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Full Moon in Virgo – March 12/13, 2017

Our Virgo Full Moon on the 12/13 March is amplified this month with Chiron & Pallas Athena opposing the Moon (hence conjunct the Sun) & the Fixed Stars Denebola & Markab conjunct the Moon / Sun.  ALL this energy is being taken up an even higher notch through Venus Retrograde & the Spring/Autumn Equinox later in the month leading into the New Moon conjunct Venus Retro… phew !

Please keep reading down the page where I share with you the following:

  • General Meaning of the Energy of Full Moons
  • Energy of our March 12/13, Full Moon
  • Energy of Chiron opposition Moon (conjunct Sun)
  • Energy of Pallas Athena opposition Moon (conjunct Sun)
  • Energy of Fixed Stars Denebola & Markab on our Full Moon
  • Energy of Venus Retrograde
  • Energy of Saturn Conjunct Galactic Centre

Once again we have a very powerful month ahead…. sharing with you how to make the most of these truly transformational celestial events ☆


Moon_FullThe mid-point of our 29 day lunar cycle is marked by the Full Moon.  During a Full Moon, the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun and is fully illuminated as it reflects the light of the Sun.

The Moon & the Sun emanate frequencies and these energy waves influence the tides, and all life forms on Earth, including human behaviour & consciousness.  In addition, during a Full Moon, both the Moon & Sun are opposing each other on opposite sides of the zodiac… which can make for a challenging or intense aspect of energy but also a very potent potential as the Lunar & Solar (yin & yang) are in natural harmonic balance.

The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego.  It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression.  The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

The MOON represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams.  It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.  The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

ENERGY: Full Moon – March 12/13

Full Moon in VIRGO & Sun in PISCES
(22.130 Virgo – 22.130Pisces)

Moon – past, Intuition, unconscious, emotions, nurturing, feelings
Sun – now, Identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression
Virgo (Earth) – Organised, practical, diligent, cautious, sensible, exacting
Pisces (Water) – Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable,  impressionable

Sunday, 12 March2017 2017 – 7:53 am PDT (USA/Canada)
Sunday, 12 March2017 – 10:53 am EDT (USA/Canada)
Sunday, 12 March 2017 – 2:53 pm UTC
Monday, 13 March 2017 – 12:53 am AEST (Australia)
Monday, 13 March 2017 – 1:53 am AEDT (Australia)
Monday, 13 March 2017 – 3:53 am NZDT (New Zealand)
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During the VIRGO Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the SUN in Pisces.

During this Full Moon we are being called to let-go of the need to control every minute detail of our lives and to ALLOW the dream to foster magic through our Hearts.

Sometimes our ego wants the dream to happen a certain way… I am sure you have seen the movie ‘The Secret’ !    But this Full Moon is one of allowing the dream to be made manifest in perfect divine order, for the blissful unfoldment of the greater all.

We may ‘think’ that our dreams HAVE TO follow a certain path… and our ego delights in its folly of proving how ‘spiritual’ we are by forcing/controlling an outcome.   But when we let go of the HAVE TO’s and surrender to the feeling of the DREAM, what unfolds is a reality more beautiful, more luminescent and more fulfilling than what our limited ego ever thought was possible.  

In this process of letting go of every precise (and often exhausting) detail, and falling into the warm & oozy feeling of your intuition, you may find that the process of bringing your DREAM into form takes on a few curve-balls along the way.   You may find you will be faced with a choice(s) of letting go of something that you know in your heart is not for you, even though your mind/ego is grappling with cutting something loose as you may have invested time, money, energy, love into it. 

Letting go is not failure, but rather a recognition of lessons learnt & wisdoms gained and then creating the space for a new Golden Door of opportunity to open for you.

During this FULL MOON, simply SURRENDER and allow yourself to see the PERFECTION in the IMPERFECTIONS.  Let go of how YOU think it should be done, and follow the whisperings of spirit through the calling of your Heart.

Chiron opposition Moon

The energy of our March Full Moon is being amplified through the energy of Chiron.  Please click on image right to enlarge.

By way of background first… Chiron is a Centaur (minor planet) but also has behaves similar to a comet.  Chiron orbits the Sun (in a bit of an erratic rotation) between Saturn & Uranus.. crossing their paths during its orbit.

It takes Chiron approximately 50 years to complete an orbit around the Sun.  So that means at around age 50, Chiron returns to the position on your Natal Chart (your Astrological placement of plants at birth)… and… well… brings with it a profound opportunity for personal growth.

Chiron is named after ‘Chiron the Centaur’ in greek mythology – half man & half horse.   Chiron in Astrology is referred to as the ‘Wounded Healer’ and represents our deepest woundings within our lives and our strivings to bring healing to those wounds.   The ‘flavour’ of this suffering will be dependant upon Chiron’s house/zodiac placement in your chart at birth.

On our March Full Moon, when Chiron is opposite the Moon & hence conjunct the Sun (Sun at 22.16 Pisces and Chiron at 24.31 Pisces), a window is opening for us to access from the deepest recesses of our beingness our core woundings, to embody and bring to life parts of ourselves that we may have locked away.  And the Piscean energy is pushing us to illuminate, unlock, surrender, release & let go.

What is so very beautiful about these aspects is that the Virgo moon will offer solutions, help you see a light of hope and direct you with practical strategies to release the pain of the woundings within.    Both the Sun & Chiron in Pisces may make this a very tense & emotional Full Moon as your deepest hurts come flooding to the surface and you may feel everything with profound intensity… but rest assured all is perfect, all is divine and all is LOVE.  

Simply SURRENDER, let your tears carry the pain away.   See that your imperfections are actually your greatest gifts… allow them to awaken you to new heights of empathy, compassion, understanding & kindness.

Pallas Athena opposition Moon

The energy of our March Full Moon is being amplified through the energy of Pallas Athena. Please click on image right to enlarge.

By way of background first… Pallas Athena is an Asteroid and the second of four major asteroids to be discovered (founded after Ceres and later Juno & Vesta) and is one of the largest asteroids discovered. 

Pallas (Roman – daughter of Triton) Athena (Greek – daughter of Zeus) exudes intelligence, intuition & tactical genius.   Pallas Athena upholds courage and uses her innate intelligence and fierce independence to find equitable outcomes. 

Whilst she uses her tactical skills to avoid conflict/violence… she holds tremendous courage to take action where necessary – combining strength with wisdom – the warrior & the philosopher. 

On our March Full Moon, when Pallas Athena is opposite the Moon & hence conjunct the Sun & Chiron (Sun at 22.16 Pisces, Pallas Athena at 23.50 Pisces & Chiron at 24.31 Pisces), the energy I talked about above regarding Chiron is being amplified up another octave.

The wise owl that exists with in all of us is coming to the fore, to lend its support & wisdom in helping us be vulnerable enough to uncover our wounds and be courageous enough to finally let them go.   We need not go into battle within ourselves and put up a fight…. you have a choice, simply choose to set yourself free through the power of LOVE.

Fixed Stars Denebola & Markab

And if everything I have written above seems very emotionally intense… well lets now add the Fixed Stars Denebola & Markab into the mix. Please click on image right to enlarge.

Firstly, Fixed Star Denebola is conjunct the Moon (Moon at 22.13 Virgo & Denebola at 21.52 Virgo) and hence Denebola is also in opposition to the Sun, Markab, Pallas Athena & Chiron.   Denebola is a blue star found in the tail of the lion (leo constellation).    During our March full Moon, the placement of Denebola could lead to shattering discoveries/disgrace of authority figures .  Those in places of power (or those who are seen for their regalness), may have their darkest secrets unearthed or be pushed to rebel against the ways things have always been done (the past) and hence bringing ruin to the status quo.

Secondly, Fixed Star Markab is opposite the Moon and hence conjunct the Sun, Pallas Athena & Chiron (Sun at 22.16 Pisces, Markab at 23.43 Pisces, Pallas Athena at 23.50 Pisces & Chiron at 24.31 Pisces).   Markab is a white star found in the saddle of Pegasus (the winged horse).   This aspect is offering us an opportunity to rise above the pain of the present and allow your Soul to Soar/fly to higher levels of awareness. 

Venus Retrograde

As I discussed in last weeks post, Venus moved Retrograde on March 4/5 in Aries and will stay that way for about 6 weeks until it moves direct again in Pisces on April 14/15.

Venus is the archetypal divine feminine, the nurturer, the feminine weaver of the threads of the fabric of life… woven through our hearts.   And our VENUS Retrograde transit is awakening / flourishing within us our connection to a deeply primal ancient feminine energy that is collaborative, powerful yet gentle and oozes sensuality, pleasure and sacred purpose. 

Thus with our FULL MOON being coloured with the energy of VENUS RETROGRADE (and in combination with EVERYTHING I have discussed above), I feel the pivotal topic that is being woven through all the planetary/centaur/asteroid aspects is our RELATIONSHIPS – both with ourselves and others. 

This will be a deeply emotional FULL MOON filled with HEALING our PAST through our RELATIONSHIPS… learning to surrender & let go of connections that we have outgrown, or partnerships that now keep us small and limit our growth.   It hurts to face the truth of our relationships but it also is deeply empowering to set yourself free to soar to new heights.

Please note that this may not mean saying goodbye or walking away from people in your life.   This FULL MOON may mean letting go of your controlling ways in relationships (both with others and yourself).  Letting go of EXPECTATIONS.  Letting go of the need for OTHERS to fulfill your NEEDS… and ultimately setting yourself free to take responsibility for your own health, wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment.  Nobody can fill the holes within your life ONLY YOU can do that and this FULL MOON is showing you the hows !

I came across this beautiful graphic of the dance of Venus & Earth around the Sun… hope you love the Pentagram weavings as much as I do ♡

Saturn conjunct Galactic Centre

Since last months Solar Eclipse PLUS Venus moving Retrograde, the Galactic Centre & Saturn have been conjuncting (at less than 1 degree apart) and this aspect will continue for the next couple of months. Please click on image right to enlarge.

To refresh your memory, the Galactic Centre is the central black/white hole of our Milky Way Galaxy – or as I refer to in Crystal Light Healing, the 8th Dimensional Portal of the Cosmic Gateway (Cosmic Heart), that is a mirror reflection of the 1st Dimensional Portal of the Earth Gateway (Earths Heart). And Saturn is the bringer of wisdom, our deep exploration of our karmic-ancestral beliefs & imprintings and the awakening to wisdom of the Soul.  

When Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Centre we are bringing an end to the old stories of our lives, our world, our human experience and simply setting ourselves FREE.  We are being drawn to deeply review, write down and get crystal clear about our Value systems and WHAT WE DO WANT in our lives.   Is spending time frittering away hours on social media really in your best interest ?  Getting out into the world and spending time with real people, volunteering, working with community and investing time/energy/conversation with those you love the most will not only bring you the greatest amount of fulfillment, but in the long run you are changing the foundations upon which our modern day world is built.

Over all, for our FULL MOON + aspects + Venus Retrograde, remember to step into what you would LOVE to be woven into the your live… from a place of peaceful choice… not from the old story of defiant rebellion.  

Allow LOVE to show you what to do.   That doesn’t mean not standing up for what you believe in, not marching in support of human rights, or giving a voice to those that are unable to speak up.   But rather choosing ‘Sacred Activism’ that seeks to include, that is not caught within fighting an old system, but rather creating a new system through the collective heart.

Whilst the following couple of weeks may feel very emotional (I am planning on daily beach walks to help process all that water element energy), the latter part of the month heading into our Spring/Autumn Equinox & the New Moon features oodles of fire element energy.  I will write more about this in a couple of weeks and how to work with the firey energy and really push your life into compelling action.

Monitors Living your Life from your Source of Wealth lrThis is an amazing month for us all energetically/celestially… and I feel this will continue as the year evolves.   My suggestion would be to simply cherish you, rather than be reactive to the pain of the field in the moment ask yourself ‘what would love do?’… and allow the answers to guide you in being the change.

You may wish to join me for my The Soul of Wealth – Soul Session Webinars, where I support you every step of the way in being the change in your own life.

© Simone M. Matthews

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