Libra Full Moon – March 2021 – Your Event Horizon Moment

Our April Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries and marks the first Full Moon of a new Astrological year.  I feel this Full Moon, which is the FIRST of three Powerful Full Moons is like an Event Horizon moment in our lives.  How far are we willing to be […]

World Wide Rally for Freedom – March Equinox 2021

This weekend through the energy of our March Equinox, humanity comes together for our World Wide Rally for Freedom on March 20, 2021.   I LOVE how this global day of Unity is also our International Day of Happiness, followed by our World Water Day on March 22…. and here in Australia it is also Harmony […]

Pisces New Moon – March 2021 – LIGHT up the World

Our March 2021 Pisces New Moon, takes us deep into our Sacred Sexuality, the Sensuality of our Bodies, & the warming Bosom of Mother Earth.  Deeper and deeper we will go, till we experience ourselves born OF nature, eternal drops of the one ocean of life.  This New Moon is a return to feeling into […]

Full Moon in Virgo – Vesta & Venus – February 2021

There is a great uprising happening in the Human Heart this Full Moon due to the aspects of both Vesta & Venus.  Give yourself the space to be still, listen, feel and engage is not only the grander wisdom of your Soul, but also the sacred whispers of Divinity guiding your path. We are moving […]

Aquarius New Moon – February 2021 – Revolution

What makes our February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius quite breath-taking is that our Moon & Sun in Aquarius are joined by a stellium of 6 other planets also in Aquarius – Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto & Pallas (asteroid).    This reLOVEutionary Aquarian New Moon is awakening our Humanitarian Heart to discover ‘the beauty […]

Super Moons & Micro Moons 2021

The Moon orbits Earth in an elliptical orbit (not a perfect circle), hence the distance of the Moon from the Earth varies throughout the year. When a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with being Perigee (closest to Earth), it is deemed a SUPERMOON.  Conversely, when a Full Moon or New Moon coincides with being […]

Leo Full Moon – January 2021 – Own your Grace

Whilst Full Moons can be challenging with the Moon & Sun sitting on opposite sides of the zodiac, they can also be wildly expansive & potently illuminating as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance.   And I promise you, this weeks Full Moon in LEO reflecting the light of the […]

Capricorn New Moon – January 2021 – Peace within the Storm

Our January 2021 Capricorn New Moon has a very unique and different feel to it.  This is NOT the New Moon to put together a fixed plan for your life during 2021, or to try and control all the variables around you. As the raging storms of change are whirling around us in this moment, […]

Retrograde Planets – Energetic Meaning – 2021

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets move to the East relative to the stars.  However, there are times where it appears that a planet is moving in the opposite direction, to the West, and that is […]

Lunar & Solar Eclipses – Energetic Meaning – 2021

A LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs when the Moon is full and the Earth blocks the Suns rays from partially/fully reaching the Moon, thus the Moon is cast within the Earth’s shadow.   Energetically, a Lunar Eclipse guides us to transcend negative patterns/old beliefs within the shadow self – a time to ECLIPSE anything that maybe holding you […]

Equinoxes & Solstices

Due to the tilt in our Earth’s axis of rotation, throughout the calendar year the Sun appears to rise and fall in different regions of the Sky, creating the Seasons of the year.  This is not due to the Sun moving, but due to the Earth moving relative to the Sun. The four season’s come […]

Cancer Full Moon – December 2020

Our LAST Full Moon for 2020 falls in the Astrological Sign of Cancer on December 29/30.   Our Cancer Full Moon is an emotional & deeply reflective Full Moon.   Cancer is the sign of HOME, such that we will be called to review the year that was, and reflect on how our personal values & stories […]

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