Aries New Moon – April 2021 – New Beginnings


Aries New Moon – April 2021 – New Beginnings

I captured the above photo this morning, a few days out from our Aries New Moon.  I love how it existentially expresses our lunar energy.   Whilst New Moons are all about new beginnings, Aries New Moons (Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac) takes that energy even greater heights.

The firey energy of this Aries New Moon will feel like a new chapter is opening in your life, a deep impulse, a strong inner desire to walk your truth, own your LIGHT and break free from any restrains of familial or social conditioning.    I know, this may seem crazy if you are feeling the confines of social distancing, isolation or quarantine… but what a PERFECT time to move inward & really challenge your INNER-STORY


Aries New Moon

Moon &  Sun in Aries (22.250)
Monday, 12 April 2020
12:31 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
ARIES (Fire) – Independant, Impatient, Courageous, Leader, Spontaneous, Optimistic, Proud


New Moon Aries Energy

Our April NEW MOON falls in the Zodiac sign of Aries a Fire Sign (ruled by Mars & Earth).   Aries relates to the Earth Star & the 1st House of Self Identity, Personal Life Views & New Initiatives.

You may feel a restless passion to get things done, a sense of frustration or impatience at anyone/anything that gets in your way and a blinding fervour that becomes all consuming… mixed with a tinge of cabin fever !   You will feel the push to take that leap of faith into something new.   Aries is saying don’t overthink it, unduly question the impulse or just dip your toe in to test the waters.  Aries is saying NOW is the time, make the leap a big one, just do it and don’t look back.   

The words, thoughts, intentions & visions we hold TODAY create our WORLD of TOMORROW.  What is Aries guiding you towards ?   What is this inner-time of self-reflection showing you… moving forward what changes can you make feel LIGHTer, not so tied to the clock/time, or note being lost in the pandemic of workaholism, struggle & survival.

My advice during our Aries New Moon is to let go of the need to control/dominate what you are feeling and allow your Heart-n-Soul to lead the way.   This is a time to shift your mind from impossible to I’M Possible, and let your Heart felt desires lead the way.

Venus is very close to our Aries New Moon, so you may feel a little more tender than usually, more sensitive, and your intuitive will be amplified.  Use this time of sensitivity with Grace and trust that inner-niggle.

You have the opportunity to recognise within yourself this New Moon that YOU, yes YOU are here to make a difference, and it is time to step into the LIGHT of that truth with grace and ease.  SHE is RISING, create the space for her Fierce Grace to rise with wild abandon & step-up to what you came here to BE, SHARE & SERVE.

Sharing a video of this mornings Sunrise, thought it would make a LIGHT-filled 3 Minute meditation for our April New Moon.  Enjoy xx



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