Taurus New Moon + Solar Eclipse {partial} – May 2022


Taurus New Moon + Solar Eclipse {partial} – May 2022

Our May 1 Taurus New Moon (30 April in the Northern Hemisphere), also heralds our first Eclipse for 2022— within a series of Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses taking us into 2023.

Whilst this Solar Eclipse is only a partial eclipse, it’s astrological placement makes it energetically powerful indeed.  In fact unexpected synchronicities woven through this New Moon Solar Eclipse may catch you off guard and propel areas of your life in entirely new directions.  Go with the flow is the motto… new opportunities are showing up for a reason!

New Moon in Taurus

Moon &  Sun in Taurus (10.280)
Sunday, 1 May 2022
6:27 am AEST (Australia)
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Partial Solar Eclipse
6:41 am AEST – Maximum Eclipse
Energy of Solar Eclipses

Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
TAURUS (Earth) – Pleasure-loving, material, determined, conservative

Taurus New Moon Energy

TAURUS is an Earth sign and is ruled by Venus.   The grounded nature of Taurus calls us back to simplicity, back to nature, back to the simple pleasures of life.   Our Taurus New Moon seduces us to slow down, take the time to ‘smell the roses’ and luxuriate in the radiant pleasures of this world – feet on the Earth, face to the Cosmos, body danced to the rhythmic whispers of the breeze.

To embrace the full expanse of this Taurean transit, consider yourself so much more than just a person ‘in’ this world, but as a soul ‘of’ this world— this invitation will help build resilience & ride the waves of the big ‘shakeup’ energy that is rocking the planet through this Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse portal.   

Grounding, experiencing your body deeply rooted in the Earth and ‘of the Earth’ will help provide the stability & inner-strength you’ll need to ride the 18 month Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse portal wave.



Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse portal

Over 2020-21 our eclipses were in Gemini-Sagittarius, a pairing renowned for highlighting polarity.   Is it no wonder we experienced such expansive degrees of polarity within the world during this time— everything from health, vax, politics, human rights, and our global experience of COVID!

Now over 2022-23 our eclipses have moved into a Taurus-Scorpio pairing.  The theme is ‘changing our points of reference’.  That sounds a little cryptic I know, but essentially that means HUGE SHIFTS in how we have seen the world/our lives in the past, and cultivating NEW ways of living that are deeply rooted in our LOVE for planet Earth & the abundance she provides us.  Not taking more than what we need, or squirrelling away riches to the detriment of others, but sharing the sensual abundance of life in NEW communities.

Scorpio induces transformation, and Taurus has us take meaningful, grounded & deliberate steps toward Transformation.  However…. with Uranus playing a major role in the majority of our Taurus-Scorpio eclipse pairings over 2022-23, we may find our our steps become GREAT LEAPS or CATAPULTS in the direct of significant, unexpected & transformational change.

Taurus has a deep connection with sensuality, the human body & physical health, the land, agriculture, values and money & finances.  Scorpio has a deep connection with sexuality, wealth management & banking, mortality, mental health, and exploring the unseen realms of life.

With this Taurus-Scorpio pairing over the next 18mths, expect upheavals in finances & market volatility leading to significant changes in the way we transact— and these ways may not even be known as of yet!    We may also find the way we source our food, or the food systems we have always relied upon may crumble, leading to new & innovative ways of farming, urban gardens & community coops.   

Health systems will also begin to transform, gone are the dictatorial top-down approaches to health (ie handing your body over to the state), as more people see their body as extensions of the Earth, the Cosmos, and take back their ownership of their bodies as part of something much much greater.    And the drive to change soul-destroying careers or life-less jobs will also be thrown into the mix— as Hearts yearn for more ‘realness’ in life, earning an income from a place of passion, rather than from a dead place of expectation & have to’s.

There will be yearning for the pleasure of human interaction & connection.   Physical hugs, real-life gatherings within community, a movement away from all those darn Zoom meetings, and coming together in the company of REAL human beings.    Community gatherings will help seed & fertilise the ‘new points of reference’ that are being birthed during this time.   Not relying on Governments or those in places of ‘authority’, but rather individuals embodying self-agency, owning themselves and working in union with comm-unity to BE the change that is needed.

How to Navigate this time ?

This is the easy part… well sort of!   This time is not so much about all you must DO, but rather all that is uprising within you to BE.   This is a time to get out of your head and feel into the deep pleasures of life, your body, the sensuality of being alive in the world.  Inviting nature, the dream world, your feelings, your intuition to be your sacred guide.

Eclipses breed transformation, they take you deep into the psyche to unearth change – most usually unexpected change, particularly in areas of your life you may have ignored or neglected –  yet PERFECTLY synchronous change.

Let go of rigidity.  Thoughts of WHAT & HOW things MUST happen in your life.  Let the expansive Universe, the grander dream carry you to new life experiences.  The world is changing— you can either ride the wave or fight against it.   The funny thing is when you ride the wave your 360 degree view of life is taken to new heights of experience, a bigger picture & insight into possibility opens to you.

With Uranus playing a big role in our this Taurean New Moon Eclipse (and most other this year), expect the unexpected, and flow with the left-of-field encounters.   Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (love) are conjuncting this New Moon Eclipse… so the big message in all of this is simply LOVE BIG.   Love yourself.  Love your family, friends, community, the Earth.   Jupiter/Venus remind you that not only are you worthy to receive LOVE, you simply are LOVE.  So let it in, shine it on out— and well this Taureans New Moon Solar Eclipse will be a breeze!

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