The Greatest of Resets— Earth Magnetic Pole Reversal

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The Greatest of Resets— Earth Magnetic Pole Reversal

Whilst there is a large bandwidth of discussion on the planet regarding the materialistic The Great Reset— from a multi-dimensional place of observation there is an even GREATER RESET that is taking place— a full Magnetic Pole Reversal of planet Earth— where North & South poles reverse. 

As I shared within my Earth’s Pole Reversal (Shift) article back in 2017—   When the next Magnetic Pole Reversal will be is anyone’s guess… the reversal could easily happen tomorrow or possibly within a decade or even hundreds of years time.  

According the Hopi Prophecy, a great shift will take place toward the end of the last 5,000 years of our current 26,000 year Galactic Cycle.   During the great shift (pole reversal) the Earth would be cloaked within 3 days of darkness, till finally the Sun rises in the West & sets in the East and a new cycle of consciousness is birthed through Humanity.   

It is our individual & collective heart fields that will create this beautiful new world… and it is up to each and everyone of us what we do NOW that will make the difference in the future and determine the level of awakened consciousness that we leap into post polar shift.

What happens when our Poles Shift?

In this short extract discussion hosted by John Petersen of the Arlington Institute, Gregg Braden & Mark Gober discuss some of the possibilities of what will happen during our next Earth Magnetic Pole Shift.  

  • Brain has an electro-magnetic field.  Polar shift (loss of magnetics) may shift consciousness into greater expanses of awareness
  • If we have merged the Human Body with AI, or altered our DNA (eg COVID jabs), then when our Poles Shift there is a possibility it could have a negative impact on those that are ‘less human’ in some way.
  • Our technology (ie magnetic stored information, computers, electronics etc) could be completely wiped & cease to function.
  • Humans could lose a portion of our memory, could be great blessing (as we forget the hurt, suffering, & reasons we hate), and we begin again in an expanded memory of universal consciousness.
  • Connection with Earthly Akashic consciousness.


Watch the full discussion on the Arlington Website.


The Hopi people— Prophecy Rock

Throughout history, humankind has endured many cycles of extremes and calamities. Ancient stone records not only tell of these trials, but they advance advice, to future generations, for surviving such trying times. 

Through our holographic field or fractal time, we have the capacity to take heed of the wisdom of the past, and take the Earthly path toward the Greater Reset/Shift into our World More Beautiful.

As we move through the ‘third great calamity’ (this could be our materialistic COVID moment/ WWIII/polar shift), we have the choice to take one of two paths.  The higher path takes humans to their demise— it is a path based on comfort, greed & profit.  It’s the path of Transhumanism, the push for WEF domination, the WHO Pandemic Treaty & global control by those in egoic power & dominion over nature.    

The lower path, the Earthly path is the path of love, strength and balance, the awakened path of humanity.   It’s the path of the Heart.  It’s the path that we yearn to walk in becoming our enLIGHTened selves.   As I mentioned in my last postYes I see there is a dark blanket that is being rolled out by those that are unconscious [materialistic]— however rather than do battle with the ‘devil’ [ie walk the higher path] , I prefer to rise-up to the light and choose a path in union with the Divine.   The system is broken, so the enLIGHTened path guides us to simply build a new model rather than fight the existing reality.



Interested in Learning More ?

To understand the Ancient Wisdom behind Earth’s Polar shifts PLUS how to be the bridge of LOVE through you in the co-creation of a Beautiful New World that our Heart’s know is Possible— Inviting you to study my Crystal Light Healing® Level III Course, and my Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course.

Both courses talk about our impending shift, and support you in being a conscious field of recreating a new template for humanity.



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