Goodwill Full Moon – June 9/10, 2017


Goodwill Full Moon – June 9/10, 2017

As I reflect on the sobering events around the globe over the past few weeks, the following quote has been at the forefront of my mind:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,
is for good men (people) to do nothing.
Edmund Burke.

As the energy of this weeks Goodwill Full Moon builds,  we have an opportunity to raise ourselves higher and shift the global conversation to a more loving place. As we release judgement of what is ‘out there’ and instead focus on the richness, the joy, the creativity, the passion, the kindness, the beauty and the blissful expansion of the LOVE that exists within… we awaken to something far more beautiful.   We awaken ourselves to our true natures, we embrace the truth of who we are, what connects us and we choose to BE the grandest version of the greatest vision of a United Humanity.

Please keep reading down the page where I share with you::

  • General Meaning / Energy of Full Moons
  • Energy of our June 9/10, Full Moon
  • The history & energy behind our Goodwill (World Invocation Day) Full Moon
  • Meditation for our Goodwill (World Invocation Day) Full Moon

May we hold within our hearts peace, compassion & kindness during this Goodwill Full Moon ☆


Moon_FullThe mid-point of our 29 day lunar cycle is marked by the Full Moon.  During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun.

The Moon & the Sun emanate frequencies and these energy waves influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behaviour & consciousness.  In addition, during a Full Moon, both the Moon & Sun are opposing each other on opposite sides of the zodiac… which can make for a challenging or intense aspect of energy but also a very potent potential as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance.

The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

The MOON represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

During a FULL MOON, the Moon is fully illuminated as it sits in opposition to our Sun.  The energy (influenced by the current Zodiac transit) is heightened and emotions, feelings, mental processes, dreams etc are all amplified.  The Full Moon is a powerful time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into beingness.  You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity, bliss out in sensual activities & through fierce yet profoundly tender vibrations let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

The FULL MOON is a great time to ‘moon bathe’ – simply sit under the light of the moon & meditate – and is you breathe-in allow the moon to warm your Heart & expand the beauty of the present moment, and as you breathe-out let the light of the moon transmute that which you wish to release.   Full Moon ceremonies, either lighting a candle for yourself or coming together with others in sacred circle, is a powerful way to bring healing to the self/group and simply BE this Wave of LOVE for all Humanity & planet Earth.  I LOVE placing my crystals out under the Full Moon to cleanse their crystalline structures and infuse them with solar vibrations.

ENERGY: Full Moon – June 9/10

Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS & Sun in GEMINI
(18.530 Sagittarius – 18.530 Gemini)

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Scorpio (Water) – Passionate, emotional, willpower, psychic, determined
Taurus (Earth) – Patient, pleasure-loving, material, determined, conservative

Friday, 9 June 2017 – 6:09 am PDT (USA/Canada)
Friday, 9 June 2017 – 9:09 am EDT (USA/Canada)
Friday, 9 June 2017 – 2:09 pm BST
Friday, 9 June 2017 – 1:09 pm UTC
Friday, 9 June 2017 – 11:09 pm AEST (Australia)
Saturday, 10 June 2017 – 1:09 am NZST (New Zealand)
View times in your City/Country>

During the SAGITTARIUS Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the SUN in GEMINI.

This is a great full moon to acknowledge that being/living spiritually need not be boring… you can actually have fun and enjoy the journey.

How about coming together with your friends for a full moon gathering, meditation evening… and honour the joy & bliss of being alive.  Celebrate how far you have come on your journey of life and marvel at how these experiences have created magical lessons/wisdoms in your growth & expanasion.

This Full Moon is also the Goodwill Full Moon, please keep reading below PLUS enjoy the Galactic Heart Meditation which is perfect for this Full Moon.


Our June 9/10 Full Moon is the GOODWILL Full Moon, being the first Full Moon in GEMINI- whereby the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in GEMINI.   The Goodwill Full Moon is the THIRD of three powerful full moons as follows:

1. Christ Full Moon – April 10/11, 2017   (Sun in Aries)
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation

2. Wesak Full Moon – May 10/11, 2017  (Sun in Taurus)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – June 9/10, 2017 (Sun in Gemini). 
Honouring of Spiritual Unity in humanity.

The three powerful Full Moons form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing a vision into physical form.

The Christ Full Moon (Sun in Aries) is the instigator of ideas, mental thoughts or ‘sacred envisioning’ from the Heart.  The Wesak Full Moon (Sun in Taurus) awakens the desire, emotional intensity and practical fulfillment of the sacred vision.  And finally the Goodwill Full Moon (Sun in Gemini) creates the aetheric divine pattern in order for the sacred vision to be manifest in physical form.


Our Goodwill Full Moon is also referred to as the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity or World Invocation Day – in celebration of the highest ideals, goals & aspirations of a compassionate, kind & loving human race.  At the time of the Goodwill Full Moon, we are called from a place of ‘goodwill’ to focus on our true nature, to embrace the truth of who we are and what connects us and choose to serve the grandest version of the greatest vision of a United Humanity.

Since 1952 (when Eleanor Roosevelt read The Great Invocation as part of a live radio broadcast at the United Nations) people everywhere have celebrated the Goodwill Full Moon / World Invocation Day, to be an active part in co-creating a greater potential for an awakened & enlightened Humanity through the one-heart.   

In April 1945, a world prayer entitled ‘The Great Invocation‘ was gifted to Alice Bailey by Djwhal Khul.  Djwhal Khul is described as being a member of the ‘Masters of the Ancient Wisdom’ and is defined as the spiritual guide of mankind. Djwhal Khul is a teacher of ancient cosmological, metaphysical, and esoteric principles that form the origin of all the world’s great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions.   The channelled wisdoms from Djwhal Khul formed the teachings within Alice Bailey’s 24 books.

Today, ‘The Great Invocation‘ has been translated into over 80 languages and is a world prayer for uniting humanity in a collective vision through the Goodwill of the Heart of Humanity.   You can read more about the significance of the The Great Invocation Prayer here>


Inviting you this Goodwill Full Moon, to connect in sacred prayer/meditation and dream the dream of a new Earth, transcend the limiting beliefs of our physical world and open our hearts and minds to the miracles that are created through the power of LOVE through the ONE HEART.

During our JUNE 9/10 Goodwill Full Moon, find a quiet place, light a candle (or even burn some incense or use your favourite essential oils) and the whilst holding a Crystal to your Heart, Listen/Watch my Galactic Heart Meditation (see video below)




The_Great_Invocation_lrAlso,  inviting you to click on the image (left) to download The Great Invocation prayer & then Print/Laminate the A4/US Letter Poster for your home, office, meditation space.

Whilst The Great Invocation is a World Prayer for our Goodwill Full Moon, the energetic meaning of this Prayer can be embodied each and everyday… in service of an awakened Humanity through the power of LOVE.

May we awaken to our true natures, embrace the truth of who we are, focus on what connects us & choose to BE the grandest version of the greatest vision of a United Humanity.



xx Simone









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