OmAhOm Silver Pendant
+ optional DNA Cord


OmAhOm Sacred Geometry Silver Pendant.
Simone personally designed/channelled the creation of these Silver OmAhOm Pendants and each pendant is hand made with LOVE ♥

Each Silver Pendant is engraved with the words ‘OmAhOm’ and has been personally blessed by Simone in sacred ceremony to hold the highest frequency of the OmAhOm Heart Based Intelligent field.

Each Pendant comes nurtured within a Black Velvet Pouch + with a Silver Cleaning Cloth.  

As an optional extra, you can choose to include a Black DNA Helix Cord with your purchase.  Or alternatively, you can wear your OmAhOm Silver Pendant with your own chain/cord.

OmAhOmOmAhOm was the light-language used by our ancient ancestors.  The Om is pronounced as ‘om’ as in the word ‘from’ and Ah is pronounced as ‘ah’ as in the word ‘father’.

The interpretation of the Sacred Sound/Tones of OmAhOm translates to:

I honour the Divine Love that exists within YOU
within ME and within ALL of CREATION

The Sacred tones/resonance of OmAhOm open the torus field of the Heart, such that our Heart beats/breathes/dances to the Breath of Gaia (the Heart of Earth) as well as beats/breathes to the Cosmic breath of our Galaxy (Heart of the Galactic Centre) – the three Hearts coming together as the ONE HEART of Creation.

In this state of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS we dance to the one beat, the one breath of life and live in sacred harmony with the Great Cosmic Breath.  We are free to be our unique self, express our heartfelt passions and live in the perfection of Source from within.


The Lemurian Star

The Light that shines from within the centre of the OmAhOm Symbol is the Lemurian Star – an 8 pointed Star of Cosmic White Light akin to the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. 

This LIGHT SYMBOL connects you with The Four Emissaries of LOVE:  Emissary of Light, Emissary of Kindness, Emissary of Remission & Emissary of Courage. 

These four eternal truths guide & help navigate the Human experience of the Soul.  To ease suffering, serve resilience, and to enable the graceful unfoldment of Soul Purpose.

The Lemurian Star has been and continues to be the emissary of love that supports the creation & sharing of our Wisdom School teachings.

And the Lemurian Star and her Four Emissaries of LOVE form the basis of our New Earth Era: Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us Home ONLINE sharings.


About our OmAhOm Silver Pendants

Simone was inspired to produce a pendant that would help people to ‘wake up’ and ‘re-remember’ the sacred and most cherished teachings of our ancient ancestors.  Thus the OmAhOm Pendant was birthed as a catalyst to inspire people to LIVE & BE the sacred wisdom’s of OmAhOm and hence lead authentic, loving & courageous lives ♡

Double_MerkabahThe OmAhOm symbol guides you in living a wholehearted life, a sacred and divine expression of the Divine.  Through the symbol you will awaken to your multi-dimensional states of beingness and to time eternal.  The boundaries created by your physical senses are transcended as you express the LOVE of SOURCE as a natural and awakened state of beingness.

The 12 points of the Double Merkabah OmAhOm Symbol that revolve around the 13th Central Merkabah LightBody core represents the 13 Levels of consciousness (Dimensions) present throughout every aspect of our lives, be it Body, Mind or Spirit.

Each individual pendant has been personally blessed by Simone and has been dedicated in sacred ceremony to hold the highest frequency of the OmAhOm Heart Based Intelligent field.


Energy of our OmAhOm Silver Pendant

It is recommended that the Silver Pendant be worn over the Heart/Higher Heart Energy Centre to help facilitate the following:

~ Opening your Heart to the Heart Field of Mother Earth & the Heart field of our Galaxy

~ Awakening to the Akashics, the lightbrary records within the Crystalline Field of Earth

~ Re-remembering the Ancient Wisdom’s & Teachings of Lemuria, Atlantis & Ancient Egypt

~ Opening as a channel to the Divine Feminine (Pleiades) & Divine Masculine (Sirius)

~ Activation & Attunement of your DNA through the 64 Tetrahedral Crystal of Earth

~ Be an anchor of Divine Wisdom & Sacred Light Language from the Heart of our Galaxy

~ Re-remembering your starry origins, past lives & awakening to your Soul Potential

~ Transcend needless suffering in your life and live each day in Heart resonance & Sacred Passion

~ Awaken to your individual creativity that makes you YOU and passionately share your unique gifts/talents without reservation to empower others within our global family to do the same

~ Awaken your voice to speak your truth, live in alignment with your Soul and declare to the world what you stand for through Sacred Activisim

~ Envision and create heart based global consciousness in Unity and enduring Peace

~ Honour your role as a visionary  in embracing and creating heart-centred change here on Earth in order to move our planetary consciousness forward in Love, Wisdom and Grace as we ‘Quantum Leap’ into a new Earth


OmAhOm Silver Pendant – Product Details

Simone personally designed/channelled the creation of these pendants and each pendant is hand made with LOVE ♥

Every Silver Pendant has been personally blessed by Simone and has been dedicated in sacred ceremony to hold the highest frequency of the OmAhOm Heart Based Intelligent field.

Your purchase of this sacred product contains the following:

~ Handmade Silver (925) OmAhOm Pendant (53mm Diameter)
~ Each Pendant is engraved subtly in very small print on one side with: OmAhOm
~ A complimentary silver cleaning cloth
~ A complimentary black Velvet Pouch
~ 55 – 60cm long hand woven brown/black DNA Helix cord  (optional extra)


Ancient Wisdom

OmAhOm Symbol is the ancient expression of Metatron’s Cube.  This Symbol is the foundation of our Wisdom Schools Sacred Ancient Wisdom Teachings:

Essence of Angels®
Crystal Light Healing®
Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom
Aetheric Healing™
Lightrition your Life
Lemurian New Earth Era



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