The Great Cosmic Breath


The Great Cosmic Breath

The Great Cosmic Breath – from that first breath of life you take that marks the beginning of your human experience to the last breath you take on leaving this Earth… breath is the Grace of Creation through you.

The word SPIRIT comes from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ which means BREATH.
So Breath & Spirit are ONE.

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Inhalation, Exhalation, Transition

Every movement within Creation is a breath, a breath made of three parts, referred to as the Great Cosmic Breath. There is the inhalation (a contraction), there is the exhalation (an expansion) and finally the space between the peak of inhalation/exhalation, the period of transition.

All life follows this trilogy pattern of breath. Forinstance…

Earth’s 24 hour day
is a full cycle of breath:

  • Sunset is the inhalation, the movement inwards during the dark night of restoration and
  • Sunrise is the exhalation, the expansion into the day and the promise of service in the world.
  • The transitionary periods of Earths day are the periods of Dawn (before Sunrise) & Dusk (before Sunset).

Lunar /cycles also mirror reflect the Great Cosmic Breath:

  • Waning Moon (from full moon to new moon) is the inhalation, the breath inward toward consolidation, restoration and renewal.
  • Waxing moon (from new moon to full moon) is the exhalation, the expansion in the world and the presence of our light mirrored in the light of the moon.
  • Both the New Moon & Full Moon are the peaks or transitions between the in/out breaths and represent the yin/yang polarities of the infinite all.

Earth’s 365 year solar cycle – marked by the Equinoxes & Solstices – reflect a full cycle of breath:

  • Autumn Equinox to the Winter Solstice is the inhalation, whereby energy is drawn inward, within us and within the Earth. Animals hibernate, seeds sleep and spirit communes with Earth’s Heart for renewal, regeneration and healing. From the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox, the days are getting longer yet we are still deeply held within the breath inward in preparation for our awakening and rebirth into our cycle.
  • Spring Equinox until the Summer Solstice is the long exhalation, the budding, flowering and fruiting of plants, new life springs into action and a sense of joyful expression out into the world takes place. From the Summer Solstice to the Autumn Equinox the days are getting shorter, but we are still held within the exhale as we delight in the fruits of our labours and prepare for the inward time ahead.
  • Both the Spring & Autumn Equinoxes are the pauses or transitions within the breath. The Equinox is where day and night are of equal length – the energies coming together as one – Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Matter, Mind & Soul.


Surrendering to The Great Cosmic Breath

What can we learn from these three aspects of Great Cosmic Breath – the Inhalation, the Exhalation and the period of transition ?

Since all of creation flows in the rhythm of Great Cosmic Breath, then if we too flow WITH the breath by releasing our need for control, we are brought in natural alignment with creation and live in harmonic resonance with all of LIFE.

We find peace within our lives, harmony in our waking/sleeping cycles and we transcend struggle as we allow creation to breath and dance her dance through us. Cosmic breath becomes our guide, as it speaks the language of the universe and it gives our lives meaning as it awakens us to our divine potential.

From the INHALATIONS within our lives we learn the importance of rest, relaxation & regeneration that supports our growth and healing.   As we reach the peak of the inhalation, the TRANSITIONARY period between the in and the out breath, this is the time of complete stillness, a pause in movement. It is the moment of just being, it is the moment of spontaneous healing, the moment of miracles and the moment of pure ecstasy through the ONENESS of DIVINE LOVE.

The EXHALATIONS within our lives emerge from the transition… if stillness was embraced in the transitionary moment then we embark on living the exhalation as an expression of spirit through us. We dance with life as we become the dance. Health, well-being, joy and abundance flow from a place of natural grace and ease as all of creation moves through us on the exhalation.


Spiritual ‘Cosmic’ Breathing

Breath is our teacher. When we surrender and let the breath of spirit flow through us, breath speaks to us in the language of field and in a voice that our higher-self yearns to hear.

Spiritual Breathing is the art of wholehearted breathing that awakens you to the Great Cosmic Breath rhythms of the moment, the day, the season and the year. Spiritual Breathing is not just a practice done in the moment of meditation, but is a mindful practice that becomes an integral part of your life and a practice that incorporates every breath from birth to death, both conscious and unconscious.

Spiritual Breathing is our natural way of breathing when we move beyond the confines of our social conditioning, belief systems and transcend the ego.

To Spiritually Breath is to ‘know thy self’ and in so doing be the change you wish to see / co-create within the world today.

Inviting you to Study Online through our Wisdom School – connect with the timeless art of Cosmic Breathing & awaken to your greater evolutionary potential.

Simone M. Matthews





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