Animal Spirit: Golden Orb-Weaver


Animal Spirit: Golden Orb-Weaver

Animal spirit medicine has always played a huge role in my life… helping me to understand my past & giving glimpses of a potential future in order to navigate my life in the present moment.

I remember years ago, in the nineties, I purchased the book by Denise Linn  ‘Signposts – The Universe is Whispering to you’.   The moment I opened that booked I devoured every page and used to buy copies as gifts for family, friends and even my office staff (that was back in the day when I worked in corporate!)

As Denise mentions in her book:

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the universe is communicating to us through signs. Native peoples have always known how to interpret these powerful messages, but with the development of technology and the increasing stress of our modern lives, we have become more and more removed from our connection to the earth and from our inner wisdom. We have lost our ability to decipher the signs that surround us and that appear in our dreams, and we are largely unable to tap in to our innate intuition. Drawing on her Cherokee Indian heritage and her experience with the native tribes of Africa, Australia and New Zealand, international healer Denise Linn helps us to reconnect with the magic of our inner selves so that we may properly interpret these signs and the true meanings of our dreams – and make the right decisions and choices in our lives.

As I discuss in my book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘, nature is the carrier of sacred wisdom and when we open our hearts-n-souls to her messages, then synchronicity, abundance, joy and happy healthful lives are potentiated in our daily lives.

Golden Orb-Weaver Spirit Medicine

Recently I had a most divine experience with a Golden Orb-Weaver spider that I would like to share with you….

A few days ago I awoke at 3.30am, as we were getting an early start on our big 13 hour drive to Sydney to attend Visa interviews with the US Consulate.  Being organised (and yes my moon is in Virgo LOL), I had laid out some clothes the evening before so I could shower, get changed and essentially jump straight in the car for our road trip.

Making my way back from the shower in the dark (it is 3.45am at this point and I am still in drowsy sleep mode), I dried myself and reached down to collect my clothes.  However, my intuition alerted me to pause and look at my floral dress more closely…. and I am glad I did, cause stretched out over my dress was a huge and I mean HUGE Golden Silk Orb-Weaver spider.

In my sleepy state I didn’t grab a photo (darn it), but with the help of my husband I carefully lured the spider into a container and released her back to nature.  By now a fair bit of adrenaline has kicked and my focus was on connecting with the metaphysical message that the Golden Orb-Weaver spider was bringing me today.

My husband was on the first shift of driving duties, so this gave me a great opportunity to do a quick google on my phone and find out more about the life cycle / habits of the Golden Orb-Weaver and to also spend a short while going within and ‘listening’ to her message.

Here is a little info about the Golden Orb-Weaver and the messages she brought through me:

Golden_Orb_Weaver_SpiderThe Golden Orb-Weaver is a large spider that spins a web of ‘gold’ silk like strands.  The male is much smaller and tends to sit on the periphery of the web whilst the FEMALE proudly sits within the center of the web… keeping her pulse on every aspect of the web she has woven and diligently yet effortlessly responding to the challenges of the environment.

To create the web the FEMALE releases a long strand of ‘golden silk’ into the wind and allows this to land at will, creating the first anchor point.  From here many other anchor points are created and then the FEMALE flows many ‘fibonacci spirals’ to create an orbal web in divine symmetry and balance with her surrounds.

To me the web represents the FEMININE weaving of our individual lives and how this weaves into the collective consciousness.   Each of the anchor strands of the web represent our responsibilities in the world through family, vocation, self-care, service and community.

As we sit in the center of our ‘webs’ are we in balance and harmony with all the anchor strands of our lives ?   How do we respond when something gets caught or stuck within our web (eg challenging people or situations) and what happens when parts of our web become torn (eg we experience loss), do we give up or just like the Golden Orb-Weaver do we respond with grace and ease ?

Golden_Orb_Weaver_WebEach of us, in the center of our ‘webs’ are the drivers of our own lives and must take self-responsibility for what we weave within our world.  Each thought, each word, each action creates a golden web like ripple that not only creates the tapestry of our life experience, but also weaves the field of the collective web of life.   The Golden Orb-Weaver teaches us to stay centered no matter what the world may throw in our webs and to look for the ‘golden strands of opportunity’ in times of turbulence.

A spiders body from the side is shaped like the figure ‘8’ (and also a spider has 8 legs) which expresses to us that there is no limitation to our webs, it is our own personal beliefs and mental constructs which create our own self-imposed boundaries.

From the Golden Orb-Weavers FEMININE essence we can learn from her graceful presence to embrace patience, the power to creatively solve any problem and how to resiliently create golden strands of opportunity in our lives during times of pain, struggle and loss.


© Simone M. Matthews



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