Sharing with you a beautiful experience and a couple of video’s that may shine a little light-ness into your world today !

A couple of days ago, after a deeply emotional experience of sharing my heart-felt #WhyIDidntReport experience, I was left quite distraught as my parents chose to ‘unsubscribe’ me from their life.  Kinda like a double-whamy all in one week!

In the midst of feeling the rawness of my emotion, I was also prepping for the filming of my 8th Video, in my new ELI – Estoteric Liquid-Light Healing online study course. The film topic was ‘Belonging’ – taking a deep look into our relationships and how our core woundings impact the story of our lives.

As divine synchronicity would have it, a beautiful friend (hi gorgeous Kyrona), randomly sent the me a link to an audio book – and you guessed it, the title of the book was ‘Belonging’.  

During a chat with Ky on the morning of filming, I shared with her my gratitude & how meaningful the book was to me at this time… and then Ky proceeded to give me a gift.   She called upon the Great Mother, Grand Mothers & Mothers of this world and witnessed me – witnessed my pain, my light, & the depth of my Soul.

In gratitude for the gift, I then shared a version of Ky’s blessings (in the context of our ELI work), during the days online study filming.     This morning I woke, and felt the urge to share a snippet of this blessing with you all.   

If you are/have experienced abandonment, the feeling of not being seen or heard, or the feeling of never been seen as good enough in the eyes of people that you love, then this blessing is for you.

The blessing was off the cuff, in the moment, and straight from my heart… may it weave a little healing, joy & lightness into your world.

Just a little thought too to take you into the weekend, consider reaching out your hands to someone that needs it most.  Someone that is feeling vulnerable, not seen or heard, or is struggling to find their voice in a world filled with so much noise.  And that someone may also be the inner-child within you ♡

ELI – Video 8 – Belonging from Simone M. Matthews on Vimeo.


After my day of filming, I also uploaded a short video to my new IGTV – Instagram TV channel, where I talk about Belonging… and the challenges of finding your way in a world that often teaches us to live through a limited palette of colours.

May we all have the courage & vulnerability to rise up, speak our truth, be seen for who we are and TOGETHER create a world more beautiful.

I LOVE you,
xx Simone



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