Astral Alchemy – Key Astro Transits 2022


Astral Alchemy – Key Astro Transits 2022

Astrology is the sacred art of alchemising the Heart & Soul with the language of the Cosmos. The word Astrology comes from the Latin word astrologia, meaning study of ‘Star Language’.

Astrology bridges your inner-world with the outer-world, helping you to own your unique gifts, unravel conditioning & karmic wounds, and discover the gift of healing through Cosmic Intelligence. And Astrology inspires you to heartfully engage with the Cosmos, to grow, thrive & alchemically evolve through her luminescent sentience.

Sharing with you the key Astral Alchemy transits for 2022.  Our 2022 Astral Alchemy page contains the major transits for 2022, including dates, energetics and how to make the most of our 2022 transits.

Astral Alchemy Transits 2022

The Moon is also a wonderful reminder that no matter what phase you are in, you are always whole & complete.

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