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The Star Seed Compendium

Article by Rachel Elizabeth Murray

We are among changing times right now, even for the ones who don’t consciously know it.  

Many of us have been in the process of removing the rose coloured glasses and seeing the world for how it truly is right now, it can seen like a world of slavery, hate, violence and greed. A world that forces people to do harm they wouldn’t otherwise do. A world that pushes people to their limits. A world where one person commits suicide every forty seconds, which is predicted to increase to one person every 20 seconds by 2020…but hang on, that is less than 3 years away, why would the suicide rate double in less than 3 years? What is happening to cause so many of us to just up and quit what we came here to do? Why is the mass population consistently at war, violently money hungry and always looking outside themselves for answers, but never within? And then why are some of us  on completely different wavelengths and are so aware of it all?

Many of us are awakening to see the truth and find the answers to those questions. Not only the truth behind the outrageous huge organisations that run this planet in this time and space, but the truth that is within each and every one of us, the cosmic stories that are interwoven into our DNA, the truth that we are multidimensional in nature, the truth that we are the Universe experiencing itself in many different facets, the truth that we are all connected, and all one.

I find that term is thrown around a lot lately, and I wonder do people really take it in on the spiritual level it is supposed to be understood at? It’s almost as if that term is purposely being cheapened so it isn’t pondered on. ‘We are all one’ does mean we are the one species and we are all connected in that way, but that term delves much deeper than this. It is aimed for one to realise that ‘we are all one’ incorporates not only humans but also the animals, the plants, the trees, the planets and all extraterrestrial life in the vast ever expanding Universe, which in itself is a providing the format for other life to exist within itself! We are all from the ONE SOURCE of energy, and that energy breaks off into billions of souls being born into a species and on the planet of choosing, dependent upon the lessons one must learn in that life.

This means that YES, in retrospect we are ALL Star Seeds,
we all birthed from the Cosmos at some point in time.

This means, that yes, in retrospect we are ALL star seeds, as we all birthed from the Cosmos at some point in time (that is a good meditation idea for you!) However, the term star seed is directed at those of us who have felt very different in this lifetime (or many lifetimes on Earth potentially), suffered immensely with “Ascension Sickness”, have awakened to the knowledge that there is MORE to existence than eating, sleeping and working to pay off our debts until we leave this lifetime. There is MORE than just a short life span of 100 years IF your lucky (yes 100 years is VERY short!), and awakened to the fact that YES there are VERY RICH people working very hard and spending a lot of money to distract us from pondering these questions, as one could say it’s in their best financial interest and cosmic agenda. However, once one can transmute the negativity this world seems to be smothered in, we realise the power is WITHIN US – the awakened ones – to begin making the change we want to see here on Earth.

We each have a Soul Mission which was decided on and written into a contract before you birthed here in this lifetime. You chose your family, your name (numerology), your body (fully functioning, disabled, aesthetics etc), your place of birth (Earth energy), and even your time of birth (planetary energy) all to align you with the optimal frequencies to assist you in accomplishing your mission. Once we uncover this mission, (which is usually a mission on it’s own right!) we begin this mission, and this mission also works towards the COLLECTIVE mission of TRANSMUTING the frequencies that no longer serve us, such as hate, violence and fear and INTEGRATING the frequencies of love and light, deep into ones being, so eventually, one will be permeated with this new state of existence.

For each person that embodies the state of love, gratitude and acceptance,
there is one less person overcome by fear and hate.

For each person that embodies the state of love, gratitude and acceptance, there is one less person overcome by fear and hate. Imagine a world if we were to all awaken? Such a time could be near, or far away – and will only be brought about, in my opinion, by a journey through a full disclosure of all the secrets that have been hidden from us, and hence the world would transcend –  but in the meantime we each should be doing something towards this new world, an Ascended world, so we can pave the path of the future and guide it to where it needs to go, to a world that is actually free, not just an illusion of freedom

And that is why I am here, I am here to assist people who are experiencing this “Ascension Sickness”, people who know there is more but just can’t figure it out yet, people who are struggling with the 3D way of thinking and are desperate to remove the old ways and move on with the new but are struggling in the process, people who feel alienated and alone, who feel resentful about the state the world is in, who struggle to come to acceptance with all that currently is, who are feeling fear about change, who feel fearful of living your true authentic self and speaking only from a place of truth and love. And I am also here to help those of you who do know what your mission is, but may be hitting some road blocks along the way. My mission is to assist the cosmic citizens of Earth step forward into a higher frequency, and I can help anyone from anywhere in the world. 

I therefore have created the Star Seed Compendium for those of you this may resonate with. It is a list of multiple choice questions which are derived from my own personal awakening experiences. Maybe these questions will hit a nerve or really resonate with you. If so please don’t hesitate to contact me for any guidance or clarification, maybe the Universe has brought us together!

 Please click here to partake in the Compendium, all contributions will be repaid with a ray of love and light sent your way. All information in the Compendium is kept strictly confidential, and I appreciate you taking the time to complete it as it will assist each other in more ways than you may know! 

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 Love and light to all beings in all directions of time and space xx

Article by Rachel Elizabeth Murray

About Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Rachel is an Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner through our UniversalLifeTools.com Wisdom School.

Rachel’s niche is working with Lightworkers, Starseeds and people on a spiritual quest to uncover their full potential and mission here on Earth, awakening the memory DNA strands that often lay dormant within, and then assisting one to fulfil their mission and provide soulful guidance and support whilst on that beautiful yet sometimes very challenging journey. 

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