A Solstice Story… moving beyond fear

A Solstice Story… moving beyond fear

On the eve of this glorious June 2014 Summer/Winter Solstice and hot on the tails of facilitating 9 delicious days of my Crystal Light Healing® Practitioners & Teachers Course… I did something that I have wanted to do for a very long time… I got inked !

Ok, simple enough you say, most probably thousands if not millions of people get a tattoo every single day. But it has taken me a number of years to finally summon up the courage and get my creative artwork permanently inked.

So why the procrastination to do something so meaningful ?   You maybe thinking it was the fear of pain, the indecision on design or even second thoughts of getting artwork permanently chiseled into my skin ? But in actual fact, it was something much much deeper than that.

My BIGGEST FEAR in getting inked in a position on my body that is clearly visible… was a deeply engrained fear of ‘what would other people think of me’. Oh dear, there you go, I have said it out-loud, so the truth is out there !

For many years now I have wanted a tattoo of the sacred words OmAhOm inked on my inner left wrist (you can read about the sacred light language of OmAhOm here >).

I have taken a black pen many times and etched the words onto my wrist, have dreamt about getting the tatt in my sleep and on a regular basis would day-dream a vision of this as a beautiful reality.

So what was stopping me then ?

It was the fear of societies negative stereotyping of tattoo’s and especially the negative societal meme of tattoo’s on women. For example, a quick google just now revealed an avalanche of negative perceptions of tattoo’s… here is a selection:

~ tattoo’s cheapen a woman, classless, tasteless

~ tattoo’s belong on unprofessional, uneducated, ignorant people

~ tattoo’s are an indicator of low moral values, makes women ugly, big turn off….. oh dear, need I go on anymore, I think you get the picture

My succumbing to the belief systems of sections of society was frustrating me no end. I felt pressure to conform to what I believed would make me ‘ok in the eyes of others’, for fear of condemnation, retribution or not being taken seriously in my work/personal life.

I believe whole-heartedly in personal self-expression and the freedom to be who you are. In other words ‘unity in our diversity’. Yet here I was not ‘walking my talk’ and feeling so conflicted.

It then got me thinking… how many times do people not take a step forward, a step in the direction of their heart-n-souls for fear of failure or for fear of not being loved/lovable. Our inability to tackle vulnerability head on not only suppresses the expression of our creativity, but also stifles the ability to freely let LOVE IN, as we are always on guard and safeguarding our selves against the thoughts and opinions of others.

When we resign ourselves to a model of conformity, a part of ourselves begins to wither away, our passion becomes stifled and we feel imprisoned in a life of ‘should be’s’, instead of living a wildly passionate life of ‘choose to be’s’.

Blindly following the norm through fear, creates a robotic society of greyness, a world held within a box of pessimism and gives fusion to low self-esteem and lack of self-belief.  As Einstein once said ‘you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’. In other words, when you choose to awaken to a larger perception of yourself and walk to the beat of your own drum… not only do you give yourself permission to expand your own consciousness, but you also empower others to do the same.

In this state of awakened perception, this is when the magic happens. As you choose to remove yourself from external manipulation, power and control, you foster a world that no longer is ruled by fear but rather is empowered through your heart-filled essence.

You empower others to return to their natural state of beingness, that of love… and you foster co-operation, sharing, harmony and an innate reverence for all life. Life is no longer about competition or judgement, life becomes a journey of self-expression through singing your own soul song and contributing to the orchestral music of all humanity.

So how do I feel now ?

OmAhOm_TattooAs I gaze upon the ink on my inner left-wrist (see picture to the right), it is a most glorious reminder to live every day through the heart, to move beyond the limitation of my fears/belief/struggles and to embrace the joy of my own uniqueness.

In the future, should I ever fall prey to succumbing to the thoughts and beliefs of others, I will simply just LOVE myself even more and remember the feeling of staying in the truth and passion of my authentic self.

This tattoo on my wrist is my daily reminder that anything is possible in life – all I have to do is believe in myself and allow my ‘self-talk’ to have a conversation with the Universe from a place of self-love and deepest reverence for all of life.

You too feeling the need to move beyond your fears ?

Crystal_Light_Healing_JUne_2014A big big thank you to all of the divinely beautiful soul’s that recently attended my 9 day Crystal Light Healing® Teachers course and helped me to ‘see’ my uniqueness, face my fears and express the creative magic of my soul authentically.   For this I am truly blessed, love you all.

If you too would like to face your fears, release the need for endless suffering and walk the beat of your own drum, then I would be honoured to have you join me at one of my upcoming Crystal Light Healing® or Essence of Angels® events.

Please visit my website Events schedule for upcoming dates (please note that earlybird on some events ends very soon).





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Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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