Metatrons Cube & the Number 13


Metatrons Cube & the Number 13

Metatron’s Cube is a sacred Sacred Geometrical symbol that forms a map of Creation and it is this ‘map’ that the mystics, sages and ancient civilizations have revered throughout the ages of time.

Over 13 billion years ago, during what is referred to on Earth as the ‘big bang’, Source (God, Infinite Intelligence) gave birth to our Universe… and it is this symbol of Metatron’s Cube that explains this ‘birth’ and the infinite expanding field of Creation in all directions of time and space.

Source energy, through the field of Metatron’s Cube, creates the potential field of creation – a field of high vibrational frequencies that ripple out through creation eventually creating colour, then sound and finally at their lower levels of vibration –  physical matter.

Thus the field of Source energy (represented by Metatron’s Cube) permeates through every level, through every aspect of Creation.  As that original spark of LOVE of Source expands in all directions of time and space, God is the energy waves, God is the colour, God is the sound and God is the physical matter and God is the entire field of LOVE – Live One Vibrational Energy.

Metatrons CubeGod’s light expands infinitely through Metatron’s cube via one or more of the elements of creation – Earth, Fire, Air, Water coming together through Spirit.   Galaxy’s, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, the atom, sub-atomic particles and hence the energy / space between all matter is made up of one or more of these elements.

Metatron’s Cube is composed of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere.

The spheres of Metatron’s Cube represent the ‘Feminine’ whilst the straight lines represent the ‘Masculine’. Thus Metatron’s Cube represents the weaving together of the Male & Female polarities to create the ONENESS field of the infinite ALL.

The following outlines how the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s cube are present throughout every aspect of our lives, be it Body, Mind or Spirit.


Metatrons Cube13 Archangels of Creation

The 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube are representative of the 13 Archangels that stand before ‘God’.  Each Archangel is a Sacred Keeper of an element of Creation and hence takes Gods LOVE and expands the field of Creation infinitely in all directions of time and space.

EoA eCourseThus the 13 Archangels (ie the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube) are present through all levels of creation from the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the central core of God/Source through to the densest of physical matter.  Archangels are present everywhere, in each and every moment.   Thus the Archangels are also present within you, they are you, they create you.

As the Archangels are ‘within you’, for healing within our lives we have the potential to invoke an Archangel through us (through our 13 Energy Centres) in order bring balance to a particular Element or Elements and hence transcend dis-ease and co-create health, vitality and well-being.

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Metatrons CubeOur 13 Energy Centres

The 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube are also representative of our 13 Energy Centres that comprise our experience of LIFE within our Galaxy. 

Throughout our Galaxy (and all Galaxy’s) there are 13 Energy Centres of experience that are made manifest through Metatron’s Cube.

In coming into our Galaxy our Soul births through the Cosmic Gateway (the 13th Energy Centre –  Core of our Galaxy), then births through the Universal Gateway (the 12th Energy Centre – Sirius) then through the Stellar Gateway (the 11th Energy Centre – Pleiades) in order to birth as a 5D vibrational orb of light – referred to as the Soul Star, the 10th Energy Centre.

The Soul Star Energy Centre is your Higher Self, your ‘I AM’ presence.

At your Soul Star level, you are a spark/fractal of Source energy, thus you are all of the five Elements (Earth, Fire, Air & Water) coming together as one through Spirit.  

But at the physical level all the Elements are separated in order for your Soul to have a physical experience here on Earth. In order for the soul to be able to smell, taste, touch, hear, see and experience physical reality.

Thus your Soul Star projects our a holographic image (the auric field) that creates your physical body through the separation of the Elements, hence creating your primary Chakras – Energy Centres 9 to 3.

Your auric field, referred to as your Crystalline Matrix field is then anchored to Earth via the 2nd Energy Centre – your Earth Star.

Your Earth Star is then anchored to Earth at the 1st Energy Centre within the core or Heart of Earth called the Earth Gateway.   The Earth Gateway is the mirror reflection of the Cosmic Gatway ‘as above, so below’.

Double_MerkabahThese 13 energy centres or experience are what breathe our Light Bodies into existence, creating the Double Merkabah Body of Light of our Auric fields – the field of OmAhOm.

Our activated Double Merkabah Body of Light, our 12 pointed Stellated Dodecahedron of Light (through the 13th central point), is the vehicle that supports our conscious connection with the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.  It is the vehicle that supports the awakening of our DNA and our quantum leap into enlightenment.

The diagram (above right) demonstrates our Double Merkabah Body of Light drawn as a ‘flat’ 12 pointed star.  However when viewed in 3D (from all directions), our Merkbah Body of Light looks like the diagram right (source Wikipedia) – a Stellated Dodecahedron.

Please note, that many healers ‘see’ the Merkabah Body of Light surround the physical body as a six pointed star formation, however the energetic meridians of this formation in actual fact run energy via 12 points, Crystal Light Healing eCourse sqthrough the 13th zero point field of the Heart – this is the zero point field of the triple Heart – ie the Heart of the Galaxy, Heart of the Earth and our Heart.

We have the potential to consciously connect with each of the 13 Energy Centres of experience within our Galaxy (hence within Metatron’s Cube) in order embrace our full Soul Potential and be the change we want to see within the world.

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Metatrons CubeOmAhOm Symbol through Metatron’s Cube

The OmAhOm Symbol is representative of Metatron’s Cube and holds within it the wisdoms of the ancient teachings of Lemuria and early Atlantis.  This symbol forms the basis of both Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®  healing modalities.

The 12 points of the Double Merkabah relate to the 12 Sacred Keys of Creation (through the Elements of Earth, Fire, Earth & Water), and the 13th Merkabah Light Body within the center of the OmAhOm symbol holds the 13th Sphere of LOVE through the 3 Hearts of Creation.

Become a channel of OmAhOm Infinite Intelligence through Aetheric Healing®

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Metatrons CubeThe 13 Sacred Keys of Creation

The 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube are also representative of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation;  the Sacred and Divine Universal Laws of the Intelligent Field that hold the principles of evolution and the pathways to enlightenment.

Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course is the study of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation through Metatron’s Cube.

If you feel guided to study these 13 Sacred Keys of Metatron’s Cube in Detail, inviting you to enroll in my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse – study in your own time, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

© Simone M. Matthews



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