New Moon in Taurus – April 2020


New Moon in Taurus – April 2020

Are you feeling it?   That inner-vision, that heart-pulsing feeling, that deep inner-knowing that something beautiful is emerging in our world?   An opening of a portal through the archway of our present moment?

This weeks TAURUS New Moon is about OWNING that feeling down deep in every cell, and planting the seeds that will crystallise that Soulful feeling in your life.   With Earth Day 2020 on the eve of our Taurus New Moon – what do you CHOOSE to seed this New Moon ?

Taurus New Moon

Moon &  Sun in Taurus (3.240)
Thursday, 23 April 2020
12:25 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
TAURUS (Earth) – Pleasure-loving, material, determined, conservative


Energy of our Taurus New Moon

TAURUS is an Earth sign and is ruled by Venus.   You may recall earlier this month, Venus transited the Pleiades and called us into the DREAM, the vision of possibility, insights of a world more beautiful.   And now on our Taurus New Moon, we are called to PLANT THOSE SEEDS of our Dreams.

The grounded nature of Taurus calls us back to simplicity, back to nature, back to the simple pleasures of life.   Our Taurus New Moon seduces us to slow down, take the time to ‘smell the roses’ and luxuriate in the radiant pleasures of this world – feet on the Earth, face to the Cosmos, body danced to the rhythm of the Wind.

As you PLANT your SEEDS of CHANGE, Taurus New Moon emphasises that slow & steady holds you in great steed & strengthens your resiliency.  Taurus reminds us that an apple tree doesn’t shoot up over night from a single seed… she requires regular watering, sunshine, moonlight & earthly nourishment over many many lunar/solar cycles in order to one day bear fruit.   

In order for YOUR SEED to flourish into a Grand ol’ Tree, each day is a step-by-step unfoldment in the direction of your Grand Vision, your Dream.    Taurus is determined, persistent, and prepared to take those daily steps… no shortcuts, just one step in front of the other toward your destination.


Timelines Converging

Over the last few weeks, I have been experiencing wildly experiential astral/lucid dreams.  Whereby the timelines of the Earth are converging, as if the pathways of an era are all coming to an end, and new pathways are in the process of being sung into being.

My visions have involved numerous elements of the Earth (plants, crystals, inner-Earth beings, insects) taking/guiding me along these old pathways, and each time I end up back in the same spot.    As if every pathway leads to the same location.   And at this end point location, no new pathways can be seen.  The new song of the Earth is still emerging.   Nothing is written in stone, there isn’t any pre-destined outcome.   The outcome is in fact what we CHOOSE it to be.

As I walked along the beach this morning, these photonic water sparkles reminded me that it is up to each and every one of us to grab hold of this moment with Sacred Hands & Hearts.   There is NO WAITING for someone else to fix things up and our co-dependency with gurus (governments, religious figures, even ‘spiritual’ leaders) is fast crumbling.

Quantum Entanglements – Photonic Light

Quantum Entanglement. Infinite Choices. Infinite Potentials. As the old stories unravel, we have the power within us to envision & co-create a new story emerging. All it takes is the courage to follow the inner-whisperings of your HEART.Curiosity. Wonderment. Questioning the narrative. Being prepared to not follow the pack. Allowing the LIGHTness emerging from our collective HEARTS to dance our world into a new era.

Posted by Simone M Matthews – on Monday, April 20, 2020

The inherent power within you.  The luminous light.  The dream that you KNOW is yearning to emerge is calling out in this moment to be Sung into existence.   Don’t shrink yourself for fear that others will not like your Soul-Song. Sing your Soul Melody. Loud. Strong. With Grace. With Divine Voice. Together lets sing into being what we KNOW, FEEL & REMEMBER as the dream deep within our Hearts.


Taurus New Moon – eLOVEution

Whilst nature loving Taurus will inspire us to DREAM and PLANT the SEEDS of our SOUL-SONGS this New Moon, there is also a little twist to the energy.  This could be HUGE over the following couple of weeks.

Uranus is conjunct our New MOON plus Saturn makes a square to our New Moon too!

Uranus is like a wildcard of the pack, unpredictable, original and out of the box thinking.  Basically, ‘expect the unexpected’.  Uranus can spark revolutions as it has its gaze on more humanitarian, freedom loving and unconventional pursuits.  If EVER there was a time for you to step out of the pack and SING your OWN SONG to the beat of your HEART… Uranus is compelling you to do it now!

Saturn is the planet of structure & is often referred to as the karmic planet – offering us wisdom, life lessons & self-responsibility.   Saturn ‘keeps us quarantined’ so we can face our fears, and adult ourselves into awakened wisdom.  Squares are uncomfortable aspects that create tension, forcing us out of complacency.

What we could see over the following couple of weeks as we lead up to our Wesak Full Moon in May 8, 2020, is an uprising or rebellion of people taking a stand on their freedoms, civil liberties, their rights to be ‘heard’, even if their ‘song’ goes against the mainstream media narrative.

Uranus yearns to break out of isolation, and take back the power of Soulful Voice.   This is a time to wakeup, standup, be heard.  To challenge the dogma that has kept people suppressed for far too long.   To uphold our sovereignty in the face of draconian control – not just for ourselves, but as an agent of change for generations to come.   To BE an eLOVEution in the making.

Join me this coming weekend for my LIVE ZoomNew Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom guiding us Home‘, where I will share transmissions from the Pleiadian Mothers, the guidance of the Lemurian Inner-Earth Beings & the emissions of the Crystalline Lemurian LightCodes held within the Earth.  

The Gift of this Moment

Earth is currently sitting at the dawn of a New Earth Era, on the brink of a epic shift toward a Universal HumanityMany paths of possible futures are both converging & being birthed.  The choices we make now, what we bring to the world in this moment becomes the creative force that materialises our NEW collective story for Humanity.

My sharings directly address the deeper experience of this moment, what it means for each of us individually and the greater inSpirit experience of CO-VID.  How we can use the gift of this moment to transform ourselves both personally, planetarily & cosmically as we awaken to our inherent 5D divinity.

There is a deep rising of a World more Beautiful, lets together BE the CHANGE.

Our Health Freedom Global resource page has been created in support of an emerging New Earth Story.   We aspire to contribute to the global conversation based upon a sincere humility to learn from each other and a willingness to move our global consciousness to a higher place.

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Lightrition White Med Exp

Lightrition your Life

Alchemy of Wellness

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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