Letter to my Community

To my wondrous Community, This is one letter I hoped to never have had to write in my life time, but alas I need to share something deep within my heart. There are things in this world that need to be brought out in the open, that need to be seen, heard and held to […]

Truth makes all things Beautiful

I love to approach life with curiosity & wonderment.  Questioning everything.  Ruminating on every morsel of life experience, from the deepest states of sorrow, the flutter of a butterfly, to the sheer magickal intelligence of a seed sprouting.   If everything in creation was birthed through grand design (divinity), then that would mean nothing in life […]

Convoy to Canberra 2022 – Stop the Mandates

Over the last 2 years I have been a strong voice and advocate of choice through my Health Freedom Resources.  In particular sharing my concerns in my Open Letter about the deleterious nature of this global moment.   As I am not one to remain silent in the presence of wrong-doing, in November 2021 I also […]

We are here to Witness the Beauty

We’re in an infinite game, playing a finite moment. As eternal souls, we exist in singularity with the universe. When you’re in singularity, temporal relationships do not exist. Everything is connected, everything is infinite, nothing is destroyed. Everything is cycling. Everything is yin and yang, everything is light and dark, everything is always balanced. So […]

COVID-19 Treatment Protocols – Preventative, Illness & Pre-Post-Jab

Sharing with you a range of COVID Protocols to support your health & wellbeing.  These protocols are NOT a replacement for professional medical advice and are provided for educational purposes only.  We highly recommend you seek the advice of your health practitioner BEFORE embarking on any protocols. Over the last 2 years I have been sharing […]

Being a VOICE for our blessed CHILDREN

Children are sacred.  As parents, guardians, teachers and caring adults we have a moral, ethical and soulful obligation to protect them from harm.  We are their voice in a world of so much noise, censorship & criminal subjugation of the facts.  We hold children’s heart & souls in our hands.  We owe it to this […]

START HERE: Your Health, your Life, your Children & Humanity’s Future

This START HERE page provides a little summary of what is contained within our Global Health Freedom Resources PLUS I have embedded on this page 13 Videos that I recommend you watch FIRST before progressing your way through our Resources.    PLUS… if it has been difficult to talk to family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues […]

The Gathering – You are Not Alone

Are you feeling this same pull?  A gathering?  A coming together of tribes?  A Soul yearning that is drawing millions of people around the globe together, dreaming through Heart a World More Beautiful? As we bring to a close these past two years of cataclysmic destruction of the old story of separation, every cell within […]

Thank you for blessing us with this experience.

Whilst the darkness of this moment can at times feel all consuming, there is a LIGHT that is emerging through the cracks.    With each passing week, the ‘darkness’ reveals itself more and more.  In fact it is becoming so illuminated, at times I feel it will self-combust under its own murky gravity.   Just this […]

Digital Identity – New World Order

This is one of my most IMPORTANT Blog posts this year.  Whether you live here in Australia, or internationally, this topic is affecting us ALL. In a way it seems quite surreal.  Digital Identity is being sold to us as a great advancement in modern day living ‘life will become so much easier’ Governments & […]

Our Human Love Story – Life is Sacred

I ponder this question each and every day.   I feel it is THE most important question to ask yourself in this lifetime.  The way you answer the question changes your entire experience of life, from your relationships, the work you do, to everything in-between including the nourishing footprint you leave on this planet for future […]

You DO NOT have authority to Brand Me

Deep within my Heart there is an inherent knowing I am born of the Divine, and my Soul is FREE.    When faced with a choice between a man-made-law-or-mandate, and the Law [Lore] of God, I will ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS choose God.  No amount of coercion, monetary incentives, shaming, or abuse could ever […]

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