Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars.  Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos. Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars. Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos.  Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

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  • The Great AWAKENING
Sounds of the Cosmos

Sounds of the Cosmos Part 1

Sound is our pathway to enlightenment, we are bathed in sound in each every moment, nothing exists without sound. Sound is the vibration from which...

Crystal Healing: Red Phantom Quartz

Red Phantom Crystals are Quartz (silica dioxide) that contain Iron Oxides, such as Hematite, represented as the chemical composition SiO2 + Fe2O3.   The hardness of...

10:10 Gateway

On the 10 October 2010 a portal of energy (gateway / doorway) opens up to us here on Earth... awakening humanity to our divine feminine...
AH Module 1 to 8 bnr nw

Numerology – The Sacred Number 3

Have you ever wondered why things in life often happen in threes ?   Why when good or even bad luck strikes we anticipate the event...

Crystal Healing: Brazilianite

Brazilianite is a sodium, aluminium, phosphate hydroxide mineral  (NaAl3(PO4)2(OH)4 and has a medium hardness of 5 on the Mohs Scale ( Quartz is 7, and...

Ancient Lemuria & Crystal Healing

Lemuria was a civilisation in the ancient history of our planet Earth that embodied Peace, Grace and Divine Harmony with the elements of creation. This...
Quart Blue Fluorite

Crystal Healing: Quartz with Blue Fluorite

Clear quartz (Silica Dioxide (SiO2)) is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth today making up approximately 12% of the Earth’s crust.  It is...

Crystal Healing: Super Seven

‘Super 7’ is quartz comprised of 7 different mineral inclusions that synergistically create a healing frequency far greater than the sum of the parts.   The...
Aetheric Healing About 2

Heart of the Earth

Take your shoes off right at this moment and stand on the bare Earth.  Allow yourself to be intuitively guided to a place that is...

The Photon Belt & The Wave of Love

  The Photon Belt The Photon Belt is a Toric field of energy that emanates out from Alcyone in the Pleiades. During our Solar Systems...
2010 image

2010: The Energy of a Universal ‘3’ Year

As we welcome in 2010, we also welcome in a new frequency, a universal ‘3’ energy vibration (2+0+1+0). And I am sure you will agree…...
thankyou word

My Journey to Here has been an Amazing One

I felt guided to share with you this beautiful poem, written by Monique Collison... a divine soul that has experienced many challenges in recent times....

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