The 13 Sacred Keys of Creation


The 13 Sacred Keys of Creation

Metatrons_CubeAs discussed in my article Metatron’s Cube & the Number 13’,  Metatron’s Cube is a Sacred Geometrical symbol that forms a map of Creation, and it is this ‘map’ that the mystics, sages and ancient civilizations have revered throughout the ages of time.

The 13 spheres of Metatron’s Cube represent the ‘Feminine’ whilst the straight lines represent the ‘Masculine’. Thus Metatron’s Cube represents the weaving together of the Male & Female polarities to create the ONENESS field of the infinite ALL.

The 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube hold within them the wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation;  the Sacred and Divine Universal Laws of the Intelligent Field that hold the principles of evolution and the pathways to enlightenment.

As a Soul having a human experience here on Earth, when we embrace the wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys from the inside-out we transcend the painful ‘story’ that our ego paints and we have the courage to live our life from a place of authentic truth.

Your Soul is a fractal of the infinite field of all Creation… and as the infinite field is woven together by the 13 Sacred Keys, then these 13 Sacred Keys are within you, and express themselves through you.


Why do we experience struggle within our lives ?

When we live our lives in denial of who we are, suppressing our divine power and believing our egoic thoughts, then we are blocking the flow of all Creation – the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation – through us.

As we block this natural flow, we deprive our selves of happiness and live our lives in a state of needless suffering.  We become martyrs to our thoughts and live our lives imprisoned by beliefs of limitation and playing it safe.

A thought is just a thought.  However it is the attached beliefs and reactions to a thought (either conscious or subconscious) that creates an experience of immense joy or immense suffering.


What are your thoughts telling you ?

Take a moment to look back over the last 24 hours and reflect upon your thoughts… what did your thoughts reveal about you during this time ?

Were you thoughts from a place a love, a place of peace, a place of compassion and from a place of joy ?   Or were your thoughts based on fear, scarcity, anxiety and struggle.

If your thoughts were self-depricating, where did these thoughts originate, why were you thinking them but them most importantly why were you believing them ?


What are your thoughts ?

Science tells us that 90 to 95% of your unconscious beliefs are programmed from your Soul experiences UP TO 7 years of age.  In addition, science demonstrates that nearly 95% of the time we live our lives from our unconscious beliefs !!!!

So the majority of the time our thoughts are expressions of an identity or set of beliefs that has been imprinted within your mind from your environment .  They are ‘labels’ of experiences of the Soul and are based on subjective personal interpretation.

However, a thought is just a thought.. it is just an energy that has the potential to catalyze an emotional reaction within the body.  Each of us has FREE WILL & FREE CHOICE on how we wish to respond to our thoughts.  We can choose to believe thoughts that have originated from the imprinting of our environment (the thoughts and opinions of others) or we can choose to question and transcend thoughts from a place of self-love and self-worth.  What do you choose?


Transcending your thoughts

The 13 Sacred Keys provide the fundamental tools that help us to transcend the limitations of our thoughts.

When we move our thoughts into a higher state of consciousness, into a place of awareness beyond our identities…we transcend the limitations of our ‘story’ and move into a realm of Soul expression that defies boundary.

To solve the problems on Earth today, to transcend our story of struggle and to honour our role as reverent caretakers of Earth for future generations, it is time for us to wake up to the ancient wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation from the inside-out.


The 13 Sacred Keys of Creation

The 13 Sacred Keys, the wisdoms held within Metatron’s Cube provide a map to help us navigate the conscious evolutionary journey of the Soul.

Our ancient ancestors, such as the ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans, embraced these ancient wisdoms – the 13 Sacred Keys of Metatron’s Cube – through the symbol of the Double Merkabah – 12 pointed Star that pivots on a 13th central point (see diagram below).

They referred to each Sacred Key as a ‘Divine Law’, and lived their lives as a direct expression of these 13 Sacred Keys (Divine Laws).

As our ancient ancestors embraced these authentic Universal Truths or Laws… they were not limited by their physical bodies, thoughts or stories of self…. but instead were free to create their realities from a place of awakened consciousness.

In addition, the 13 Sacred Keys (13 Divine Laws) provided the ‘know how’ for our ancient ancestors to power their cities through crystalline energy, to teleport, to communicate via telepathy and to heal the body from dis-ease.   The pyramids of Egypt, crystalline temples and inner-Earth portals are all created through the expression of the 13 Sacred Keys.

The following diagram outlines The 13 Sacred Keys (The 13 Divine Laws) showing their ‘linkage lines’ or ‘pathways to enlightenment’ to each other through the Double Merkabah.



Embracing the 13 Sacred Keys in your life is essentially giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and allowing yourself to experience life as a direct expression of your Soul.   It takes courage and fortitude to be bold enough to face your shadow… but the rewards will transform the way that you live, love and experience your lifetime here on Earth.

The question is what do you choose, the limitation of your thoughts or the infinite field of creation through you that is unlocked via the 13 Sacred Keys ?

©  Simone M. Matthews


Study the 13 Sacred Keys

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