Letter to my Community

Letter to my Community

To my wondrous Community,

This is one letter I hoped to never have had to write in my life time, but alas I need to share something deep within my heart.

There are things in this world that need to be brought out in the open, that need to be seen, heard and held to account.  The future of this world is dependant upon it.  Your futures are dependant upon it.

I have thousands upon thousands of hours of videos to share, articles, books, published scientific papers, and a myriad of testimonies to sift through in bringing this letter to life.  In so doing, I am unable to cover EVERY element in this letter, but will do my best to summarise, offer key points, and awaken your insight to a dark underbelly that permeates this world.  This is ONE BIG multi-layered and complex story indeed and it is next to impossible to cover every single angle on this one page.

In addition, there are some topics which I won’t even venture into.  They are so sinister, so malicious, so luciferian in nature, that I choose not to put any of these atrocities into print.  That is a conversation reserved for another time.

Whilst condensed, this is still a very long letter.   All I ask is that you gift yourself time, and give yourself permission to fully ruminate on every single sentence, video, link & offerings.

Please do not skim read!  I know it is tempting when you look at the volume of information on this page, however maybe something in my sharings will save your life one day.  Whilst this letter may take you a few days (at a minimum) to fully digest, considering the choices you make now will impact the rest of your life, gifting yourself 3 days in the context of everything, is a beloved gift indeed.  Love yourself enough to create sacred space just for you.

Please note I have meticulously downloaded and saved hundreds of hours of videos onto channels free of censorship, in order to save this information for your education.  Most of these videos have been deleted from commercial channels such as FakeBook, Insta, Youtube etc, and of course never would appear in MSM (main stream media).  Please be patient if the videos take longer to load that what you maybe used to.

Once you wade yourself through this long & winding letter, I promise at the end there will be a LIGHT.   There is a bright future ahead.  And there are SOLUTIONS.

My purpose of this letter is to help you view this global moment from maybe a different perspective.  There is the Government, Media & BigPharma perspectives, but what about the perspectives of thousands upon thousands of people globally that have an alternate perspective?  Why are Doctors, Medical Specialists, Professional people’s opinions not allowed to be heard?  Science is NOT written in stone, yet no public debate is allowed.  Do what your Government tells you, or lose your freedom!

Do not let the darkness in parts of this letter infiltrate just how amazingly bright you SHINE.   I believe about all else LOVE will always find a way.

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