2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age

2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age

On the 9th March 2011 we enter the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the final year in a 16.4 billion evolutionary period of cosmic consciousness.   This final year – 9th March 2011 to 28 October 2011 marks a period of ‘Unity Consciousness’ on the planet, the collapsing of time/space as we know it, and the beginnings of a new cycle of being. During this final period, every 18 days we shift in conscious the equivalent of what prevous took us 360 days (post 1999)… so yes what a ride this is going to be !

Once we complete the 9th Wave, then from 28 October 2011 to 21 December 2012 is the zero-point time, or transitionary time that marks the close of one cycle and the beginning of the next stage of our evolutionary journey.  On the 21 December 2012, as our Sun crosses the Galactic Equator (the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy) we have the opportunity to shift our planetary consciousness into an ‘awakened’ state of being as we enter the early years of the Golden Age here on Earth.

Going hand in hand with this shift in cosmic consciousness is of course ‘change’ which many of us are experiencing on an individual level, and also on a collective level.

Individual changes….

As our Soul’s fifth dimensional frequency here on Earth is anchoring within our physical third dimensional body as we move towards 2012 and beyond…. as one would expect, we are experiencing changes both physical, emotionally and mentally.

Fatigue, thirst, food cravings and emotional ups and downs are probably the most common experiences.  Illnesses maybe manifesting giving people the opportunity to consciously clear dis-ease within their body or through their family lines.   People are questioning their lives en-mass, and are seeking answers to life’s questions beyond the dictations of government, authorities and power-bases that no longer are in service to a humanity that is awakening.

We are being called to honour our bodies as Temples that humbly house the Soul within this physical experience.  Here are some ideas to help you navigate the changes that are occurring, and so you can transit this period in our conscious evolution with grace & ease.  Intuitively connect in with you higher self – as it contains all the wisdom that is ‘perfect and divine’ for your journey.

You may find you are being guided to honour your body with  high vibrational fuels from nature.   Raw organic food which is high in nutrients / light energy / and living enzymes – rain water / water from fresh springs – sunlight & fresh air – and exercise/play with our Earths nature spirits & elementals and restful sleep.    Simplicity is the key, and self-love and nurturing the answer.   When we Love ourselves, we are in service and LOVE the ALL.

Global structure changes…

In order for a new humanity to birth, then the structures of the old humanity need to be dismantled and transformed to make way for the new.   Pluto in Capricorn (from 2008 to 2024) is helping Earth to do just that !   Pluto holds the vibration of ‘transformation’ and Capricorn is a ‘practical, roll up the sleeves and get to work’ energy.   Thus we are in the process of making real & practical changes that will support this next cycle of global consciousness.

What we are seeing and will see more of on the planet is the crashing of financial markets, the coming to justice of those who abuse their places of power, and the re-structuring of our Governments into global communities in service to the ALL.

Earth changes…..

Earth is feeling the shift and the contractural pains of labour as we birth into this new era of consciousness.  Earth is crying for us to awaken our Hearts to her Heart, so we can move forward united in this new cycle.   When we neglect our Mother (destroy her clean waterways, clear forests, spew pollution into our air etc..) we are hurting our selves and future generations to come.

Mother Earth is speaking to us and awakening us in the only way she knows how through the movement of her elements – Earth (earthquakes, volcanos), Fire (bush fires), Water (floods, tsunamis), Air (hurricanes or cyclones).

We have the power to work with the cycles of Mother Earth and transition peacefully into a new age… we just need to listen and breath with our Hearts not our egos.

Planetary/Cosmic Changes….

The planets and celestial bodies within our solar system and beyond have a breath/heartbeat/frequency of their own that affect us here on Earth.  Just like the moon affects Earth’s tidal movements, stellar bodies affect us emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually.. and are placed divinely to procreate a conscious humanity.

Here are a few of the milestones in the 25 year countdown to 2012 and toward 2040 (there are many more of course.. but this are just some highlights).

Harmonic Convergence 16/17 Aug 1987 – Six planets align in a Grand Trine (think triangular formation) all in fire signs (Earth, Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus).   José Argüelles brought communities together around the world to work with the energy of this formation, the first conscious trigger to anchor transformational light on Earth and within our hearts in the 25 year countdown to the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Harmonic Concordance  8/9 Nov 2003 – Six planets formed a six pointed star in our Heavens (Merkabah, Star of David Formation) in earth and water signs during a full Moon lunar eclipse (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Chiron & Jupiter).  This facilitated an awakening of our Heart to Earth’s Heart, and a trigger to activate all 64 Light Codes of our DNA (refer to Crystal Light Healing Level III).

Venus transit  8 June 2004 & 5/6 June 2012 –  The 40 year cycle of Venus was part of the Mayan Calendar system of evolutionary consciousness.   Venus crossed the face of our Sun in June 2004 and will do so again in June 2012 – the process of bringing Oneness to our physical and spiritual selves, Oneness to our hearts and minds.

Pluto in Capricorn  2008 to 2024 – As mentioned above, the transformation of our world from the ground up !

Grand Cross  2010 –  Over a six month period, Saturn & Jupiter were conjuncting (dancing together) and were opposing (directly opposite) Saturn and all at a 90 degree angle to Pluto. Saturn is about life lessons/karma, Jupiter is about expansion, Pluto is about transformation and Uranus is about rebellion.  This was a catapult in releasing all that was old in our lives and making way for the new.

Neptune in Pisces 2011 to 2026 – Signals a period of enlightenment.  Neptune represents the illusion/dream and Pisces is the spiritual/sensitive warrior.  This harmony of energy fosters people to awaken from their own self-created illusions, and embrace the Oneness within and the Oneness with the All.

Golden Conjunction – 8/9 Sep 2040 – The conjunction (bunching together) of six planets all less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Libra.   The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter will dance together in the harmonious vibrations of Libra – representing the awakening and uniting of humanity into the Golden Age.   This Golden Conjunction in Sept 2040 will be a time of joy, festivity and celebration for our diversity coming together in unity.


Birthing our Golden Age – 2011 to 2040

At this time on Earth, we have vast scientific knowledge of quantum physics and the atom, the activation of our DNA and the ‘holographic field’ of creation.   In addition, we are awakening to our spiritual selves, and embracing Oneness.    When we bring science and spirituality together, we have the power to transform our planet into a positive future beyond the limits of our third dimensional experiences.

As we move beyond 2012 and toward 2040… we are going to experience more of the movements in the Earth and her elements if we do not fully embrace the changes that need to take place on the planet to support the anchoring of fifth dimensional light in the physical body as we enter the Golden Age.

This generation holds the key  ‘the power of choice’ as we come to the close of an era on this planet.  Individually and collectively we have the power to envision and transform the planet in heart based global onsciousness in unity and enduring peace.   As we take our first step beyond 2012 and enter our next cosmic evolutionary cycle, we enter a new era as co-creators guiding our own evolution in conscious awareness of the ALL.

I feel humbled to be here on Earth at this time, awakening to my own personal truth, and being a divine channel of light catapulting humanity into the Golden Age of consciousness.

OmAhOm, Simone

© Simone M. Matthews 2011

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We plant 10 trees with every purchase

With every purchase, you help replenish native forests &  alleviate extreme poverty through our environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects


We plant 10 trees with every purchase

With every purchase, you help replenish native forests &  alleviate extreme poverty through our environmental partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects



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