New Moon in Virgo – August 30, 2019

New Moon in Virgo – August 30, 2019


I just made a list of all the wonderful things I am doing this weekend… WOW, this New Moon in Virgo energy feels fantastic!   I have already made a start this afternoon with smudging my home with this beautiful lavender & sage (grown, dried & bound by a friend)… what a perfect start to our Virgo New Moon.

Virgo is an Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury and the sixth house of Work / Daily Life / Healing & Wellbeing.   Meaning this New Moon maybe calling you to clean out your junk room, declutter your house, start a health detox, or create a plan to simplify your life…. less can really be more!

With 5 planets in Virgo this New Moon, combined with asteroid Juno also in Virgo, there is a extra va-va-voom to this New Moon… and I like it !

NEW MOON {SuperMoon + Black Moon}

Moon &  Sun in Virgo (6.470)

Friday, 30 August 2019 – 1.11pm AEST (Australia)
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As the Moon & Sun come together in the same astrological sign on a New Moon, New Moons are all about setting intentions for the forthcoming 29 day lunar cycle.  And with this weeks New Moon in the Astrological Sign of VIRGO…. there is nothing better than a little virgonian energy to get yourself organised, preened & fired up for a new you!

Virgo is an Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury and the sixth house of Work / Daily Life / Healing & Wellbeing… making the next two weeks the perfect time to reassess your home life, your work, your relationships – including your relationship with yourself & your health.

With Mercury & Mars sitting close by our New Moon  (at 2.130 Virgo & 7.460 Virgo respectively), you may have a wee tendency to be too critical this New Moon, focusing on all the things you don’t like about your life, your home, or even the home of your Soul, your body!  Ouch, that shadow side of Virgo, ‘the perfectionist’ can be exhausting.

But if you can manage to keep all that mental chatter in check, then in fact you can channel all that Virgonian love, and make changes in your life that bring a little more lightness, ease to your day, and are much more nourishing for your health & vitality.  Virgo can help you look to the smaller details of your life, changes that are easy to implement, yet can flourish your life in very nourishing ways.

The asteroid Juno is also close to our New Moon (2.530 Virgo).  Four major asteroids (minor planets), Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta, were discovered within a few years of each other at the beginning of the 19th century, and named for female goddesses in the Roman pantheon. These four asteroids symbolize four different facets of the feminine. Pallas represents the wisdom of the female spirit, Cere’s represents modern women, our roles of nurturing / motherhood & our relationship with our Mother (or mothering figures in our life),  Juno represents intimate relationship/partnership and Vesta represents inner flame of service to the Goddess.

Virgo desires to be of service, so you may find that altruistic side of yourself coming to the fore this New Moon, as desire to be in relationship/in service too/divine caretaker of a beautiful New Earth thanks to Juno.  Rather than let the shadow of Virgo get you bogged down in Eco Anxiety… takes steps this New Moon toward your grandest vision… here are some ideas to help you out.

Plus, with our New Moon in a trine with Uranus (expect the unexpected) and Venus in a trine with Saturn (break karmic links of the past), belief that ANYTHING is possible this New Moon… all you need do is drop that pebble into the ocean of your desires and watch the ripples expand!


This New Moon is also a BLACKMOON for those that live in Australia or the UK, alternatively if you live in the USA your Black Moon was the 31 July 2019.

There are many definitions of a Black Moon, but our August (and previous July) Black Moon occurs due to TWO New moons within a Calendar Month.  In the USA, the two New Black Moons were on the 3 July & 31 July 2019, and in Australia/UK, the two New Black Moons will be 1 August & 30 August 2019.

Whilst a New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle… a BLACK NEW MOON is an auspicious moon that amplifies your intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for the cycle – a powerful New Moon for alchemy and creative manifestation.

PLUS our New Moon is also a SUPERMOON (close to the Earth)… and in fact the second of three Super New Moons in a row – the first was on 1 Aug, and the third will take place on 28 September 2019.

Energy runs high during a SUPERMOON… you may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or have expressive / lucid dreams. You may also find your intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced and you become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment / people / plants / animals… actually everything !

The best way to balance with this highly charged energy is to Earth yourself by walking bare foot on the ground, hiking in nature, swimming in a lake or the ocean or connecting with Crystals / Earths Crystalline Field.


Top 5 things to do this New Moon…

With 8 Planets in Earth Signs this New Moon, and 7 of those planets in Mutable Earth (change/transitions flow easily), this New Moon calls us to connect with the Earth, connect with our physical bodies, and nourish the temples that house our Souls.  Here are 5 nourishing things to do this Virgo New Moon to make the most of the energy:

  • Walk in Nature (barefoot if possible).  With 8 planets in Earth Signs this New Moon… time to feel the Earth between your toes and be embraced by her nurturing presence.
  • Create an altar in your home or dedicate a sacred space this New Moon with some of your favourite things – such as candles, oils, flowers & crystals.   May this sacred space beautiful & allow the Virgo Moon to guide you on how you can bring this feeling of beauty into all areas of your life.
  • Start a Detox.   Maybe a few days of green juice, spend the week eating fruits & veges in all colours of the rainbow each day, or eat a little lighter & feel the body become a little lighter in the New Moon energy.   Your body is a sacred space/temple unto itself… real beauty starts from the inside out.
  • Go to bed early.  We all have full schedules & never ending ‘to do’ lists.  But for the few days over the New Moon, go to bed a little earlier (a bath before bed would be even better)… and you may find with a little more sleep you are much more productive during the day… and in fact you may begin to view your job/work in a completely different light.
  • Book a Massage, Rub salt all over your body, fill a bath with Rose Petals & Essential oils.   Give to yourself this New Moon, don’t let you cup run dry… fill it up to overflowing and bliss out in joy.  Not only will you be richer for the experience, but you will be more connected with SOULFULL Being & the changes that you need to embrace in your life from a place of LOVE.

xx Simone


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