Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 21 May 2021 – Greater Love

Every year in the month of May, our Sun [our LIGHT] transits over the Alcyone/Pleiades [Divine Feminine], opening our consciousness to the mystery of the natural world,  a grander possibility for our lives— a greater LOVE.   Our Sun exactly conjuncts Alcyone on the 21 May 2021, however this transit will be felt over a […]

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse + Wesak- May 2022

The intensity of our Eclipse Portal has certainly been off the richter scale!   How you are experiencing this Eclipse Portal between our Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse and now our Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be dependant on the personal placement of Taurus/Scorpio in your chart—  however the theme that will weave through the […]

Taurus New Moon + Solar Eclipse {partial} – May 2022

Our May 1 Taurus New Moon (30 April in the Northern Hemisphere), also heralds our first Eclipse for 2022— within a series of Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses taking us into 2023. Whilst this Solar Eclipse is only a partial eclipse, it’s astrological placement makes it energetically powerful indeed.  In fact unexpected synchronicities woven through this New Moon […]

Libra Full Moon – April 2022

Our April Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries marks the first Full Moon of a new Astrological year.  There is a deep calling within this Full Moon to RISEUP and embrace our Inner-Warrior (Aries) and seek to find new ways of connection, resiliency, empathy and togetherness (Libra)… as together we find new ways […]

The Sacrament – Jupiter & Neptune

Indeed, it’s no coincidence that my first ‘Flourish’ post takes place today. As Jupiter & Neptune enchant one another in Pisces, this once in a life-time rendezvous (the last conjunction in Pisces happened 166 years ago) is an invitation to initiate, shape-shift, and unlock realms of the unseen. Celestial meetings are Sacraments, alchemical invitations to contextualise […]

Virgo Full Moon + Equinox – March 2022

There is a softness, a sweet space opening in the hearts of humanity.  Can you feel it?  A space where we are moving out of control dramas, of planning every moment of our lives to a ‘T’.   We are engaging with uncertainty like never before and inviting into our lives the ‘magick’ that unfolds when […]

Aquarius New Moon – February 2022 – Flow

This reLOVEutionary Aquarian New Moon of flow is awakening our Humanitarian Heart to discover ‘the beauty within the darkness of this world’, and that beauty is YOU.    No Government, Media, or external force has control over your life.   When we move into a state of FLOW with our Heart & Higher-Selves, and courageously align […]

Cancer Full Moon – January 2022

Our first Full Moon of 2022 is in Cancer, an emotional & deeply reflective Full Moon.   Cancer is the sign of HOME, such that we will be called to review the year ahead, and reflect on how our personal values & stories have changed over the last couple of year regarding the HOME of our […]

Astral Alchemy – Key Astro Transits 2022

Astrology is the sacred art of alchemising the Heart & Soul with the language of the Cosmos. The word Astrology comes from the Latin word astrologia, meaning study of ‘Star Language’. Astrology bridges your inner-world with the outer-world, helping you to own your unique gifts, unravel conditioning & karmic wounds, and discover the gift of healing through Cosmic Intelligence. And […]

Retrograde Planets 2022 – Dates, Definition & Meaning

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets move to the East relative to the stars.  However, there are times where it appears that a planet is moving in the opposite direction, to the West, and that is […]

Outer Planetary Transits – 2022

The personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars – move quickly through the Zodiac and represent our individual personal characteristics and experiences.    The outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto – take a much longer time to transit the Sun, hence they shape the big picture themes of our […]

Blue Moons 2022 – Dates, Definitions & Meaning

You have most probably used the term ‘once in a Blue Moon’ in reference to a rare event.   But where did this reference come from, and how does it relate to the Moon ?   Blue Moon – Definitions The definition for a BLUE MOON is quite confusing, and has a fair bit of history […]

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