This Changes Everything – 99.99 %


This Changes Everything – 99.99 %

I have been flowing in the delicious dreamtime space of the imaginal realm this week. I LOVE this space. The infinite void of possibility. The chalice of enLIGHTened vision.

And I think the heavens may have also played a part in my dreamy sojourns – with Venus conjunct the Moon, and Jupiter being the closest to Earth. It really has been a powerful week. Change is in the air. The Earth is shifting.

Think of it this way. Your physical body is made up of atoms. In fact there are 7 x 1027 atoms that create the matrix of your body. And each of those atoms are only 0.01% physical matter and the rest is empty space. YEP… you guessed it… 99.99% of your body is in fact the SPACE of INFINITE possibility.

We spend so much of our time focusing on the physical 0.01%. But what if we move our thoughts, our emotions, our mind, our conscious into changing the 0.01% by working with and envisioning change through the quantum field of your 99.99% .

Afterall, isn’t this how the great epochs of biological transformation happened! Such as single cell organisms becoming multicellular. Aquatic plants biologically leaping to land. The dinosaurs. Maybe we can soon add Humans to this list and say ‘that is when humanity jumped to 5d!’

It is like your physical body is a giant CHALICE (the 0.01%), and you can fill your Chalice up with anything you want by focusing your attention on the 99.99%. What would you choose?

Consciously working with the 99.99% facilitates change within the 0.01%. You become the architect of your life, and the pioneer of your evolutionary purpose. BEING the Change that is so needed at this time through the holographic field of Metatrons Cube.

In biology, in nature, whenever there is chaos or disruption to the 0.01% something EVOLUTIONARY takes place. And that is exactly what is happening on the Earth. The uncertainty, the chaos… we are in the transition-phase moment of change. The thing is, WE are the architects of the ‘what’ we transition into. It is up to US to work the 99.99% in the direction of our grandest dreams.

So that has been my week. Working the Sacred Geometry of 99.99% and co-creating not only shifts in my own life, but just like a drop in the Ocean, planetary shifts in our collective consciousness. What a fabulistic week. And in fact what a fabulistic time to be alive on Earth and an active part of this Grand reLOVEutionary Shift!

Sacred Geometry

If you have ever studied with me, attended one of my events… or maybe you have been reading my blog for the last couple of decades… you will know how much I LOVE Sacred Geometry and the evolution of life through Metatrons Cube. The symbols of the Universe. The holographic patterns that are the fundamental templates of creation.

Well I can joyfully say, that this week (after being 6 months in transit), our Sacred Geometry Clear Quartz Crystals are all back in stock.

I use these LIGHT Template crystals throughout all our schools healing modalities. And now that they are back in stock, I also look forward to being able to use them in my new online course – Lightrition your Life and my Lemurian New Earth.

If you are interested in working your 99.99% and being a pioneer of change, them maybe you would like to invite one or more of these crystals into you life to support your own Imaginal Realm dreaming. You can work with them intuitively, or follow the guidance I have provided on the product pages.

Each Crystal or Crystal Set comes with a bonus download poster too, to support your sacred work with your 99.99%!

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