling, creative and meaningful lives.   

Whether we are male or female, we have the ability to work with the feminine creative power of the number three within us to transform our lives away from ‘victim’ into ‘active participant’.

Co-creating through the power of the number three, involves acknowledging the three aspects of creation within us, and hence creating our realities from the inside out.  So lets make a start !

Step 1: Hold the mental thought of what you wish to be made manifest in your life at this time.  Lets not sweat the small stuff here, but rather lets focus on mentally the higher aspects of what your inner guidance wishes to bring into your physical world.   Allow the message to be fully received from your higher self, and the vision within you mind to be fully formed.  Hold this vision strong and receive it in your mind with reverence for the divine wisdom gifted in this moment.   Allow this Wisdom to flow into your awareness from the Heart of our Galaxy.

Step 2:  Acknowledge the mental vision in Step 1 through out your physical body.   What does if feel, smell, taste, and hear like to have that vision manifest physically within your world ?  How do you feel emotionally with that vision being present in your life?  Experience the vision within your body as if it is real, as if it is already present within in… after all it is actually already within you, its just in its energetic form and YOU are the co-creator making it physical.   If it helps to anchor the vision within your physical body then stamp on the ground, dance on the Earth, shout if from the roof tops and fully receive the thought within your physical body.  Allow your senses to fully flow & come alive within your body as your receive the LOVE from the Heart of the Earth.

Step 3:  Now simply bring the thought (mental) and the experience of the thought (physical/emotional) together and release these two aspects through your Heart.   As you take the mental thought and combine it with physical experience of the thought, simply liberate the energy through your heart, acknowledging the vision as already physically created or made manifest in the greater cosmos for the greater good of all.   When you let go of the energy through your heart it is without fear, concern, hope or anxiety.  Simply release the energy in the name of divine LOVE, and state and it is so.  Do not hold an air of anticipation for the outcome, but rather hold an acknowledgement of it as already done.   Let go & let LOVE through your Heart.

By applying the power of three throughout your daily life, you are acknowledging the creator or source energy within .   By aligning the three aspects of your beingness – through the THREE HEARTs of CREATION (Galactic Heart, Earth Heart & your Heart) – and sending out ripples through the quantum fabric of our universe, you become that which your ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ aligned to co-create.   

You are no longer the victim of circumstance and superstitious fallacies of mis-fortune, but rather you are working the power of the universe through YOU, and being the full divine power of three, the number of the empowered Goddess.


Simone’s Article also appears in the current 2010 issue of Goddess Magazine:


© Simone M. Matthews 2010

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