Violations of the Nuremberg Code

If EVER there was a time to critically think & intuitively feel into your Heart then NOW is that time.   When the ABC publishes an article that declares the ‘Nuremberg Code from WWII has nothing to do with coronavirus…‘, then if you haven’t already begun to question, then NOW is the time to be alert, […]

People are DYING from the COVID Vaccine

As the COVID Vaccines roll out around the world, I have been updating my Adverse Events pages with Government reported ‘Deaths & Injuries’.   Here are a list of Deaths & Injuries by country for the COVID Vaccine up to Early/Mid May 2021: United States – 4,201 Deaths & 227,805 InjuriesUnited Kingdom – 1,180 Deaths & […]

What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids

Vaccine Secrets is an animated video created by parents of vaccine-injured children, fact checks the many statements used to convince parents that vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccine Secrets – Video for Parents As discussed on the Children’s Health Defense Website – When it comes to vaccines, the prevailing narrative is that they are a […]

Fast-Food Industrialisation of Modern Medicine

Healing cannot be  industrialised, it is a sacred and individual journey for every individual.   So it is a sad day, when a Doctor here in Australia (Dr Albert Louis is not his real name) is unable to practice and help serve & heal those in need. Dr Louis believes that medicine has lost its way, […]

Ethics of Vaccines – Pregnancy, Babies & Children

As I write this post, I am dreamily thinking of my own three pregnancy’s (2 of which were full term).  How the Sanctity of Life and the Grace of the Human Soul is heavenly mirrored when ever we witness or experience the holiness of Creation. Still to this day, over 20 years on, I can […]

Transhumanism, Vaccines & NanoTechnology

The Institute for Soldiers Nanotechnologies at MIT and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases are researching the use of nanotechnology based adjuvants in new vaccines for the military against malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola. According to this document, “Project 1.6 proposes to develop two platform technologies that safely and efficiently promote immune […]

Vaccines via Artificial Intelligence

We currently sit on the precipice of some MAJOR decisions for the future of the human species.  Are we looking down the barrel of keeping humanities 24/7 medicated for fear of external threats ?   What impact will this have on our epi-genetics for future generations ?  Our immune-system and auto-immunity ?  Are we furthering the […]

Informed Consent

Over the coming months, I am posting a series of articles that support your research into Vaccines.  Everything from the contents of vaccines, efficacy, ethics, legality and injury.  And I will also provide information on the COVID-19 Vaccines –  Pfizer Vaccine,  Moderna Vaccine,   AstraZenca Vaccine. Before you write me off in this moment as an ‘Anti-Vaxxer‘ […]

Reasons for not Mandating Vaccines

Sharing a comprehensive list (though certainly not complete list) of published peer reviewed papers within scientific journals, as well as referenced articles that explore and discuss injuries linked to vaccines. These papers highlight that there is a call for concern over vaccine ethics & efficacy in there current form. Vaccines maybe linked to a host […]

Doctors Questioning Vaccines

Governments, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Associations, and wealthy Philanthropists give the impression that vaccines are the ‘magic solution’ for our health care.   And to be honest, main stream media certainly pushes the one-story line that ALL doctors & scientists agree that vaccines are safe & effective. However, there are a growing number of health care professionals […]

Herd Immunity – Faulty Science & Logic

You may have heard this reasoning by Doctors, Pharma & mainstream media  ‘we must vaccinate up to 95% of communities to induce herd immunity’.   There is a belief that when the majority of people within communities are vaccinated, then disease will not spread.   It is said that those that are vaccinated are ‘immune’, and then […]

Vaccination: Censorship & Medical Tyranny

Thank you to our vibrant community for your wonderful feedback/discussion on our series of Vaccination articles.  In mid-December I will be posting a series of articles on each of the COVID-19 vaccines, discussing their contents, how they are intended to work within the body, and the potential health risks.   If you would like to receive […]

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