Capricorn New Moon – January 2024 – Endings & New Beginnings


Capricorn New Moon – January 2024 – Endings & New Beginnings

Our January 2024 Capricorn New Moon is our first New Moon of the year and has a very unique and different feel to it.  This is NOT the New Moon to put together a fixed plan for the year ahead or trying to control all the variables around you.

This New Moon asks that you let go of the need to have all the answers now.  A hard line to take under Capricorn I know!  

Instead this Capricorn New Moon is all about endings.   Tidying up all the loose ends of 2023, things that don’t quite feel complete, and using the transformative power of closure to rebirth you into 2024.

This can feel uncomfortable, Capricorn the goat wants to plan and climb that highest mountain tomorrow!  Yet if you flow with the universal vibe, let go of needing to push and instead finalise that last chapter with this particular book of your life, you will complete the cycle of your death & rebirth journey through Pluto.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

New Moon in Capricorn

Moon &  Sun in CAPRICORN (20.440)
Thursday, 11 January 2024
9:56 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
Capricorn (Earth) – Ambition, Determination, Structure, Prudence, Conventional & Authority.

New Moon CAPRICORN Energy

Our FIRST NEW MOON for the year is our New Moon in Capricorn.   New Moons are all about setting intentions for the forthcoming cycle, and the first New Moon of the year helps us to find a rhythm & pace for the year ahead.

Capricorn is an EARTH sign, and is grounded, practical, dedicated & determined towards it’s cause— which makes it a great New Moon to take us into a New Year.  However, our January 2024 Capricorn New Moon has a few twists and turns to it, that in my opinion both amplify and accelerate the potential of this New Moon in transformational ways.

Whilst Capricorn usual guides us to put pen to paper, make a plan, and create the steps that will engage us in bringing the plan to life— THIS Capricorn New Moon has a very unique and different feel to it.

There is certainly a plan, but the plan is way more fluid than our usual Capricorn New Moons.   

Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since 2008.  Heralding transformation, Pluto in Capricorn is about death and rebirth or endings and beginnings.  It is a time of breaking down all old outdated structures— structures that embody power & control such as governments, corporations & religion.  This dismantling then creates opportunities to rebuild solid foundations from the ground up and inside-out.  Structures that support communities, humanity and the sustainable life of this planet.   What changes have you noticed in your own life since 2008?

Pluto is about to enter Aquarius on January 21, and whilst Pluto does dip back into Capricorn later this year, in November 2024 Pluto re-enters back into Aquarius and will remain there until 2043.  Aquarius governs technology, science, space, social & political structure and progressive ideas and advancements.  History shows us it is a time that heralds revolutions in all these areas, ground-breaking discoveries that change life as we know it! 

Aquarius is a revolutionary that takes us to places that we haven’t even thought of yet— hence it is hard to image what life will look like by the time Pluto enters Pisces in 2043/44!    We can anticipate however the emergence of new political parties away from the oligarchy, new advancements in how we move through space, significant changes to genetics, nanotechnology, and trans-humanistic abilities. 4th Industrial Revolution of technology and the push to control vs the peoples uprising for freedom, all intertwined with AI overtaking peoples jobs during the transition.  

Hence 2024 is a year of putting to ‘death’ an old cycle of Pluto in Capricorn, and getting ready to birth a new cycle of Aquarius.   In addition, this will be the LAST Capricorn New Moon where Pluto will be hovering in the later degrees of Capricorn— furthering amplifying the push of endings & birthing of New Beginnings.

Whilst 2024 is a Universal 8 Vibration Year, the month of January 2024 is a Universal 9 Vibration Month, further adding to our energetic experience of putting to bed both 2023 AND the transit of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, and preparing our selves to rebirth into a New Earth Era.


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