Going Deeper, Rising Higher

Going Deeper, Rising Higher

Hot on the heels of  facilitating my Spring Heart Retreat (you can read my snake experience here), I then spent last week filming for a secret project.  All will be revealed in 2019, but the above photo gives you a sneak peek for now 🙂

I am grateful for the generosity of LIGHT so many radiant women held this month.  Women shining. Standing in their truth.  Stepping up. Being seen.  Feeling into the raw & unbridled depth of the Feminine.   And I am grateful that I have this LIGHT to call upon as we enter the last weeks of Venus Retrograding through Libra.

Sharing with you the energy of Venus Retrograde… PLUS my personal experiences of ‘Going Deeper & Rising Higher’ – see my short video further down the page.

Venus – The Goddess

VENUS represents the Divine Feminine archetype, the embodiment of love, beauty, sensuality, passion & desire.  As an archetype I am referring to both Men & Women and how we emotionally, & psychologically integrate, manifest and express the Divine Feminine within our daily lives.

Venus is often experienced as the great attractor – both how we attract things into our lives and our attractions to things in our lives. By things I am referring to relationships, resources, possessions, & money.

Venus is the ruler of both Libra & Taurus, so depending on the placement of planets in these signs (including the Sun, Moon & Ascendant),  this will greatly influence how Venus will influence your life over the next few weeks.

Venus Retrograde

Earlier this month VENUS began it’s retrograde transit (appearance of moving backwards) through SCORPIO.  And now for the final couple of weeks of its retro transit (until 16 November), VENUS will be moving through LIBRA.

Venus moves into retrograde every 18 months or so, and then stays that way for about 6 weeks. Venus is one of our inner-planets (alongside Mercury, Earth & Mars). Venus is retrograde the least amount of time (in comparison to Mercury & Mars)… hence it’s energetic influence is often experienced quite strongly.

When a planet is Retrograde it’s energy becomes more inward, giving us the opportunity to review or reflect our ‘inner-self’, our unconscious, or even our shadow.  These ‘insights’ from retro planets create profound opportunities for healing, shifting old energy and being greater degrees of joy and self-love.

When VENUS transits RETROGRADE, you may find that the world takes on a different hue.  What you previously experienced as beautiful, seductive and tantalisingly sexy, now tends to be seen through different eyes.

This is not bad, but rather a primal urge to move deeply into the recesses of the Goddess and uncover a more transcendent LOVE & beauty than you have ever experienced before.   Venus Retrograde makes way for the flourishing of a deeply primal ancient feminine energy that is enduring and deeply transformative.   A beauty that is more than skin deep, Venus Retrograde paves the way for a deeper & richer relationship with Soul.

Venus Retrograde & Ceres

The asteroid Ceres is having a major influence over our current Venus Retrograde & is very much molding the energy of this current transit.

Ceres is one of four major asteroids (the other three being Juno, Vesta & Pallas) – that represent different aspects of the Feminine.

Ceres represents modern women, our roles of nurturing / motherhood & our relationship with our Mother (or mothering figures in our life),  Juno represents intimate relationship/partnership, Vesta represents inner flame of service to the Goddess and finally Pallas represents feminine creative intelligence & ageless wisdom… especially regarding healing & medicinal remedies.

On a deeper level, the energy of Ceres can be described as ‘Earth Mother‘ a deep nourishing love that exists within all of us.  Ceres represents fertility, nutrition / lightrition and how we experience nourishment in our lives through our families, our relationships with our Mothers as well as significant women in our lives.   The shadow of Ceres represents what we yearn to receive from women/mothers to feel a sense of belonging, deep heart nourishment.  As well as the grieve, loss, rejection that we may experience in our own child-parent relationships.

During our Venus Retrograde, Ceres is dancing very close to Venus… and in fact actually conjuncts Venus on the 6 November when they both align at 27.250 Libra (both in opposition to Uranus too – expect the unexpected!).

So what does Ceres transiting alongside Venus Retro mean ?

Over the next few weeks you may find yourself delving deep into all the relationships you have in your life regarding women – your Mother, daughter, friends, colleagues and women in power/authority.    Though the most deepest scrutiny will be focused on your most intimate feminine relationships, particularly with your own Mother or your relationship to self as a Mother / Mothering tendencies.

As you re-evaluate & gain insight into your relationships, what do these ‘gifts of insight’ bring to you.   You cannot CHANGE anyone, you can only change yourself.  Do you need to walk away and end a relationship that no longer serves you ?  Or do you need to go deeper and ultimately rise higher to a place where compassion, kindness, reverence & understanding seeks to CONNECT rather than separate ?

My Personal Experience

Sharing with my latest IGTV (Instagram TV- Channel Video) of my own ‘Venus Retro shadow experience’ and a glimpse of guidance of how to transform your pain through LOVE.   Going deeper and ultimately rising higher to a place where compassion, kindness, reverence & understanding seeks to CONNECT rather than separate ♡

In case you were wondering too…. the essence I referred to was Archangel Jeremiel Essence to support dreaming, recall & insight into akashic gifts.

I was also holding my beloved piece of Angel Wings (fishtail) Selenite.  In Crystal Light Healing® we use Angel Wings Selenite on the Soul Star to illicit a heartfelt connection with your Divine Soul Star Blueprint, and deeper insight into how the ‘challenges’ within your life can be transformed into your greatest gifts.   On a molecular level, Selenite forms tetrahedrons (three sided pyramids).. and runs energy in both directions.. hence forming mini ‘Merkabahs’ of heart awakening & transcendence.

A little more Venus Retrograde advice…

As a general rule, during a Venus Retrograde it is recommended to not make any final major relationship changes (such as an engagement, marriage, divorce or quitting a job)… but instead to objectively explore your emotions and feelings as they come up and then to move forward consciously when Venus goes direct.   This is only a suggestion of course (and as an Indigo Ray child I always break the rules)…  but if you are considering a life-changing decision… then maybe 6 to 8 weeks is worth the wait !

In addition, it is also probably not the best time to invest in any major asset, holiday or experience of the heart that you have fallen ‘in Love’ with.   What may look/feel like a deliciously brilliant/delightful opportunity during Venus Retrograde may not look as shiny or a glamorous in the months ahead and that hit to the credit card is going to hurt !

My Heart & My LOVE over the coming weeks,
xx Simone

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