New Moon in Virgo – September, 2018


New Moon in Virgo – September, 2018

Its choice time for our September NEW MOON in Virgo – will you choose LOVE or Fear ?

With the Moon & Sun in Virgo this New Moon, you may find your attention being directed at stuff you don’t like about your life such as your job, your body, your partner or how much you dislike where you live.  

You then have one of two ways of working with our Virgo New Moon energy. You could beat yourself up or you could choose loving kindness to initiate change.   Keep reading below for how to make the most of our Virgo New Moon…

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{ NATURES MEDICINE } Nature is a sacred medical cabinet that provides everything we need for health, vitality, wellbeing & healing – mind, body, soul. I came across this beautiful plant at the beach this morning ‘Pig Face’ or Sea Fig… every part of this plant is edible. The juice of the leaves can be used like Aloe Vera (soothe burns, stings, intestinal inflammation) & the fruit is high in Vit C (tastes a bit like a salty-sweet-strawberry-kiwifruit). Pigface Flower spirit medicine – fosters loving kindness toward self. Letting go of past hurts, failures, stress & worry. Opening your Heart to your LIGHTness of your Being ???? Beautiful message on this Virgo New Moon Eve ???? Inviting you to join me for my upcoming Heart Retreats and learn more about the spiritmedicine of plants, connecting with plants in your local area, and working with their spirit medicine. See Linkin Bio → #plantspiritmedicine #naturesmedicine #naturalremedies #seafig #plantmedicine # #floweressences #plantpower #flowerpower #floweressence #apothecary #botanicalmedicine #plantmagic #soulmedicine #herbalmedicine #healing #workshop #heartretreat

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Moon &  Sun in VIRGO (17.000)
Monday, 10 September 2018 – 4:01 am AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Virgo (Earth) – Organised, practical, diligent, cautious, sensible, exacting

Our September NEW MOON falls in the Zodiac sign of VIRGO.  

Virgo is an Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury and the sixth house of Work / Daily Life / Healing & Wellbeing. 

The exacting standards of Virgo could have your attention this New Moon being directed at all stuff you don’t like about your life as it relates to your Work / Daily Life / Healing & Wellbeing.   

If you let yourself tumble into the shadow of Virgo… you may feel the need to jump ship this New Moon – quit your job, leave your relationship & jump on a plane overseas.  A little escapism maybe ?

But rather a more loving, nurturing, tender & caring way to work with Virgo is to be grateful for what is being shown to you, and from a place of self-love put a plan into place to make changes… ONE small step at a time.

Maybe make a plan this New Moon to look for employment that is more fulfilling, look at ways to resolve relationship issues (look to what you can change within yourself) or even tidy up the clutter in your home & put flowers in a vase to add a little fresh energy this New Moon.


WISDOM of this New Moon…

Nurturing your own needs and serving yourself in warm-hearted & kind ways, enables you to show up fully in all areas of your life – your work, relationships and life itself !   Being the martyr, struggling to give 100% to a thousand and one things (and all at once), will eventually lead to burn-out and an inability to be of service to anyone… let alone yourself.

Radical self-care is a life-long practice and this New Moon is helping you get back on track if you find that your physical/emotional/mental health has been struggling of late.   

Overall…. don’t be too tough on yourself this New Moon.    From a sacred place of non-judgement, allow Virgo’s attention to detail open your awareness to areas in your life where you need to make changes/make improvements…. and then simply LOVE yourself enough to implement these changes – one step at a time.  Be Kind.  Be Gentle.  Be LOVE.


Top 5 things to do this New Moon…

  • Walk in Nature (barefoot if possible).  There are 7 planets in Earth Signs this New Moon… time to feel the Earth between your toes and be embraced by her nurturing presence.
  • Create an altar in your home or dedicate a sacred space this New Moon with some of your favourite things – such as candles, oils, flowers & crystals.   May this sacred space beautiful & allow the Virgo Moon to guide you on how you can bring this feeling of beauty into all areas of your life.
  • Start a Detox.   Maybe a few days of green juice, spend the week eating fruits & veges in all colours of the rainbow each day, or eat a little lighter & feel the body become a little lighter in the New Moon energy.   Your body is a sacred space/temple unto itself… real beauty starts from the inside out.
  • Go to bed early.  We all have full schedules & never ending ‘to do’ lists.  But for the few days over the New Moon, go to bed a little earlier (a bath before bed would be even better)… and you may find with a little more sleep you are much more productive during the day… and in fact you may begin to view your job/work in a completely different light.
  • Book a Massage, Rub salt all over your body, fill a bath with Rose Petals & Essential oils.   Give to yourself this New Moon, don’t let you cup run dry… fill it up to overflowing and bliss out in joy.  Not only will you be richer for the experience, but you will be more connected with SOULFULL Being & the changes that you need to embrace in your life from a place of LOVE.


Happy New Moon beautifuls ????
xx Simone M. Matthews


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