Wesak Full Moon – April 2021 – Free Yourself


Wesak Full Moon – April 2021 – Free Yourself

As the perceived veil between worlds dissolves on the Wesak Full Moon, our inner-sight bursts wide open with Sacred Wonderment & Possibility.  Wesak is a time to make space for silence, and free yourself to receive the LOVE of Creation.

This Full Moon is also a SuperMoon, meaning it will appear bigger in the sky, and feel energetically more potent.


Full Moon in Scorpio

Moon SCORPIO (7.060)  &  Sun in TAURUS (7.060)
Tuesday, 27 April, 2021 – 1:31 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, intuition, unconscious, emotions, feelings
Sun – now, identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression

Scorpio (Water) – Passionate, emotional, willpower, psychic
Taurus (Earth) – Patient, pleasure-loving, material, determined

Full Moon Scorpio Energy

Our Scorpio Full Moon is a deeply sensitive, feeling & intuitive Full Moon.  She calls us to get really naked with ourselves and shed the masks, the fears, the illusions, the beliefs that no longer resonate to the person we are now, and our Soul-self that is yearning to be unleashed.  

To do this, we must be prepared to dive deep, look down the deepest barrel of psyche, wade through the grief, the hurt, the sadness and come face-to-face with the most uncomfortable parts of ourselves that we may have consciously/unconsciously divorced ourselves from.

Scorpio in its ‘greater potential’ helps you see behind the facade and uncover the truths.   Through ‘death’ (transition) we can truly ‘rebirth’ (awaken) it a joyful and luminous lightness of BEing.   We can see that our perceived failures, regrets, griefs and shattered hearts of the past didn’t actually break us (though it may have felt like this at the time), but rather were all stepping stones in this experience of being Human… and opening our Hearts to BE all that we know ourselves to be, simply LOVE.


Our Wesak Full Moon

Our Scorpio Full Moon is also our Wesak Full Moon for 2021.   The Wesak Full Moon is the first Full Moon of light in Taurus – Moon in Scorpio reflecting the light of the Sun in Taurus.  Wesak Full Moon is the second of three powerful Full Moons for the year.  Together they form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing heart-n-soul vision into physical form.

1. Christ Full Moon– (Sun in Aries)
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation
This Full Moon is the instigator of ideas, mental thoughts or ‘sacred envisioning’ from the Heart. 

2. Wesak Full Moon – (Sun in Taurus)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.
This Full Moon awakens the desire, emotional Heart intensity and practical fulfillment of the sacred vision. 

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – (Sun in Gemini). 
Which is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
Honouring of Spiritual Unity in humanity.
This Full Moon creates the aetheric divine pattern in order for the sacred vision to be manifest in physical form.


During the Wesak Taurus Full Moon, Divine Rays of LOVE bathe the Earth flooding our Hearts with Compassion & Kindness.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the spiritual ruler of Earth. Venus represents the Divine Feminine – the Mother Mary (May is the Month of Mary).   During the Wesak Full Moon it is said that a divine Pentagram of Venusian Light opens a portal to Shambhala (the number 11 in numerology) through our Hearts.

We are called on the Wesak Full Moon to SURRENDER (number 5 in numerology) and simply receive the LIGHT (11 in numerology), the ENERGY (11 in numerology) & HEALING (11 in numerology).   We then emerge from the Wesak Full Moon in an awakened state of WISDOM (11 in numerology) & ENLIGHTENMENT (11 in numerology) = 11:11




Wesak is a time to make space for silence, receive the LOVE of Creation and acknowledge that you are also the Source of this LOVE

It is a time for forgiveness, a time of deepest compassion and time of blessed joy and sacred celebration of what it means to be a Divine Human. It is a time to acknowledge and simply be the LOVE for self, LOVE for family/community and LOVE for all humanity

Wesak is an opportunity for humanity to come together in Heart Quintessence and be of service to self, each other and Mother Earth.  Whilst Wesak is traditionally a Buddhist practice, I feel that the celebration of Wesak is Universal as it focuses on what connects us – LOVE.

During this high-point of the year our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritually for the energy pouring into humanity, and to hold the inner connection in daily life, visualizing ourselves as a pure channel of light in alignment with the keynote of Taurus: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is Light.

The goals of “clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire” lie before us; and as these goals are progressively achieved, it becomes possible to live consciously within the aura of the spiritual group to which our soul naturally belongs.  LucusTrust.org (founder Alice Bailey).


Compassion & Kindness

With the Moon in SCORPIO & SUN in TAURUS, our April 2021 Full Moon potentiates the energy of taking responsibility for what is happening around you and on the Earth today…. the questions that may come up for you are:

Why do I allow myself to be a victim ?
Why do I blame others for my own condition ?
Why do I allow myself to feel powerless ?

With the Sun in Taurus we are wanting to anchor the divine energies available to us at this time and make a commitment to ourselves for self-responsibility and growth.  Conversely, the moon in Scorpio intensifies the energies, getting us in contact with our feelings and emotions… intuitively you know why the last few months have been difficult/challenging for you !

Wesak Full Moon embodies compassion & kindness… so remember to imbue those energies to yourself as the planets awaken you to the hard facts of exactly WHY each of us are in the position we are in… and that we have the choice to make the change.  With these intense energies, the next two weeks maybe turbulent for some as we reassess what it is we feel in our heart, what is important to us and any issues in our lives which are not congruent with our heartfelt feelings.

Death & Dying – Reframing as RE-BIRTH

On our Wesak Full Moon, I feel that these glorious Words & Video by Zach Bush MD may help to LIGHT your Heart.

There is NOTHING to be afraid of.
There is no reason to fear DEATH.
Death is a RE-BIRTH, an opportunity to see the world outside your brain, a true manifestation of beauty and love.

And yet, we haven’t been living fully because of our fear of it. Especially this past year, we have recoiled from Mother Nature and our full potential through our misunderstanding that death is an endpoint. By believing nature isn’t here to nurture us and that life ends when the heartbeat flatlines, we behave how humanity does today — allowing our loved ones to die alone in ICUs.

As you listen to this conversation, I hope you become inspired to manifest more beauty in your death, the deaths of those you love, and in your life. To be the kind of person who will someday die at the highest vibration of yourself. To live life in the same way you want to die — connected, alert, and aware. And to fully, undeniably embrace that death is not an endpoint.




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