11:11 – Heart Awakening

11:11 – Heart Awakening

The 11 November (the 11th day of the 11th month) is our opportunity to embrace the 11:11 potential of Heart Awakening.

In numerology the number 11 is a master number. It is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious. The number 11 is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths. ‘Jesus’ in numerology breaks down to the number 11, and ‘Angels’ (plural) is the number 22 (11 + 11).

The number 11:11 is a symbolic code that stirs within us a deep cellular memory, a most sacred and divine awakening to the innate power of our Soul.  When we see 11:11 our heart opens to the eternal nature of spirit and we are compelled to awaken to our deepest truths and the highest vision of our Soul Purpose here on Earth.

You may have found in recent times the number 11:11 (or 11:38 or 111 etc) appearing everywhere… on clocks, your car CD player, shop receipts, car number plates, billboards.. the appearance of this number sequence is endless !!!!

On the 11 November every year, we have an opportunity as a global humanity to work with the highest potential of this sacred memory key of 11:11 and expand our individual & collective hearts into a awakened and most delicious state of conscious evolution.

11:11 and our DNA

The 11:11 phenomena is a genetic code, a sacred light language imprinted within our DNA, that potentiates our DNA expression, awakens our psychic & intuitive gifts and helps us to re-remember our soul origins on a deep and profound level.

In 2003, the Human Genome Project declared that we only use 5% of our DNA and the remaining 95% of our DNA is referred to as ‘junk DNA’ and is believed to have no function within the human body as it is a redundant by-prouduct of our evolution.

However, Russian research team headed by Dr Pjotr Garjajev and comprising of molecular biologists, physicists, embryologists and linguistic experts uncovered that the 95% junk DNA was in actual fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that spoke a ‘language’.  This biological language not only explained the origins of human language but was also a text that could be altered.  That is, DNA is reprogrammable and DNA codon sequences can be inter-changed and activated.

When we ‘see’ 11:11 everywhere we are waking up and activating or turning on our so-called ‘Junk’ DNA.  As our DNA turns on, we free our-selves from the illusion of the physical world and awaken to the sacred field of creation and divine beauty and LOVE of Source within us all – the Unity of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

Our physical body begins to heal as it oozes vitality, emotionally & mentally we transcend fear based struggle, pain & separation and spiritually we evolve into a conscious and enlightened Soul relishing in the human experience here on Earth.  We embrace WHOLE-HEARTED Living – being an active participant in global consciousness based on collective values of compassion, reverence for life and LOVE for one another.

The first number ‘11‘ in ‘11:11′,  represents the two strands of our DNA double helix spiral and the second number ‘11‘ in ’11:11‘ represents the 11 energetic bodies or auric fields that surround EVERY DNA helix spiral within EVERY cell of our body.   When we ‘see’ 11:11 we are resonating our DNA’s auric field and hence activating or turning on the expression of our physical DNA.

The Diagram below, as studied during our Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner & Teachers Courses, shows our double helix (2 strands) of DNA as well as the 11 Energetic Bodies that surround every DNA Helix – representing our 11:11 genetic code (which is also referred to as the 13 levels of DNA consciousness through Metatron’s Cube).







FREE GIFT – Meditation mp3

Gifting you a MEDITATION (from my Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course) to help you embrace the potential of this 11:11 day of Heart Awakening.  You may wish to use Golden Quantum Essence for this Meditation to support your Heart Expansion with the Earth & the Heart of the Galaxy… being of highest service to SELF & ALL HUMANITY ♡

Listen to the Meditation Here >



xx Simone



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