June Solstice 2024 – Our Light


June Solstice 2024 – Our Light

Our Solstice is one of the most powerful & energetically potent days of the Solar year.   

This year our Solstice falls on June 21, 2024 at 6:50 am AEST as our Sun reaches its highest point relative to our celestial equator.  In the Northern Hemisphere this marks the start of Summer and the longest day of the year,  and in the Southern Hemisphere this marks the start of Winter and the shortest day of the year.

The Solstice represents an opportunity to celebrate LIGHT.   To experience the LIGHT within ourselves, to see that same LIGHT in others.  To experience the interplay of LIGHT of the Masculine & Feminine within our lives, within the Earth and the cycles of the Sun & Moon.  Our Solstice of LIGHT is essentially a time of LOVE.   A LOVE of self.  A LOVE of nature.  A LOVE of humanity.   A LOVE of the great DIVERSITY of LIFE.   And a LOVE of our Heartful UNITY.   

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Meaning & Energy of the Solstice

At the June Solstice, the Sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer (north of the Equator) in the Northern Hemisphere, reaching it’s maximum latitude north— hence at the June Solstice the Northern Hemisphere has its longest day of LIGHT, and the Southern Hemisphere has it’s longest day of darkness.  After the June Solstice the Sun begins moving South again and the days of light become shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, and longer in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more about Solstice & Equinox.

The word Solstice comes from Latin Solstitium, or Sol (meaning Sun) & Sistere (stand still).  From the viewpoint of Earth, it appears our Sun or Sol ‘stands still’ as it reaches its peak and the days become shorter (Northern Hemisphere) or longer (Southern Hemisphere).   

The Sun represents the yang Masculine Archetype, our energetic expression in the world.    During our June Solstice the Sun enters Cancer which is ruled by the Moon – representing our yin Feminine qualities of nurturing, feeling & sensitivity.  

So as the Sun seemingly stands still (sistere) in Cancer, the Masculine & Feminine engage in a sacred dance.  The Sol (Sun, Masculine) meets the Feminine and in rapture of her beguiling presence he stands still… and then seeks to usher in a Feminine Sol Cycle of shorter days (in the Northern Hemisphere) or builds towards a Masculine Sol Cycle of longer days (Southern Hemisphere). 

Summer Solstice

In the Northern Hemisphere, the June Summer Solstice is a time of celebration of our Light as the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky.   It is a time to experience yourself as part of nature, as part of something bigger than you as the world around you is in full bloom— Flourishing.

Summer Solstice imbues within us feelings of abundance, gratitude, joyful play, sharing the fruits of your labours and dancing in the lightness of your being as you bath in the LIGHTness of the Sun and deeply exhale this LIGHT into every area of your life.  A time to embrace your en-LIGHT-enment through the Divine Masculine.

The energy of Summer Solstice is summed up in these words by Rumi— ‘Shine like the whole Universe is Yours’.


Winter Solstice

In the Southern Hemisphere, the June Winter Solstice is a time of moving inward, a deep reflection of our Light within as the Sun reaches its lowest point in the sky.   It is also a time to unite with our shadow, the darkest point within ourselves and the darkness that we may experience within the world.  Without darkness, how we would recognise LIGHT, how we would embrace en-LIGHT-enment, how would be experience LIGHT-ness of being? 

Winter Solstice draws you into your inner-LIGHT through the Divine Feminine, to see that during times of darkness the LIGHT is never extinguished, but rather is a yin cycle of presence & stillness that precedes the unfoldment of the great breath of LIGHT out again.   Trust, faith, hope & grace are your guides home at this time.

The energy of Winter Solstice is summed up in these words by Rumi— ‘If Light is in your Heart, you will find your way Home’.

How to embrace the Solstice Energy ?

Where ever you are on Earth, the Summer/Winter Solstice represents an opportunity to celebrate LIGHT— as above, so below, as within.  

The Solstice is also a time of healing.  Gracefully observing the interplay of light/darkness within your life and within our world… owning every part of yourself.   It is a time of deepest empathy, offering your LIGHT to those during times of darkness, and a time to gracefully receive this LIGHT during your time of need.   During the Solstice we discover WHOLENESS, each of us as integral parts of the whole, and that separation is a materialistic story that doesn’t hold truth within the grand expanse of the Cosmos.

During the Solstice we are being guided to take leadership in our lives, self-responsibility for our LIGHT— the way we engage with it, honour it, and use it as a flow of LOVE.    In reverence of the LIGHT, our Solstice will illuminate areas of our lives that are shown to be discordant, and change will ensue over the following six months…. BIG changes that will move you into both a nourishing & harmonic flow with the Earth, and the greater Cosmos.  A harmonic balance of the Yin-Yang, Light-Dark, Masculine-Feminine.

PLUS as the Sun moves into 0.00 degrees Cancer (a cardinal WATER sign) on the Solstice, the Water Element is guiding us to engage with FLOW.  Maybe it is time to change the direction of our lives, or let go of the boundaries that prevent LOVE/LIGHT from flowing on in, or discover ways to be a vessel of flowing LIGHT to shower upon the Earth & our human family.

Here a few suggestions to help embrace & experience the LIGHTness of our June Solstice Energy…

1. Light a Candle

There is so much LOVE in the world, but at times it maybe hard to see it.  During this weeks Solstice, I will be lighting a candle – a candle of hope, a candle of change, a candle of LIGHT that illuminates a greater possibility for humanity.   If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, may the LIGHT of your candle foster connection, action and find humane solutions that demonstrate a more Beautiful World.   If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, may the LIGHT of your candle reflect the magnificence of the LIGHT that exists within you.. the possibility to be the change in every action, thought, word & deed.

2. Breath in the LIGHT of our Sun

Stand on the Earth (preferably barefoot) and breathe the Solar Rays of joyous Light into your Heart.  Even better, breathe in the Solar Rays at Sunrise as you sungaze the LIGHT into your Pineal gland.  Feel it renewing every cell of your body, liquid light energy revitalising, replenishing & nourishing.   Then breathe this LIGHT out and take it down deep into the Earth.  Visualise this same liquid light energy revitalising, replenishing & nourishing Earth, the Rivers, the Oceans, the Forests, our Crops & Wild-Life.    This exercise would be great to engage with by the Ocean or a large body of water to help you move into a state of inner-outer FLOW.

3. Fire Ceremony

Light a bonfire and celebrate the Solstice with friends & family, or take the warmth of the fire inward to your Heart.  Set an intention of what YOU can do to make this World more Beautiful (refer to lighting a candle above).  Let the fire burn off any dross that is calling to be dissolved, and invite in the flames to spark clarity & insights into your journey.

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