New Moon + Solar Eclipse – June 2020

By Simone Matthews

Our June 2020 New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse takes place at zero degrees Cancer, representing the converging of timelines and an opening of New Possibilities.  Whilst I feel in my heart the immense LOVE imbedded within this New Moon Eclipse, like every birth & new beginning there is also the inevitable death of aspects needing […]

Solstice June 2020 – One Light, One Love

By Simone Matthews

This year our Summer/Winter Solstice falls on Sunday, June 21, 2019 at 7:43 am AEST – a time of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice) and a time of deep inward reflection in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice). And this years Solstice feels even more highly charged, as it takes place just hours before […]

Full Moon + Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse – June 2020

By Simone Matthews

Immeasurable Heaven is the theme of this weeks Full Moon in Sagittarius.   She reminds us that we are capable of moving beyond the division of the present moment, and finding a place where we can all meet in kindness, compassion & sacred connection.   Whilst gut-wrenching scenes are unfolding within the world as I write this, […]

The LIGHT of Possibility – LOVE

By Simone Matthews

I started writing this post this morning with the intention of sharing my insights into our Sun transiting the Pleiades, combined with many plants in Retrograde, leading up to our Gemini New Moon later in the month, followed by our Goodwill Full Moon in early June 2020.   But just like the mysterious unfolding of life […]

Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – Feminine Wisdom – May 17-25, 2020

By Simone Matthews

In April 2020, Venus transited directly across Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleaides.  This transit takes place every 8 years and represents a surrender to the Divine Feminine through us. And now in May 2020, our Sun transits directly over Alcyone, awakening our LIGHT to the eternal flame of FEMININE WISDOM.   This portal of […]

Lunar Nodes – Gemini/Sagittarius – Curiosity for Truth

By Simone Matthews

Well I must say, the astrology for 2020 continues to both astound and enthrall me.  Whilst it can be hard to sometimes see a bigger picture when trudging through the quagmire of this covid-19 time, all you need do is look to the stars for answers… believe me, they are all there ! This week, […]

Wesak – Full Moon

By Simone Matthews

There is a heartening of energy this week as our Full Moon reflects Taurean light – the WESAK FULL MOON. As the veil between worlds thins on the Wesak Full Moon, our inner-pilot-lights are illuminated with a higher possibility for humanity.    Our inner-sight bursts wide open with sacred awe of what is truly possible […]

New Moon in Taurus – April 2020

By Simone Matthews

Are you feeling it?   That inner-vision, that heart-pulsing feeling, that deep inner-knowing that something beautiful is emerging in our world?   An opening of a portal through the archway of our present moment? This weeks TAURUS New Moon is about OWNING that feeling down deep in every cell, and planting the seeds that will crystallise that […]

Christ Full Moon – April 2020

By Simone Matthews

Our April Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries marks the first Full Moon of a new Astrological year.  There is a deep calling within this Full Moon to RISEUP and embrace our Inner-Warrior (Aries) and seek to find new ways of connection, resiliency, empathy and togetherness (Libra)… as together […]

Venus transit Pleiades – 3/4 April, 2020

By Simone Matthews

Every 8 years, Venus transits across the Pleiades – a star cluster that is close to Earth & can be seen in the night sky without a telescope.  In fact Venus will transit directly across Alcyone (the brightest star in the Pleiades) over 3/4 April 2020.   Plus, asteroid Vesta will be making a weak conjunction […]

Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction – April 2020

By Simone Matthews

Well here we are.  In this most extraordinary time on Earth.  Something deep inside you already new this time, this shift, this transition was coming.   Yet somehow, as we wade our way through, that inner-knowing doesn’t always make the physical experience any easier. On the back of January 2020’s Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (beginning a new 30 […]

New Moon in Aries – She’s Rising

By Simone Matthews

Oh gorgeous family, how are you?  What a HUGE & extraordinary global shift we are all experiencing at this time.  Our Aries New Moon is sooooo what is drawing us to LIGHT, as the bigger themes/ways of our life are crumbling after January’s Saturn & Pluto conjunction… & Saturn transiting Aquarius… who’s ripples will be […]

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