Numerology 2024 – Universal 8 Year – Cosmic Weaving


Numerology 2024 – Universal 8 Year – Cosmic Weaving

2024 is a Universal 8 Year in Numerology, the year of ‘Cosmic Weaving‘— taking charge of your life, believing in yourself, and weaving your God given eternal light with fierce grace.   It’s a year of personal power, spiritual & material abundance, bringing your dreams into material reality, and having the courage to be assertive and operate from your true north.  

Reflecting back on the numerology of the last few years, our 2020 Universal 4 Year  & our 2021 Universal 5 Year were about shattering the foundations of society that had been built upon lies, deceit & fear-based control. And 2022 Universal 6 Year was a year of coming home through the Heart, followed by 2023 Universal 7 Year a year of deep introspection & personal growth.

Now 2024 is a year of taking that inner-work of 2023 and expressing it outwardly to the world. The power of 8 inspires us to step out of our comfort zone, take action, explore new opportunities, and reach for the stars & beyond.  The only thing that can stop you in a Universal 8 Year is your belief in self, for as the saying goes you reap what you sow… so sow wisely during our Universal 8 Year!

The Hermetic Axiom  ‘As Above, So Below, As Within ‘ vibrates to the Master Vibration 88 in numerology (which reduces to a number 7, ie 8+8=16=1+6=7).   During our 2023 Universal 7 Year of personal growth we were called to curiously reflect on this Axiom through the number 7, and now in 2024 it is a time to truly LIVE this Hermetic Axiom to its fullest— the words Hermetic Axiom vibrate to the number 8 too!

What do I mean by living this Axiom?  In means fully expressing every area of our lives as fractals of something greater than us.   This takes commitment and compassion, yet the rewards are ultimately our medicine that return us to God, eternity— all the bolded words vibrate to the number 8 too!

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Enrol in my Numerology 2024 Course today!

How to Calculate our Universal 8 year

Our global Universal Year in numerology is calculated by adding all the digits of the Year together to create one single digit.   This resultant Universal Year Number is what colours the canvas of our world, our lives and flavours our collective experiences throughout the year.

The Universal Year number for 2024 is the Number 8    [2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8]

How we experience our 2024 Universal 8 Year will be filtered through the lenses of our own Personal Year in Numerology.  Calculate & read more about your 2024 Personal Year in Numerology here.

The last time we experienced a Universal 8 Year in Numerology was 9 years ago in 2015… then 9 years before that in 2006, then 9 years before that in 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970 etc…  You may wish to look back on those years in your life, and see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 8 Year vibration for you!  

The number 8 when turned side-ways looks like the infinity symbol or the central core of a toric field and that is exactly the energy of what the Number 8 is about.   The Number 8 is expansive, connects you ‘as above, so below, as within’, and transforms your life on every level.   It’s the number of mystery & miracles that connects us with our powerful & spiritual natures through eternity— all Universal 8 words.

I talk more in depth about the power of Toric Fields & harnessing your power for Cosmic Weaving in my Numerology 2024 Course— Enrol Today!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

I woke up early this morning and still in the dream state the following phrase resonated into my consciousness ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’. I recognised this phrase from a message shared by Hopi Elders a couple of decades ago, but was now most interested to understand why these words were coming in so strong for me today.

The first thing I did was calculate the numerology of the phrase, and guess what— YES, it vibrates to the Number 8 (152/8 to be exact).   I also then discovered similar words that were shared by poet June Jordan, in her Poem for South African Women in 1978 ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for‘,  which synchronistically also vibrates to the number 8.  

I feel that this Hopi Elder Message (8 vibration), portrays the essence of what our Universal 8 Year of Cosmic Weaving is all about— we must become in our lives the things we choose to experience in our world.  I invite you to download the image below and display somewhere prominently in your home.  Meditate on the words regularly during 2024, and allow the medicine (8 vibration) to create miracles (8 vibration) that are so needed at this time.

The Number 8 – Vibrational Words

I love words!   Words vibrate an energy based on their etymology, their pronounciation & sound codes, and also via the numerology of the letters that combine to create a numerological vibration for each word.

The following words vibrate to the Number 8 in Numerology.  They guide us in our understanding of how to harness the energy of our Universal 8 Year, and how to make the most of the year for our own personal healing, growth & expansion.     

Whilst I share an expansive list of WORDS that vibrate to the Number 8 in my Numerology 2024 Course,  here are a few words to help you feel into the energy for now.

  • As Above, So Below, As Within – 88
  • Cosmic Weaving – 62/8
  • We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – 152/8
  • Hopi Elder Message – 80/8
  • God – 17/8
  • The Goddess Justitia – 71/8
  • Fierce Grace – 62/8
  • Action – 26/8
  • Mystery – 35/8
  • Miracles – 35/8
  • Karma – 17/8
  • Womb – 17/8
  • Flight – 35/8
  • Faith – 26/8
  • Meaning of Life – 71/8
  • Spiritual – 44/8
  • Blossoming – 44/8
  • Flowers – 35/8
  • Spider – 35/8
  • Powerful – 44/8
  • Commitment – 44/8
  • Medicine – 44/8
  • Naturopath – 44/8
  • Happiness – 44/8
  • Fibonacci – 44/8
  • Eternity – 44/8

The Number 8 – Crystals & Minerals

The following crystals vibrate to the Number 8 in Numerology—  in fact the world ‘crystal‘ even vibrates to the number 8.     I recommend working with 8 Vibration Crystals during 2024 to amplify the 8 Vibration, exponentiate the potential of the number 8 in your life, and to harness the expansive POWER of 8 energy for abundance, wellbeing, spiritual evolution & manifestation.     

Whilst I share an expansive list of CRYSTALS & MINERALS that vibrate to the Number 8 in my Numerology 2024 Course, including HOW to work with the energy of these Key Crystals during our 8 Vibration year, here are a few Crystals to help guide your connection in this moment.

  • Crystal
  • Calcite
  • Celestite
  • Dioptase
  • Opal
  • Selenite

The Number 8 – Octahedron & Merkabah

The energy field (auric field) that surrounds our physical body is referred to as our ‘Crystalline Matrix’. Our Crystalline matrix is a complex 8 sided Octahedron (diamond) energy field made up of seven different levels; the outer most field holds the highest 5th Dimensional frequencies and the inner most field holds the densest frequencies that ultimately breathes life to create our 3rd Dimensional physical body— the 8th Level.

During a Universal 8 Year, we are tuning into the 8 Dimensions that flow through our Octahedron Light Body, and harnessing our powers of manifestation, abundance & authentic power. 

Within my Numerology 2024 Course, I will share how to activate the Octahedron— the Merkabah Light Body, in order to access the 8 Dimensions of our Cosmos through the Double Merkabah & 13 Sacred Keys.

The Number 8 – The 8th Dimension

Life on Earth is experienced through 8 Dimensions of Consciousness and the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.    The 1st Dimension is our Earth Heart (Earths Crystalline Grid), and the 8th Dimension is our Cosmic Heart (Milky Way Galactic Centre).    

Our Soul resonates at 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency, the inner-knowing that whilst you are a Soul having a human experience, you are part of something much greater than yourself.   Hence 5th Dimensional living is about living in service to something greater than yourself.  Every thought, word, action, deep changes the field, and holographically we can make huge leaps in collective conscious by changing ourselves.

Our 5th Dimensional Soul Star is guided by the holy trinity of Mother-Father-Spirit, referred to as the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle— a trinity made up of 3 Portals of Consciousness:

  • 6th Dimension Divine Feminine – Alcyone (Pleiades) Stellar Gateway Portal
  • 7th Dimension Divine Masculine – Sirius Universal Gateway Portal
  • 8th Dimension Unity/Spirit – Galactic Centre Cosmic Gateway Portal

In a Universal 8 Year, our consciousness expands to embody the wisdom of the 8th Dimensional Portal – the Portal of Unity Consciousness.  During my Numerology 2024 Course, I discuss how to access 8th Dimensional Frequencies, and the relationship to both the Crown Chakra & the Soul Star.


Fibonacci Spiral

The Fibonacci Number series and hence Fibonacci Spiral explain through mathematics how the ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ polarities weave together, and expand infinitely to create our Cosmic Field of life.   Fibonacci vibrates to the number 8 in numerology, and during 2024 will be activating a grander vision for humanity.


The Fibonacci Spiral weaves creation— from the sub-atomic particles of our microcosm, to the way our DNA helix entwines, how our Chakra’s spiral, to how flowers blossom, fruits and plants grow, to weather patterns and even through the spiral of our Milky Way Galaxy – the macrocos

During an 8 Vibration year we have the capacity to tap into the Toric Field of our Galaxy to awaken expanded states of consciousness through the 8 Dimension— that both activate & attune our DNA, and accelerate our quantum leap into a grander consciousness for humanity.

During my Numerology 2024 Course, I will discuss more how to work with the Toric Field of life, our Chakras and how to harness our Universal 8 Vibration.



The Number 8 & Astrology of 2024

During our Universal 8 year, we also have some BIG shifts happening in 2024 in the astral heavens.  

  • Saturn moves into Pisces
  • Pluto into Aquarius – first time in 250 years (until 20244
  • Jupiter & Uranus conjunction
  • Jupiter shifts into Gemini

During my Numerology 2024 Course,  I discuss the Astrology in context with our Universal 8 Year and HOW to be a Cosmic Weaver of your reality. In particular I will focus upon how the transits of 2023 & 2024 are prep work for the MASSIVE shifts happening in 2024 to 2026 with Neptune into Aries, Uranus into Gemini & Saturn into Aries…. whoa!!!   

The Number 8 – The Tarot

Turning to the wisdom of the Tarot, we can embrace an even deeper side of the potential of our Universal 8 Year.   The energetic archetypal symbolism held with the Tarot, awakens our consciousness to both the energy & potential to be birthed during 2024.  Reflecting back over the last few years…

And now in 2024, our Universal 8 Year is ruled by Strength (8th Tarot Card) & The Star (17th Tarot Card).

Strength is the 8th Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and rules— Graceful Power, Great Love, Heart & Courage, Mastery, Compassion, Inner-strength, Aligned Will, Spirit over Matter, Know you are Enough, Live from the Heart, Balance— some of the most poignant qualities of a Universal 8 year.


Join my Numerology 2024 Course and learn more about Strength & The Star symbologies, the opportunities and challenges they usher in, plus HOW to work with the energy consciously during 2024.


Challenges of a Universal 8 Year

Every number in numerology has a lower & higher octave,  a light & dark vibration.   I don’t necessarily deem dark as being a bad vibration, but rather a sacred polarity that offers a contrast to your present moment, and extends a hand of awareness, growth & awakening.   

Here are the few of the shadows, or challenges that a Universal 8 Year may help you to bridge within your journey to experience wholeness.  During my Numerology 2024 Course I embody HOW to work with 8 Vibration potential challenges in order to transform them into your greatest strengths and emerge into 2024 ready, willing & able to embrace a Universal 8 Year with ease! 

Materialism vs Spirituality
2024 is a year of discernment, balancing our desire for material manifestation, vs our calling to evolve spiritually (spiritual is an 8 vibration word).  There is nothing wrong with wealth & abundance, as long it is in right relationship with life.   There can be challenges in a Universal 8 year such as greed, always wanting more, not being satisfied with your creations— feeling like there is never enough!  

Power Plays
8 Vibration when in its shadow may love to control, render authority over others, or trample over the crowd in order to get what it wants!  In the darkest shadow, an 8 vibration can be ruthless in its lust for power, money, material possessions, or even status.   An 8 can stop at absolutely nothing to get what it wants, and it never lets go of its goal.

In polarity to power plays, an 8 vibration can also fall into victim mode, or woe is me my life is full of struggle & poverty.   8 Vibrational year reminds us that you reap what you sow— the Hermetic Axiom the Law of Correspondence guides this universal message of life.   It’s a year of choice in not giving your power away to others.

The Great Reset
‘You will own nothing & be happy’, sound familiar?  We may find a push for greater control over our wealth & authority over our lives— ie AI, Digital ID, CBDC.  However, in a Universal 8 Year the opposite can also happen where in polarity these structures collapse making way for the new.   



2024 Numerology with Simone

My Numerology of 2024 is a 7+ hour Video Course guiding you through the energy of 2024 and how to make the most of this Universal 8 Vibrational year!    

  • Energy of past years & how this relates to the 8 Vibration of 2024
  • Universal 8 Year and what this means for LOVE, Finances, & your Work
  • HOW to access the 7 Wise One / Mystic Energy for personal healing
  • Working with the Higher Heart, Astral Field, Crown Chakra & Pleiades in an 8 Vibrational Year
  • How to embody the wisdom of the 8th Dimension Portal—Galactic Centre
  • Toric Fields, the Merkabah and Universal 8 Cosmic Weaving.
  • Why 2023 is an IMPORTANT year in being The Rainbow Bridge
  • HOW to use Earth + Water during 2023 to shift consciousness & release fears
  • A deeper insight into the Tarot for 2024
  • A deeper insight into working with Crystals for 2024
  • Insight into KEY Astrological Transits of 2024 in relationship to Numerology
  • 8 Sided Octahedron (Sacred Geometry) and what it means for you in 2024
  • How to consciously work with the challenging aspects of a Universal 8 Year
  • A vision that guides us into 2024-2040 (glimpse of future transits)
  • Additional Resources to help make 2024 a year of soulful expansion.

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