The Cosmic Orgasm – Sacred Geometry


The Cosmic Orgasm – Sacred Geometry

Our human biology is a mirror image of the fabric of creation.

This sacred holographic principle explains how the complexity & intelligence of our Human Body comes into beingness and how we miraculously function on a cellular level… with an estimated 100 trillion + chemical reactions happening per second within our cells.

The cellular division stages of a fertilised egg & sperm (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 to 512 cells) is a microcosm of the macrocosmic perspective of the sacred geometric patterns of our creation – the Vesica Piscis, Genesis Pattern, Egg of Life, Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, & the 64 Tetrahedral Crystal & Vector Equilibrium etc…

It is a miracle of life that in the 7 days of creation (7 days after fertilisation of the egg & sperm), the dividing cells reach a 512 cell threshold and subsequently implode and transform into a Torus.

The Torus enables cellular differentiation to occur, leading to growth/development of an adult Human Being made of 100 trillion cells, with each individual cell made of 100 trillion atoms.

As the 512 cell Blastocyst implodes into a Torus, the Torus creates the early structure of the human form.  The north pole of the Torus is the ‘Mouth’, the south pole of the Torus is the ‘Anus’ and the hollow space of the Torus is the ‘Lungs’.

The centre of the Torus, the Zero Point singularity brings the Human Heart into form.  Through the great Cosmic Breath, the Heart begins to beat and breath through the Galactic Heart of Creation.

The Torus is a miraculous structure, as it contains the largest quotient of volume for a minimum surface area.  The Torus represents  the energy field of a proton, an atom, the Human Heart, the Earth, our Sun and our Galaxy.

In our Crystal Light Healing® eCourse, we look at Human Cell Development and understand the miracle of life ‘The Cosmic Orgasm through Sacred Geometry’.




Conception to Birth

Sharing with you this delightful video of ‘Conception to Birth’ by Alexander Tsiaras.

Alexander is an artist and technologist whose work explores the unseen human body, developing scientific visualization software to enable him to “paint” the human anatomy through powerful medical imaging.

Alexander gave a TED talk, where he shared his video with the world… an insight into the Miracle that is LIFE ♡



xx Simone






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