How I started my New Year 2019

How I started my New Year 2019

Hey gorgeous community welcome to 2019… Happy New Year, New Present !

As I write to you today, I am enjoying the last few days of my vacation time with family.   It is summertime here in Australia, my most FAVOURITE time of year… so I am feeling all LOVEDup and ready to pour my HEART  into a New Year 2019.

As we head into the first New Moon + Solar Eclipse of the year this weekend, thought I would share with you three heavenly things I did to gracefully ease into the New Year.  

Hope my sharings ignite a spark within and a deeper sense of clarity of your own personal intentions for 2019.


Planting Seeds of Abundance

On January 1, 2019 – New Years Day – my darling Shaun (hubby) & I participated in a most sacred Seeds of Abundance Labyrinth Ceremony at the Woodford Folk Festival.   The plant spirit of Lemon Myrtle guided us, helping us to clear our minds & sink deeper into our Hearts.

Encircling the Labyrinth, each of us collected a Crows Ash Seedpod that had been placed by those who ignited the energy of the Labyrinth at the beginning of the festival.  We then walked the ‘male’ hemisphere of the Labyrinth, blowing into & turning our Seedpods upside-down we emptied our ‘vessels’.  We let go.   We forgave ourselves.   We gave healing to our wounds.  We held gratitude for our experiences of a year passed.

Placing a palm seed in our Crows Ash Seedpod, we then walked the ‘female’ hemisphere of the Labyrinth, opening our hearts to the freshness & potential of the year ahead.  Inviting into our lives a deeper love.  Awakening to a deeper truth.  Opening of a sacred presence & potential of the NOW.

At the conclusion of the Ceremony, each of us planted a seed into a soil filled tube.  Before planting my seed, I swirled my seed in my mouth first to maximise the energetic potency of the seed through Lightrition.   These seeds will be cared for by the collective of Women and ultimately will be planted within the Woodfordia grounds as part of The Planting – an event that contributes to worldwide consciousness emerging in communities everywhere.

Maybe in this first week/month of January you could do your OWN planting of seeds – either literally or metaphorically.  How can you contribute, seed, grow something within your own life that not only brings you blissful joy, but also enriches the lives others or our planet?  What can you do TODAY that creates your life & our world of TOMORROW ?


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Embedding Peace – Give Peace a Chance

Joining with friends on the evening of January 1, 2019 – we attended the closing Fire Ceremony of the Woodford Folk Festival.   A collaboration brought together by hundreds of volunteers & festival attendees – connecting with Indigenous wisdom, primal cleansing of fire & the lighting of our inner-flame through the parade of hand-made lanterns.

One of the highlights for me was the collective singing (about 30,000 of us all gathered on the natural hillside amphitheatre) of John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’.   This recording of our collective voices will be joined with film/recordings from around the world as part of the ‘Embedding Peace‘ project… which will be exhibited in Montreal Canada in April 2019 for the 50th year anniversary of John Lennon’s & Yoko Ono’s Give Peace a Chance Bedin.

Maybe in this first week/month of January you could reflect on changes you can make in your own life that may foster a little kindness, tenderness & peace during 2019.    To quote a wall hanging on the back of my toilet door:  ‘To bring peace to the Earth, strive to make your own life Peaceful’.


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In this Universal 3 Year in Numerology that is 2019, I have decided to spend this first month of January writing/calling/messaging/hugging as MANY PEOPLE in my LIFE as I possibly can… about how much they mean for me and expressing my GRATITUDE for what that person brings to my life.

I started my daily gratitudes on January 1… and have already personally contacted over 100 people.   I cannot begin to express how heart opening this experience has been so far – for both myself and the recipient.

Maybe in this first week/month of January you find a way to express your own Gratitudes in your life on a daily basis.  Need some inspo ?…. watch the short 10 minute TED talk below, trust me… it will change the way you view your life during 2019.


Here’s to a joyfully vibrant & wonderfilled 2019… and may the radiance of your LIGHT in this world spark the awakening of our collective DREAMS.

xx Simone


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