Crystal Healing: Red Phantom Quartz


Crystal Healing: Red Phantom Quartz

Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) that contain Iron Oxides, such as Hematite, represented as the chemical composition SiO2 + Fe2O3.   The hardness of the structure of these crystals varies with Hematite having a hardness of  5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale and Quartz rating as a 7 (Diamond is 10).

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, and Hematite is found throughout every country, however when Hematite is found within quartz and it forms red phantom layers, this formation is quite rare.

Red Phantom Quartz crystals are formed when deposits of iron oxide coat the outside of the quartz crystal point.  Then over the life of the quartz point another layer of quartz grows over the iron oxide layer completely enclosing the iron mineral within.  Thus a ‘phantom layer’ of the iron oxide resides within the quartz crystal point.  When viewed from the side, it appears that a red crystal point has grown inside the larger quartz point- however this is simply an illusion created by the layer of iron oxide coating the quartz point during its growth process.

Metaphysical Energetics

On a metaphysical level, phantom crystals provide access to the inner-realms of your soul, right through to your connection with the divine source of all creation.  As you view through the phantom layer, you part the veil of illusion and you are granted access to the deeper aspects of yourself.  This window into your soul provides you with invaluable information about the dynamics of the Personality versus the Soul.

When we incarnate on Earth, we choose a certain expression of our Soul, often referred to as our DNA expression or our Soul blueprint on Earth.  This Soul expression is referred to as our Personality, and is moulded via the energetic template that was present during our birth (ie the astrological and numerical pathways we birthed through).   Thus our Personality is how we have chosen for our Soul to experience life here on Earth.   In order for our Soul to expand in consciousness, our life’s journey on Earth is about reconciling the differences between the Personality and Soul and striving toward unconditional love, peace, harmony and unity.

Red Phantom Quartz is one of the premier crystals for bringing awareness to the illusionary or phantom separation of the Personality and the Soul, and provides a bridge of unity to reconcile the two.

The crystal stimulates our Earth Star energy centre, the furthermost energy centre that grounds our Crystalline Matrix (energetic bodies) into the Earths Grid.  The Quartz aspect of the crystal refracts the full light spectrum, then the Hematite phantom within the quartz acts like a magnet drawing up the electro-magnetic energies deep from within the Earth, and pulling them up through our main-line of energy into all of our Chakra’s right through to our Soul Star – the top point of our Crystalline Matrix.

Thus Red Phantom Quartz crystals not only anchor our Crystalline Matrix to Earth, but also bring the energetics of the Earth into our Soul.  The illusion of separation is broken through these crystals, as we acknowledge the Hermetic axiom within ‘as above, so below, so below, as above’.

What I love about Red Phantom Crystals is their ability to stimulate energy, vitality, passion and creativity.  Drawing up energy from the core of Earth into our Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus energy centres literally kick-starts these energy centres into a new frequency.  Many people find when they begin to use Red Phantom crystals that fear in their life begins to diminish, expression is free flowing and most importantly people honour and enact upon their divine inspirations.  From a personal perspective, I cannot imagine my life on this Earth without a Red Phantom.

How to Use Red Phantom Quartz Crystals

My favourite method of working with Red Phantoms is having regular baths with the crystal sitting at your feet in the bath, or sleeping with the Red Phantom seated at the foot of your bed each night.  In personal meditation I love to lie on the ground and hold the Red Phantom within my hands as I seek guidance on my journey of the Soul.

Red Phantoms LOVE the Earth & Fire elements, so whenever you have the chance take your crystal outside into the sun and let it sit on the Earth and experience Earth’s physical and energetic frequencies.  As the crystal draws up the energy from Earth the solar rays synergistically cleanse and electrify the crystal, recharging its frequency and bringing the crystal back to its full potential.

© Simone M. Matthews 2010


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Vol 4, Issue 33, 2010

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The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


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