Model for Food Security – The Family Farm


Model for Food Security – The Family Farm

Within my Flourish with Simone Free Community space, we have a growing Lightbrary of New Earth initiatives from around the globe— Visionary Projects & Solutions that Flourish our World More Beautiful 🌈

This week we shared a brilliant open-sourced initiative that provides solutions for food security for the future— the project is heartfelt (and being a Universal 7 Year & all), I felt guided to share with all of you.    If you are interested in discovering many more global initiatives such as these, then I welcome you to join our FREE Flourish with Simone Community space, you can also post/share your own community projects too.

The Family Farm

With uncertainty looming regarding the future of our food security— or at the very least the ability to access nutrient dense unadulterated organic food (just as nature intended) that has not been tampered with mRNA Vaccines—  (it is happening here in Australia too), it makes sense for communities to come together and create solutions for the future.

Parents with Questions (PWQ), an organisation that came to life here in Australia in response to the ‘asking the hard questions’ about the jabs, critical questions that were banned from being discussed, hav created an amazing initiative.   In a nutshell, they have created a template that enable a group of people to buy a farm.   They call this ‘The Family Farm‘.   And they have open-sourced this template to be used by ANYONE around the world.

How does it work?

In simple terms, 100 people invest money to purchase a 1/100th share in a block of land.  As this is a financial investment, there are ways you can use your super to become part of a Family Farm initiative.

The capital raised purchases the land, builds infrastructure, buys farm equipment, and employs a farmer full time to grow food, herd cattle, raise chickens— engaging regenerative farming practices.  All land owners then have the promise of food security (veges, meat, eggs etc), and can purchase the produce the farm produces at 25% lower cost than retail prices.   Any surplus food is then sold at commercial prices to the general public.  

Landowners become part of an amazing community group that envision a world more beautiful.   Land owners can camp on the land for holidays (you cannot live there, but infrastructure is built for camping), and there are regular events to connect, share & learn from one another.

Has this been done before?

Parents with Questions have already created their first Family Farm in NSW, Australia.   And they in the process as we speak of raising the capital to create a second farm here on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.  PLUS  they open sourcing HOW you can also do this… so ANYONE in the world can follow their template and set up their own ‘Family Farm’ in your City/Country.

Here is the video of the last Parents with Questions meeting, where they showcase their first Family Farm at Mt Lion in Kyogle NSW, as well as talk about HOW they did it, and how you can do it too.   Plus at the end they talk about their upcoming Family Farm ventures.  

Find out More…

If you are interested in finding out more about The Family Farm or learning how to set this up in your City/Country, then here are some great resources:

Do you have Questions about The Family Farm?
Chances are someone else has already come before you and asked the same question.. We have taken the time to put together a long list of 20 pages full of in depth Questions & Answers for you.

Read more about creating a Bricklet Account: HERE 
Read your co owners agreement that you will sign when buying your Bricklet: HERE

Are you a Farmer? 
Please Farmer Recruitment Database: JOIN HERE
Maybe you are looking to sell your farm and move on, may be you are in a bunch of debt and haven’t found a solution until now and want to chat? Would you like to be a farmer for The Family Farm in your region? Fill out the above link and join our database so we can get in touch and have a conversation with you. 

Remember to follow The Family Farm on Instagram to keep up to date with photos / videos / updates on all our farms: CLICK HERE

Follow PWQ Telegram page for the most up to date information across all of our platforms: CLICK HERE 

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