Ancient Lemuria & Crystal Healing


Ancient Lemuria & Crystal Healing

Lemuria was a civilisation in the ancient history of our planet Earth that embodied Peace, Grace and Divine Harmony with the elements of creation.

This collective civilisation honoured and lived in union with the Crystalline Heartfield of Mother Earth, from a place of divine reverence for all LIFE.

On Earth today, we are being called upon to re-remember this time of ‘Eden’ and the legacy our ancient ancestors gifted us.


Ancient Lemuria – the ‘Seeding’

The first ‘seeding’ of Lemuria took place many hundreds of thousands of years ago in conscious thought forms.  However, the first ‘Souls’ to physically birth here on Earth (from the Pleiades) to establish the Lemurian community occurred approximately 100,000 years ago.

These ‘Souls’ chose to come to Earth to work consciously with the evolution of our Earth, Solar System & Milky Way Galaxy… but also to consciously work with the last four ‘Grand Cycles of Time’  (our Solar Systems 26,000 year rotation around the Central Sun Alcyone of the Pleiades – the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation’).

These first Souls to descend to Earth to seed Lemuria, originated from outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, birthing through the Galactic Core of our Milky Way (8 Dimensional frequencies), through Sirius (7 Dimensional frequencies), and merged with the consciousness of the Pleiades (6 Dimensional frequencies.   

These ‘Pleiadian Souls’ then birthed through into Earth’s Atmosphere to experience their Soul’s expression (5 Dimensional frequencies) through the astral gateway of their Hearts (4 Dimensional frequencies) within a physical body (3 Dimensional frequencies).

These Pleiadian / Lemurian Soul’s lived on Earth in communion with the Plants & Animals (2 Dimensional frequencies) and mastered the Crystalline energies of Earth (1st Dimensional frequencies of Earths Core/Gateway and Crystalline Field).  Refer to Diagram below.

Please also see my article on the Dimensions of our Galaxy >



In the Early years of Lemuria, these first ‘seed’ Souls rarely inhabited a physical body as the physical body was unable to contain the full expanse of 5D frequencies.  As the Soul anchored within the physical body, the physical 3D cells of the body would vibrate at such a fast rate that the physical body was no longer visible, but rather the physical body appeared as transparent or transluscent orb of light.

Over thousands of years the Lemurian beings worked with the Crystal Leylines and Portals of the Earth to assist in anchoring their body of light to the Earth in order to support their physical 3D bodies to hold 5D light.   Gradually the Lemurian beings physical bodies appeared more in ‘form’ than of light, though the physical body often had a slight transparency to its appearance.

The Lemurians understood their role here on Earth, and their day-to-day lives were consciously lived in reverence of the highest vibration of their Soul’s purpose.

Their purpose was to birth as a 5D Soul expression here on Earth (called the Soul Star), project out a Holographic image of the Soul (the 7 energetic bodies & physical body – collectively referred to as the Crystalline Matrix) and ground their Crystalline Matrix & hence physical 3D body  to Earth via the Earth Star (the furthest most projection of the Holographic Crystalline Matrix).  The Earth Star was then consciously anchored to the 1D Crystal Grid of our planet.

In anchoring their 5D Soul expression to physical 1D Earth, the Lemurians were divine conduits of Light from the Higher Light Octaves of Creation.  The Lemurians were able to bring these Higher Light Octave frequencies down through the Galactic Core, through Sirius, Pleiades and into their Soul, and run these energies down through their energetic/physical bodies (Hara Line) and anchor these into Earth.

The aim was to be a divine conduit of Light energy into Earth’s Crystal Grid… in order to be an active part of the Conscious Evolution of our Planet.


Crystal Healing in Lemuria

In embracing their role here on Earth, over thousands of years the Lemurian people mastered the art of Crystals and Crystal Healing.   The Lemurians were able work with the Crystals and the Crystal Grid of our planet for telecommunication / telepathy, teleportation, energy generation and vibrational healing.

The 1D frequencies of our Crystal Earth Grid held the key for the Lemurians to anchor their body of light to Earth, in order to work toward being a strong and open channel of Light and eventually enabling the physical body to fully embrace 5D light frequencies.

Crystal Healing or Crystal Consciousness was an ingrained part of Lemurian culture, and through conscious use of both physical and etheric crystals the Lemurian people lived reverent, meaningful and healthful lives.

Dis-ease was not seen as something to fear but rather understood as a sign of imbalance in the energetic/physical bodies.  Illness was thus an opportunity for healing (balancing and harmonising the energetic/physical bodies) in order to raise the frequency of the physical body to hold/embrace more and more 5D frequency light.

In using Crystals for healing, Crystal Healing temples were established and Crystal Healing embodied the use of Sound, Colour, Symbols and sacred geometric frequencies in mastery of the Elements of Creation.  (refer Crystal Light Healing)


Early Atlantis

In approximately 50,000 BC, a number of Lemurians felt guided to break away from their community, to accelerate the rate of change/anchoring of divine Light here on Earth.  This began the seeding of the early Atlantean civilisation.

The early Atlantean years were exquisite, a time of abundance, joy and heightened expression of the Soul within a physical body here on physical Earth.

However in the latter years of Atlantis (approx 11,000-13,000 years ago), greed, ego and power had corrupted the minds/hearts of much of the Atlantean civilisation.. and the mastery of the Divine Emanations of Creation had now fell into the need for control and power.


Lemurian Seed Crystals

The Lemurians were well aware of the pain and separation that was happening on Earth, and worked toward anchoring more and more Light into Earth’s grid to transmute the fear.  However, the Lemurians were unable at the time to anchor sufficient light into Earth to diffuse the pain.   As they had a vision of what was to happen to Earth in the years ahead, they recorded all their teachings/wisdoms within the Crystalline Grid of Earth, and in particular in ‘Lemurian Seed Crystals’ and scattered these physically and etherically around the planet.

These ‘Lemurian Seed Crystals’ recorded the sacred history of our planet, and most importantly an understanding of what happened in the lead up to the fall of Atlantis.  They also recorded a conscious understanding of how we can work with the Earths Grid as we transit into the Golden Age and release the pain of our history within the Hearts/Minds/DNA of humanity.

Prior to the fall of Atlantis, the Lemurian beings chose to move within the Earth (the Lemurian Inner Earth beings) or to move into the Pleiades / Sirius and some even began the first energetic seeding of Ancient Egypt.  The Lemurians chose to work in other dimensional realms to anchor Light into Earth in preparation for this most sacred time on Earth – The Golden Age.


The Return of Lemuria

On Earth today, we find many ‘Lemurians’ have returned into a physical body walking the Earth, to consciously anchor Light and to shift Earth into this next level of Evolution.   As our Earth/Solar System transits through the Photon Belt over next 2000 years, we are here to birth Earth into its next cycle, a new beginning for all humanity.

Humanity is at a crossroads in our evolutionary cycle, but we have a choice.  We have a choice to awaken and embrace Love as conscious co-creators here on Earth, and to release the pain of separation and Fear.   Each and everyone of us holds the key to the quantum shift of Earth… and we make the choice to awaken and be active participants in this shift individually and collectively.  What will you choose ?


xx Simone


Crystal Healing – Crystal Light Healing

If you would like to work once again with Crystal Healing, the Earth’s Crystalline Grid,  and consciously work with your own Soul Star, Earth Star and Crystalline Matrix…. then you can awaken to the deep collective memory of Ancient Lemuria within you through working with Crystal Light Healing®.

Crystal Light Healing®, as founded by Simone M. Matthews, is the art of Crystal Healing of the ancient civilisations, but within a contemporary setting here on Earth today.  If you feel guided to find out more about our Crystal Light Healing Workshops / Practitioner Course or our Crystal Light Healing Teachers Courses then please visit:

Essence of Angels

Simone M. Matthews is also the founder of the most sacred and empowering healing modality ‘The Essence of Angels®’.

Essences of Angels® is the study of creation from the ‘top down’.  The Archangels are the divine keepers of the Elements of Creation (Earth, Fire, Air & Water coming together in the oneness of Spirit).. and they expand their 8th Dimensional frequencies in all directions of time of space.. creating the field of Creation through the breath of God (Spirit, Holographic Field, Divine Matrix etc..).  As they express the light of God,  energy becomes more and more dense creating the 7th Dimension, 6th Dimension, 5th Dimension etc.. down to the 1st Dimension.. which on Earth is the Crystalline Grid (portals & leylines) and Crystalline Heart of Earth.

Thus we are made of ‘Archangels’ … thus for healing/self-empowerment/embrace soul purpose we can invoke the Archangels through us to bring healing of the mind/body/spirit ie be in harmony / equilibrium with the entire field of Creation  ie the Archangels through the Breath of God.


Shealla-Dreaming-Book-PileTo embrace the ancient wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation, and the 8 Dimensions of our Galaxy.. we highly recommend Simone M. Matthews new book:  Shealla-Dreaming.

Or study the wisdoms of ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ in more depth through Simone’s ‘Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course’.

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