Shealla-Dreaming - Self-Study eCourse

The feedback from Simone’s new book ‘Shealla Dreaming‘ has been phenomenal !!!!
The big question people are now asking:

“I felt the truth of this ancient wisdom within my heart,
but how can I live these truths as part of my daily life?”

To help people practically live and BE the wisdoms within Simone’s new book Shealla-Dreaming, Simone M. Matthews has created her ‘Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study eCourse’… taking the ancient crystalline wisdoms of her book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ to a greater depth of experience.

The Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study eCourse is a guide to understanding the evolution of the Soul and how to navigate this journey through the universal wisdoms found within the sacred symbol that is Metatron’s Cube.

This Course will help you to practically live the wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys within your life in order to transcend your fear based stories and break the cycle of needless suffering. If you feel within your heart that it is time for you to live your life from a place of joy beyond anything you may have experienced in this lifetime…. then this is the course for you !

The course is facilitated completely on-line.  You can enrol at anytime and then complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  You may purchase each of the 13 Modules separately, or alternatively purchase the 13 Module package and SAVE $$$$.

Overview – Shealla-Dreaming eCourse

Shealla-Dreaming is a 13 Module Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study eCourse.

Each Module focus’s on a particular Sacred Key (Universal Law of Creation as discussed within ‘Shealla-Dreaming’), provide more depth of understanding of each Sacred Key and provide practical tools of how to embrace and LIVE that Sacred Key within your day to day world.

The modules include leading edge quantum mechanics, new scientific understandings as well as diagrams, audios, videos etc.. to support your understanding of each Sacred Key.

The aim of the Self-Study course is to help students connect intimately with each of the Sacred Keys of Creation AND most importantly be able to practically LIVE these wisdoms in each and every moment.

The course is self-paced, so you can study at anytime and complete each module in your own time ♥

On completion of the course, students will have mastered the Universal Laws/Sacred Keys that provide real evolutionary tools to:

* Quantum leap from the ‘rat-race’ and co-create the life of your dreams.
* Create loving, joyful relationships …. lover, family & friends.
* Live abundantly, receive $$$ as a natural flow of your passion.
* Transform those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from expressing your potential.
* Live your life from your heart… not from the wants, needs & demands of others.
* Fulfill your desires and make then a physical tangible reality.
* Improve health, vitality & wellbeing… and finally shed those pounds of pain !
* Awaken & Attune your DNA to its highest potential of vibration.
* Transcend the old program of struggle and live life with Grace & Ease.
* Live life as an expression of your Soul Essence through crystalline wisdom.

How to do I Sign-up ?

You have the choice of purchasing the full Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study eCourse (all 13 Modules) at a special course package price, or you may choose to purchase each Module individually.

Please click on the product images below to find out more about the Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course and what you receive on completion ♡

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