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Crystal Healing: Star Hollandite

Star Hollandite crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) crystals that contain Hollandite, a mineral oxide of manganese and barium, with possible potassium, iron and aluminium impurities.  The chemical composition of Hollandite in Quartz is represented as: SiO2 + Ba(Mn4+ Mn2+)8O16.  The hardness of the structure of these crystals varies, with Hollandite having a hardness of 4.0- 6.0 on the Mohs scale and Quartz rating as a 7 (Diamond is 10).

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, and Hollandite is found throughout most countries where manganese is mined. However Hollandite Stars within quartz is quite a rare formation, and the most beautiful star formations I have seen come out of Africa and India.

Star Holladite formations are formed when deposits of Hollandite become trapped within Quartz during its formation. As the Hollandite becomes subjected to high   thermal temperatures within the Earth, the Hollandite bursts into star formations within the Quartz.

On a metaphysical level, star Hollandite within Quartz creates a high-resonate frequency quartz for healing.  Star Hollandite supports your awakening to your ‘star’ within; your ability to move beyond the physical and embrace life from a higher more conscious state of awareness beyond the egoic ‘identity of self’.

Each and every one of us has an identity, or names or labels that we put upon ourselves.  We may take on titles of mother, father, lover, friend or choose to see ourselves as happy, sad, rich, poor, worthy or unworthy.  From moment to moment we are continually altering our self identity’s based on our thoughts, emotions, as well as the definitions that other people or society may place upon us.  Whilst these self-definitions may assist us to make sense of our lives and help us to find meaning and purpose, they don’t express the full truth of who we are; they are merely labels of our accumulated experiences of being a soul having a human incarnation.

Star Hollandite provides an opportunity for you to discover an expanded version of reality beyond your physical experience.  Star Hollandite expands your awareness to discover that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings you are not your emotions and you are not your physical body.  These are purely outward experiences which come and go, for what you truly are is the awareness of these experiences.

Awareness is the ‘I’. Awareness is infinite, awareness is freedom, awareness is without boundary. Awareness is pure oneness. Through awareness there is no separation – you are the All of creation. When all the limiting beliefs, self definitions and self imposed boundaries fall away, or come and go like the wind, the only thing left is your awareness. Your awareness is eternal – it was present before you were born here on Earth, it is present throughout this lifetime, and it will be present when you die. Your awareness is referred to as your consciousness. Consciousness is you, you are consciousness.

To embrace an expanded consciousness, the most effective way to work with Star Hollandite is to lay down on the ground, preferably in nature and either place the crystal just above your head or on your heart. Taking a number of deep breaths, focus on breathing into the crystal to activate and entrain the crystals resonance with your resonance.  Within this synchronised state of being, your awareness moves beyond the physical, into an expanded cosmic consciousness with all of creation.

You are free to ‘see’ the limiting boundaries of your definitions, the causes behind your illnesses and the beliefs or behavioural patterns that bring challenges in your life through work, relationships, finances and so on.  Once you have recognised your self-imposed limitations, Star Hollandite then provides an opportunity for you to break-free of your restrictions and liberate yourself from your shackles.

Star Hollandite will guide you with potential pathways to create change.  It maybe dietary changes, lifestyle changes, emotional/mental thought pattern changes, or even changes in your work and family life.  As you take the steps beyond your ego and embrace your ‘star’ self, you become free to express your own beliefs and perceptions from a place of higher consciousness.  You will eventually awaken to the simple awareness that you are purely love, and that the love of all creation is within you!

Above all, in this expanded state of consciousness, Star Hollandite is a gentle reminder for you to have fun and enjoy this physical journey as you anchor the light of the stars here on Earth.


© Simone M. Matthews 2012

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the current issue of The Art of Healing Magazine:

The above photo was provided courtesy of Rebecca DeCarlo from ‘That Crystal Site’.


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