Blood Moon – Meaning ?


Blood Moon – Meaning ?

The early native American tribes of northern & eastern United States tracked ‘time’ according to the 13 Full Moons in a solar year – giving each Full Moon a name as representative by the seasons.  Colonial Americans then adopted these names according to the Julian then later the Gregorian Calendar.

The name BLOOD MOON is given to the ‘Hunters Full Moon’ which occurs after the Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) which would be the Spring Equinox in Southern Hemisphere. The Full Moon closest to to the Autumn Equinox (where night and day are of equal length) is called the ‘Harvest Full Moon’ and then the Full Moon following this is called the Hunters Full Moon.  Thus the Hunters Full Moon falls in Sept/Oct each year.

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The Hunter’s Moon, in skylore, is also sometimes called the BLOOD MOON. Why? Probably because it’s a characteristic of these autumn full moons that they appear nearly full – and rise soon after sunset – for several evenings in a row. Many people see them when they are low in the sky, shortly after they’ve risen, at which time there’s more atmosphere between you and the moon than when the moon is overhead. When you see the moon low in the sky, the extra air between you and the moon makes the moon look REDDISH. Voila. BLOOD MOON !

Tetra – Four Blood Moons – 2014/15

Blood_MoonWhilst the traditional name for a BLOOD MOON is the ‘Hunters Full Moon’ (as per above),  the name BLOOD MOON is also being used to describe the Tetrad (set of 4) Lunar Eclipses over 2014/2015.

Confusing I know, but in the Book of Genesis as well as the Book of Joel (Hebrew Bible), there is a prophecy of ‘The Four Blood Moons’.  It is now being said that this prophecy is coming to pass, with the 2014/15  LUNAR TETRAD of ‘Blood Moons’.

This 2014/15  LUNAR TETRAD of ‘Blood Moons’ is a set of four successive Total Lunar Eclipses, with no partial eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons).   This set of 4 LUNAR TETRAD Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipses will take place on the following dates over 2014/15:

15 April 2014 – Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse (read more >)
8 October 2014 – Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse
4 April 2015 – Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse
28 September 2015 – Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

What is significant about this LUNAR TETRAD ?

John Hagee, is the author of the book ‘Something is about to Change‘ and details in his book that these upcoming BLOOD MOONS of 2014/2015 represent something huge will happen here on Earth during the LUNAR TETRA’s of 2014/15.

Inspired by NASA projections and recorded history, Pastor John Hagee reveals direct connections between four upcoming blood-moon eclipses and what they portend for Israel and all of humankind.

Over the last 500 years, BLOOD MOONS have fallen on the first day of Passover three separate times. These occurrences were connected to some of the most significant days in Jewish history:

  • 1492 (the final year of the Spanish Inquisition when Jews were expelled from Spain)
  • 1948 (statehood for Israel and the War of Independence) &
  • 1967 (the Six-Day War).

Every heavenly body is controlled by the unseen hand of God, which signals coming events to humanity. There are no solar or lunar accidents. The next series of four blood moons occurs at Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015. In this riveting book, Hagee explores what these blood moons mean and why Christians must understand these signs and what they bode both for Israel and the world.

What is my opinion of the TETRAD BLOOD MOONS ?

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t read John Hagee’s book.  I did watch the promo video and read some reviews, but for me personally it all feels a bit too OTP evangelistic and steeped in religious fanaticism…. it is not to my personal taste or liking !!!

However, I am fascinated that Hagee’s interpretation of these religious texts and understandings of the potential of these Full Moon/Lunar Eclipses does in many aspects correlate with Astrology and sacred ancient wisdoms… which resonates to me much more deeply !

The first BLOOD MOON that Hagee talks about, falls on the 15 April 2014.
This is the same Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse that precedes the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014… a most significant portal of energy that facilitates the opening of a Quantum Gateway of potential to a most cherished ancient truth; a cosmic truth built upon the foundations of LOVE and a deep reverence for all of LIFE.

Thus I find it fascinating that what Hagee’s describes in his book ‘Something is about to change’, correlates much with what astrology and sacred wisdom expresses to us… that the Lunar Eclipse of the 14/15 April 2015 heralds the beginnings of people awakening en-masse to a higher wisdom and transcending the social, political and religious frameworks built on fear, to co-create a new world based on foundations of LOVE, compassion, sovereignty and unity.

Lets face it, we are living in amazing times on Earth, things ARE CHANGING… and we are all active participants in this change !!!


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