New Moon in Leo – August 2020

By Simone Matthews

After our Lion’s Gateway Portal, our Leo New Moon reminds us NOT to PLAY SMALL just because the critics of this world feel uncomfortable or even threatened by your message.    Remember the fierce grace of the LEO roar.  Stand your ground and speak from the Heart.  There is no need to shout, threaten, or share […]

Lions Gateway 8:8 Portal – Becoming LIGHT

By Simone Matthews

The Sun entered the constellation Leo on the 22 July 2020, and is transiting through Leo until 23 August 2020.  Peak energy of the transit is felt mid-point on the 8 August (8:8) with the rising Sun forming a semi-sextile aspect with Sirius Sun or tetrahedron of LIGHT aspect with Earth. This alignment is often […]

Full Moon in Aquarius – 4 August 2020

By Simone Matthews

Right Relationship.  Blessed Connection.  That is the theme of our August Full Moon in Aquarius, as she reflects the light of the Sun in Leo. This Full Moon is about moving beyond the ‘stuff’ that fosters separation in our lives, and instead taking our selves to a higherplace.  A place that seeks connection, that moves […]

Comet Neowise – Genetic Upgrades ?

By Simone Matthews

I am releasing Module 6 of Lightrition your Life online course later this week, where I have been diving deep into the Anima Realm – the diverse Cosmic-Earthly Biome of nature. In my course videos, I have discussed how over 40,000 tonnes of Cosmic Dust falls to Earth each and every year, sprinkling the Earth […]

Day out of Time – 25 July 2020 – Galactic Calendar

By Simone Matthews

Every year, on the 25 July, we come into our Day out of Time on the Galactic Calendar.  A space between worlds, a rainbow bridge that connects the past with the potential future in the present moment. The 13 Moon Galactic Calendar (unlike today’s Gregorian Calendar) calibrates our energy field with the rhythmic cycles of […]

Lunar Halo – Sacred Ring of enLightenment

By Simone Matthews

Last night, just hours after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse here in Australia, something magickal happened.  A Lunar Halo, a Sacred Ring of Light aurified the Moon. The experience was mesmerising.  She captivated us with her beauty… she really was so beguiling!   Here is a pictured from last night, with Jupiter & Saturn to the […]

Full Moon + Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

By Simone Matthews

Endings & new beginnings theme this weeks Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.  Not only are we coming to the end of our June/July Eclipse trilogy portal, but also this eclipse is the LAST eclipse in a 2 year window of Capricorn-Cancer Eclipses (July 2018 to July 2020). As I wrote back in July 2018 […]

Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction – June 2020

By Simone Matthews

“Planting the seeds into the Dream, the Soul of life itself”.  I wrote these words back in April 2020, and now more than ever they are beginning to put down tap roots into this exquisitely beautiful planet that we are all privileged to inhabit. As we witness the collapse of systems that have been broken […]

New Moon + Solar Eclipse – June 2020

By Simone Matthews

Our June 2020 New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse takes place at zero degrees Cancer, representing the converging of timelines and an opening of New Possibilities.  Whilst I feel in my heart the immense LOVE imbedded within this New Moon Eclipse, like every birth & new beginning there is also the inevitable death of aspects needing […]

Solstice June 2020 – One Light, One Love

By Simone Matthews

This year our Summer/Winter Solstice falls on Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 7:43 am AEST – a time of celebration in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice) and a time of deep inward reflection in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice). And this years Solstice feels even more highly charged, as it takes place just hours before […]

Full Moon + Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse – June 2020

By Simone Matthews

Immeasurable Heaven is the theme of this weeks Full Moon in Sagittarius.   She reminds us that we are capable of moving beyond the division of the present moment, and finding a place where we can all meet in kindness, compassion & sacred connection.   Whilst gut-wrenching scenes are unfolding within the world as I write this, […]

The LIGHT of Possibility – LOVE

By Simone Matthews

I started writing this post this morning with the intention of sharing my insights into our Sun transiting the Pleiades, combined with many plants in Retrograde, leading up to our Gemini New Moon later in the month, followed by our Goodwill Full Moon in early June 2020.   But just like the mysterious unfolding of life […]

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