Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse – March 2024


Libra Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse – March 2024

Our FIRST Full Moon of the Astrological New Year— Full Moon in Libra, reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in Aries.

There is a deep calling within this Full Moon to RISEUP and embrace our Inner-Warrior (Aries) and seek to find new ways of connection, resiliency, relationship, empathy and togetherness (Libra).   PLUS the energy of our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse calls us to have the courage to let go of any relationship that does not serve our higher calling.

Our Full Moon is also the Christ Full Moon, bringing into focus our Values— are we living in right relationship to life— and having the tenacity to be a voice of change & CHANGE ANYTHING that we we are not in right-relationship with.

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Full Moon in LIBRA

Moon LIBRA (5.070)  &  Sun in ARIES (5.070)
Monday, 25 March 2024

4:59 pm AEST (Australia)
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Monday, 25 March 2024
5:12 pm AEST – Maximum Eclipse
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Visible in much of Europe, North/East Asia, Much of Australia (too low on the horizon for here on the East Coast), Much of Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Antarctica.

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Libra (Air) – Romantic, indecisive, harmony, social, helpful
Aries (Fire) – 
Leader, risk taker, action-oriented, outgoing

Full Moon LIBRA Energy

Whilst the energy of a Full Moon can cause tension & uncomfortable friction as the Moon & Sun oppose each other in the sky (where do you think the name ‘lunatic’ came from), at the same time a Full Moon can ignite a greater amplification of vision & potential possibility.   A sacred opportunity to declutter your life, clear out the cobwebs of the past, and change-up your daily rhythms in alignment with something greater than yourself.

With the Moon in Libra reflecting the Sun in Aries this week, combined with other planetary aspects of Pluto, I am very much feeling the power of her greater potential !

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and exudes a wilful independence, a pioneering spirit that presents to us as the feeling of anything is possible.  Aries is ruled by Mars the GOD of war, bloodshed & fighting.   Aries is all about ‘Me’ and what do ‘I’ want. Opposing this fierce energy is our Libra Moon,  encouraging us to walk our paths in harmony, co-operation & blessed community. Libra is ruled by Venus the GODDESS of Love, beauty & harmony.  Libra is all about ‘Us’ and what do ‘We’ want.

Our Libra Full Moon reminds us that under our physical facades, we are all the same, and united in our commonality we can change the world for the better.  It is our amazingly unique diversity (Aries) that creates the whole in balance and harmony (Libra).    This Full Moon calls for you to let go of where in your life you may have conformed to someone else’s version of your life— and to emerge in the unique vibrant essence that is you!




PENUMBRAL Lunar Eclipse 

Lunar Eclipses & Solar Eclipses come in pairs. 

This week we have our Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, whereby the Earth passes between the Sun & the Moon, blocking the Suns rays from FULLY reaching the Moon, thus the Moon will be fully cast within Earth’s shadow.  During a Penumbral Eclipse the moon moves through the penumbral part of the Earth’s shadow hence this eclipse is very feint.

Then on the 9 April 2024 we have a Total Solar Eclipse whereby the Moon moved between the Earth and Sun, partly obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun.  [I will post separately on our Solar Eclipse next month].

Energetically during our Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, as the Moon sits in Earth’s shadow (ie unable to reflect the I AM Light of the Sun), a window opens and we are drawn into ourselves, the part that we don’t show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of our psyche.   The word ECLIPSE comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” meaning “to abandon, to leave, to vanish” – and that’s exactly what we may experience during a Lunar Eclipse – the desire to surrender and let go of parts of our self that limit our greater potential.

A Lunar Eclipse provides a powerful opportunity to release deep-seated wounds, move beyond old fears and to transcend negative patterns or traits within the shadow self. It is time to ECLIPSE anything that maybe holding you back.

This eclipse is our 3rd Aries-Libra eclipse pairings from 2023-2025.   I talk about this and so much more within this months Intuitive Astrology Video.    

Aries-Libra Eclipse pairings—

April 20, 2023
October 15, 2023
March 25, 2024
April 9, 2024
October 3, 2024
March 29, 2025


Christ Full Moon

Our Libra Full Moon is referred to as the Christ Full Moon in Theosophy— refer the works of Alice Bailey,   And our Christ Full Moon, (Sun in Aries reflecting the light of the Moon in Libra) is the first of three powerful Full Moons of the year.  The three powerful Full Moons form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing a vision into physical form.

1. Christ Full Moon – March 25, 2024   (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra )
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation. Celebration of the LIGHT within & connection to the Higher Realms.  Energetic Potential— instigator of divine mental thoughts of our sacred visions.

2. Wesak Full Moon –   April 24, 2024 (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.   Energetic Potential— awakens the desire, emotional intensity of our sacred visions.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – May 23, 2024  (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius). 
Honouring of Spiritual Unity in humanity.  Energetic Potential— creates the aetheric divine pattern in order for the sacred vision to be manifest in physical form.

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