The Sacrament


The Sacrament

Indeed, it’s no coincidence that my first ‘Flourish’ post takes place today. As Jupiter & Neptune enchant one another in Pisces, this once in a life-time rendezvous (the last conjunction in Pisces happened 166 years ago) is an invitation to initiate, shape-shift, and unlock realms of the unseen.

Celestial meetings are Sacraments, alchemical invitations to contextualise our lives through the lens of something much greater than ourselves.  To witness the divinity in all living things. Feel the ethereal presence of Grace deep within our bones.  And simply be moved by the majesty of the moment— a universal calling card that speaks to our Hearts & Souls in transcendent ways.

The presence of Jupiter & Neptune’s current dialogue will be felt until mid-May 2022, as we move into the first Solar & Lunar Eclipses of 2022.  What does this mean?   Essentially today’s conjunction will take us into a month-long journey of intimate spiritual inquiry— and it’s up to each of us how deeply we engage with the conversation.

Here are my personal insights to consider over the coming weeks…

This is a time to dream, to feel, to lucidly let your mind-heart transit the celestial highways of creation.   What would your life look like if you let go of the structures, labels & beliefs of the moment, and simply surrendered to the desires of your Soul?   Are you willing to really let go & flow?

Diamonds of insight will be present within every breath, within every dew drop, every conversation, and even every media headline.   How do these signposts feel to you?  What do they conjure deep within your consciousness?  Are you experiencing resistance?  Why?  Are there yearnings you desiring to enact upon? What is stopping you?

The veil is currently thin, guiding us to flow into the mystical dream of our Souls.  We may receive clarity on why we chose to experience this Earthly incarnation in this moment of herstory.  How our resonance reverently weaves strands in the grander matrix of creation.   And as our world sits upon a delicate precipice of evolutionary experience, what our unique thread of existence can contribute in meaningful and enduring ways.

Over the coming weeks physical action or tangible results may be quite illusive, as the dream state engages you to dance and play within higher octaves of universal possibility.  Give yourself permission to party with it all.  Don’t fight it.  Don’t try and push & shove to get yourself over the line & make things happen.

Instead, plant seeds in higher dimensions and water them with your feelings and inspirited affections.  Let your heart cultivate a crop much more glorious that what you mind could ever conceive as possible.   Surrender to the mystery of it all.   And witness your garden flourishing in bountiful and life-giving ways. 

Whilst the following month may appear to have you in a holding-pattern, allow yourself to be comfortable within the eternal space of dreamtime.   This moment is for YOU.  Cherish it, savour every morsel that comes your way.   Your (our) lives are about to take a huge leap into uncharted waters, so let this creative time help chart your personal co-creative map.

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Video + Resources

Sharing with you a video + resources— for our paid Substack Subscribers that I recorded this morning reflecting upon the moment we find ourselves in on Earth, and how to engage in the expansive arena of life— not from a place of polarity, but from being the arena itself.


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